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What languages do you have on your player?

Guest Curly

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Guest 0oyokisuo0

english, mandarine, japanese, korean, russian, french, spanish, thai, taiwanese, shanghainese, cantonese, and few other european languages that I honestly don't take the time to distinguish.

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Guest green.teax

I tend to stick to languages I can recognize. LOLS

In order of quantity.



Chinese (Mando&Canto...and counting Taiwanese singers. xD)


I'm thinking of listening to more French songs (to help me study it) but I have no idea where to start. O_O

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Guest klassikm3

i have...

- english

- korean

- chinese

- japanese

- hindi

i believe that is it. i need to spread my range out more!

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Guest Nesquickboo

I have


-Chinese (mandarin and cantonese)



Not much of a range there...

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Guest suzic87

Mine is quite eclectic I have all sorts even if I don' understand half of them lol.

- English

- Mandarin

- Cantonese

- Taiwanese

- Korean

- Japanese

- Vietnamese

- Indonesian

- Spanish

- Catalan

- French

- Italian

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