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Horikita stars in "Byakuyakou" movie

Tue, April 27, 2010 (6:50pm EDT)

Early last month, it was learned that Keigo Higashino's novel "Byakuyakou" is getting a movie adaptation. It is now known that actress Maki Horikita (21) will be taking on the lead female role.

"Byakuyakou" was previously adapted as a drama series in 2006, starring Haruka Ayase (25) and Takayuki Yamada (26). The suspenseful story follows the lives of a young man and woman who cause suffering to those around them in order to cover up the mutual murders of their parents when they were younger.

Although the drama series emphasized the love story between the two main characters, Yukiho and Ryoji, the movie will reportedly be a true suspense story centered around Yukiho (Horikita). This will be Horikita's first time playing an "evil" character, a departure from her typically pure image.

The casting for Ryoji and the rest of the characters is expected to be announced early next month. Filming has already started, with a target release date of early spring 2011.

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Kengo Kora joins Maki Horikita in "Byakuyakou"

Sun, May 9, 2010 (4:05am EDT)

Up-and-coming actor Kengo Kora (22) has been given the male lead in the "Byakuyakou" movie, which was recently revealed to star Maki Horikita (21). It has also been announced that the movie is being directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa.

Based on the Keigo Higashino novel of the same name, "Byakuyakou" revolves around Yukiho (Horikita) and Ryoji (Kora), a young couple who, as children, each end up murdering their single parents. Having grown up to become young adults, they are forced to keep their secret hidden, especially with one of the detectives (Eiichiro Funakoshi) from the original murders still keeping his eye on the case. Willing to go to any extreme to protect Yukiho, including committing rape and murder, Ryoji delves deeper and deeper into darkness.

Filming already started late last month. Theatrical release has been set for early spring 2011.

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An interesting rumor has came out now that the movie is nearing its premier. Although I'm curious how true this will be. I remember seeing a "nude" scene of Maki in the longer trailer sooo...

Will Horikita Maki have a spicy love scene in “Byakuyako”?

It has been clear since the announcement of Horikita Maki’s new movie, “Byakuyako“, that the actress would be casting away her pure and innocent image with the role of an evil and scheming young woman. However, it has never been confirmed whether she would go as far as challenging her first authentic love scene.

Now the rumors are growing stronger that we are going to see a spicy love scene between Horikita and the male lead, Kora Kengo. Media insiders revealed some details about that scene and the bizarre setup prior to the filming.

One of them said: “The production company still tries to hold back an official announcement of the mentioned scene. It seems like they are going to make it their secret weapon during the final PR campaign. They’ve filmed the scene at the studio in Setagaya, Tokyo and somehow a lot of important people gathered at the studio that day. The executive secretary of the production company, several sponsors, and bosses of the involved agencies. Everyone was looking forward to Horikita’s bed scene, and you can’t blame them after the reading the script.”

However, as soon as it was time to film the anticipated scene, only the director, the cinematographer, and only a couple of people from the staff were allowed to stay inside at the set. Even those from the staff and the extras that weren’t present during this scene had to get their hand baggage searched to avoid any kind of leaks in the form of snapshots or short clips.

“Five cameras alone filmed Horikita’s body and facial expressions, even though the level of exposure is really limited,” the same person said.

However, it seems like the director and the cinematographer did a great job in appealing to the imagination of the viewers. The spicy scenes are not just going to feature the actual intercourse, there is going to be a sensual foreplay and hints at other sexual acts. Of course, there will be moaning as well.

In 2006, Ayase Haruka and Yamada Takayuki had a love scene in the drama version of “Byakuyako” that featured a deep kiss. However, there are more limitations for a TV show than a movie production and so it’s natural that this time they would try to surpass the drama in its intensity. In addition, Horikita’s intention might be to win a direct comparison, and thus become as or even more popular than Haruka, who is currently the most popular actress of her generation.

“Byakuyako” will open in Japan on January 29th, which means that there is still some time to make changes to the movie. Whether or not this scene or parts of it will make it into the final movie is still not 100% sure, but it would definitely influence her future career.

In recent history, we were promised a spicy love scene in “Cobalt Blue” starring Nagasawa Masami as well, but shortly before its release, they decided to cut the scene in order to keep her pure image. People don’t like to get teased for nothing, and thus her popularity took a huge blow, resulting in almost a whole year without any bigger roles. Therefore, it should be interesting to monitor the decision making process revolving around Horikita Maki’s love scene.

Translation Source: Tokyohive

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Guest candyapple1111

I thought the korean version was pretty bad. I hope this establishes a relationship between the characters that makes the viewer understand why their bond is so strong and why they have gone to these lengths.

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