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Guest i KITTY x3 =)*

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Guest i KITTY x3 =)*

Pics included! :P Mwhahah! Everyones opinion counts!
So I found 3 cute skirts at Forever 21; but my mom said I can only get 2 o_o They're plaid, yay! ~

Sorry they're so bad quality.. >_> I took them on my camera phone, haha.

The green one looks odd-shaped and different from the other 2 cause I took it in my room, but in real life they're exactly the same, just diff colors ^^;

Modeled o_O




Hanging there.. chilling. xD




The bows are pretty messed up in the pics.. but I can fix em, heh xD

So which one looks the best? Worst? =/ I really can't choose ! ><

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Guest beautylicious87

the first and third ones are the best!! that's what i think cuz i am a pink fanatic, but i think those two fit you the best and would look great on you!! the green one is just so odd......

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Guest chocolate//

first and second are okay

i don't like the third.. the hot pink bow makes it look really kiddish.

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Guest 4ever_sweet

they all look sort of the same. I mean...they ARE the same...except for the fact that they're diff. colors.

I would go with the first two.

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Guest super bunny

Those are soo cute XD. I like the green one the best (probably because my favorite color is green :X). How much were those?

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