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Guest ViRileHaZE_PreCocious

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Guest ViRileHaZE_PreCocious

i really like bling bling and cell phones, and the black eyed peas and paris hilton, so if someone wants to make me a banner incoporating those things into it, thatd be awesome!

it doesnt have to be GREAT, but i want a banner that shows off my personality and WHO i am.

and im a GUY so make it guyish and masculine and sexy at the same time. i want it to be ghetto fabulous! + a lil bit of fobby

kthnxbye!!!!!! :D:D

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Guest ViRileHaZE_PreCocious





here are some photos that i like....if u need to use a different phot, thats okay, as long as you have the cell phone and paris hilton in there, im happy and can be,

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Guest starbrite

02. Provide all the information that people might need if they are trying to execute your request(s) in your first post of the topic.

This probably is a good idea, especially if you are trying to get what you want faster. Basic information that you might want to include in your first post might be the size (prefer in pixel unit), font color, font size, name of the font, links to the images that are to be used, text that you want to be included, colors of graphic, etc.


Graphic Type:





03. Do NOT post images, include the links to the images instead.

You might be wondering, 'Hmmm, what is she talking about? Why?' Well, let me explain. If you post images that you want people to use, sometimes, they probably won't show up. Also, it will be easier for everyone to scroll less when they read the topics because by providing the LINKS to the images, it will decrease the time of uploading the page(s). So, I am asking you to do a small favor for everyone. Please, feel free to post more than one link of image. I won't stop you there.

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