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bi and park ji sung

Guest 143namil

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Guest 143namil
plus more
sorry know theres'b een a heck of a lot of korean soccer pix that maybe some of you guys are getting sick of but can't help myself... :P








check out his tux!
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Guest jess89

usually i would be like "omg hes lucky to have met bi" but its totally the other way around now. "omg i wanna take bi's place to meet parkjisung!" xD

leeyoungpyo & his daughter.. such a nice sight. and his wedding tux screams luxury!

KIM JIN KYU & LEE HO OMG HAHAHA<33333 such cute and hilarious boys.

I see my favorite, Seol Kihyun! with puffy face Namil in the back ^^

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Guest MINHEEo72;

Gah. We'll never get tired of our

태극전사들!! and.. Awww. T_T

Lee Youngpyo's daughter is so

amazingly cute <33 She looks like

she's about to cry with all those

reporters and fans around her ><

So adorable <33 Lee Ho with his

Super dorkiness is awesome too <3

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Guest rycekrispies1212

Whoa! Bi and Park JiSung!

Lee YoungPyo's daughter is so cute~

Haha, Kim JinKyu and LeeHo... dorks.

Kim NamIl always cracks me up.

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