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Ryuta Sato, Yusuke Kamiji team up for "Manzai Gang"

Tue, May 4, 2010 (11:05pm EDT)

Following up on the success of his movie "Drop" last year, comedian Hiroshi Shinagawa (38) is working on his second film as a director, titled "Manzai Gang." It will star actor Ryuta Sato (30) and talento Yusuke Kamiji (31) in a story about an unlikely comedy pair.

Like "Drop," "Manzai Gang" is an adaptation of one of Shinagawa's novels. Sato plays a professional comedian who has been part of a manzai duo for ten years, but due to a decline in popularity, his partner quits. While drinking his troubles away, he ends up involved in an incident and is placed in a detention cell. There, he meets a delinquent (Kamiji) with a natural talent for comedy, and he decides to create a new duo.

Shinagawa started filming on April 19 and is aiming to finish in early June. "Manzai Gang" is scheduled for release in 2011.

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Satomi Ishihara plays heroine in "Manzai Gang"

Tue, June 8, 2010 (7:21pm EDT)

Comedian Hiroshi Shinagawa (38), of the duo Shinagawa Shoji, recently completed filming for his second movie as director. Titled "Manzai Gang," the picture stars Ryuta Sato (30) and Yusuke Kamiji (31), but it has just been revealed that Satomi Ishihara (23) will play the story's heroine.

Adapted from one of Shinagawa's novels, "Manzai Gang" has Sato playing a professional manzai comedian whose partner quits due to their recent lack of success. He tries to drink his sorrows away but winds up in a detention cell, where he meets a thug (Kamiji) with a natural sense of comedy, leading the two to become friends and form a new manzai duo.

Ishihara's role is described as an ordinary type of woman that could be found anywhere. She plays the part of Yumiko, the ex-girlfriend of Sato's character who continues supporting his lifestyle even after they have broken up. It is said that Ishihara has never played a character of this type before.

"Manzai Gang" is expected to finish post-production by the end of this year. Theatrical release is scheduled for 2011.

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