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Could anyone make me a Banner of B2ST's Dongwoon?

Guest SNSDJessica

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Guest SNSDJessica

Hi^^ Could anyone make me a banner or Dongwoon??? I would greatly appreciate it!!:D

Could I have My Hot Prince written on it....and on the very bottom in very small writing Do you remeber me....?

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Guest vangmonie

i might be back with something.

i'm backkkk! ;D the first one was kinda ugly. because my text looks so ugly :/

so i made you two different versions. one with text&one without.

also i felt like making icons so i made you two [:



using is optional! ;D both banners should be soompi safe!;

please credit if you do use.

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Guest RAINxclouds


Not sure if that's what you wanted. >_<

Don't have to use it if you don't like it. ^^

But please credit me if you're going to use it. :3

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