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[Drama 2010] ATHENA : Goddess of War 아테나: 전쟁의 여신

Guest Lilazinprincess

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Guest Lilazinprincess

[sBS] Cha Seung Won, Jung Woo Sung, Soo Ae, Lee Ji Ah, Kim Min Jong

Welcome Everyone!

I'm Lilly. Let this be the place to organize, to spazz, and to discuss about anything and everything Athena related!

ATHENA will be a spin-off of the original IRIS drama. The plot and many of the characters will be completely new. Since there will be some crossovers between IRIS and Athena, several old characters will appear. Please refer to the IRIS 1 thread for more info relating to that drama.

I will try my best to make this thread as informative as possible!

excl.gif NOTE: When discussing episodes or posting pictures, please be considerate of those who have not seen them by making great usage of the spoiler tags and changing the text color to black! Thank you. Instruction excl.gif





Full Name: ATHENA: Goddess of War | 아테나: 전쟁의 여신 |

Production Company: Taewon Entertainment

Producer: Chung Taewon

Director: Kim Myung Joon (김명준), Kim Tae Hoon (김태훈), Hwang Jung Hyun (황정현)

Scriptwriter: Kim Hyun Joon (김현준), Yoo Nam Kyung (유남경)

Broadcast Company: SBS

Cast: Cha Seung-won, Jung Woo-Sung, Soo-Ae, Lee Ji Ah, Kim Min-jong, Choi SiWon, Lee Bo-young, Kim Seung-Woo, Douglas Day Stewart

Filming Scheduled for: June 19, 2010

Broadcast Date: December 13,2010 - TBA

Broadcast Time Slot: Monday-Tuesday

Shooting Locations: Seoul-Korea, Japan, China, Italy (Vicenza, Padua, Belluno, Dolomites), Singapore, New Zealand, Hawaii

Domestic Location: Seoul-Korea

Official Website: LINK

Official Twitter Page:http://twitter.com/#!/athena_kor


[Korean Version]



[information have been collected from various sources: The Official Website, Dramabeans, Hancinema]

been8j.jpg Jung Woo-sung (정우성)| Official Site| Cafe Daum | i20qr4.jpg

Lee Jeong-woo- [Official Character Description]|[Korean Version] An top agent for the National Anti-Terror Service (NTS). He is described to be more charismatic than Lee ByungHun's character and has some bad-boy characteristics. His sharp skills have garnered him respect from his juniors. One of his many missions will be to rescue the President's daughter. A side note, this will be Jung Woo-sung's first drama appearance in 15 years! His last drama, 1.5, was in 1995.

16gdicy.jpg Cha Seung-won (차승원 / 車勝元) | Official Fan Club | i20qr4.jpg

Son-Hyuk - [Official Character Description] | [Korean Version] The leader of "Athena," an international terrorist group. Son Hyuk was once an agent for the CIA. Son Hyuk is described as a cold,villainous man with "neither blood nor tears" and has been secretly training his followers to be human weapons.

23u756s.jpg Soo-Ae (수애)| Cafe Daum| i20qr4.jpg

Yoon Hye-In - [Official Character Description]|[Korean Version] A double profiler/agent, working for both the NTS and a secret agency.

leejiah.jpg Lee Ji Ah (이지아) | Official Website | i20qr4.jpg

Han Jae-hee - [Official Character Description] | [Korean Version] A special agent in the European office of Anti-Terror Service. She is described as physically tough and level-headed, so the complete opposite of Yoon Hye-In (Su Ae).

20090513003505448059416.jpg Kim Min Jong (김민종) | Fan Club | i20qr4.jpg

Kim Ki-soo - [Official Character Description]| [Korean Version] A North Korean agent who is arrested by the South Korean agents while he was stationed in China. He later defects to the South and develops a close relationship with Lee Jeong-woo (Jung Woo Sung).

10167636.jpg Choi Si Won (최시원) | SM Town (Super Junior) Official Website | i20qr4.jpg

Kim Jun-ho - [Official Character Description] | [Korean Version] The NTS junior data analyst who dreams of becoming a spy himself.

40106228.jpg Lee Bo Young (이보영) | Cafe Daum | i20qr4.jpg

The South Korean President's Daughter - A graduate student in Italy with a free-spirited personality, gets kidnapped by a terrorist group and taken to a secluded mountain locale. This starts off the story with the NTS agents placed on a mission to rescue her.

ydg.png Yoo Dong Geun (유동근)| hancinema

Kwon Yong Gwan

85426925rl5.jpg Kim Seung Woo | Official Fan Club| soompi2.jpg

Park Chul Young 박철영 - North Korea's top agent who is agressive yet savvy and very dedicated to his work. Capable of dying for his beliefs, and never gives up. His first appearance was in IRIS. He holds key secrets that will help solve the mysteries left behind by "IRIS."

88662650.jpg Lee Han Wie

Park Sung Chul

leejunggil.jpg Lee Jung Gil | hancinema

President Jo Myung Ho- The South Korean President who appeared in IRIS 1.

fullsizephoto53151.jpg Kim Yeong Ae | hancinema

Choi Jin Hee

seanrichard.png Sean Richard |


photo63056.jpg Ricky Kim (리키 김) | hancinema

Sasha (Viktor Sevcenkov) - A Russian mafia.

ohchangsuk.jpg Oh Chang Suk (오창석)

yootaewoong.jpg Yoo Tae Woong (유태웅)|hancinema

photo108495.jpg Lee Minji (이민지) | hancinema

boaboakwon2009010411523.jpg Kwon Boa (권보아) | i20qr4.jpg | Official (English) | Official (Japanese)

BoA- She plays herself in this drama.

Original Soundtrack



ATHENA : Goddess of War OST Part.1 - I Love You (널 사랑한다)

Composer: Kang Eun Kyung | Artist: Park Hyo Shin

[MF] | [MU] | lilcrash & elaiine

Chinese Sub: [sS]

'I Love You'

Artist: Taeyeon (SNSD) |

1. 사랑해요(I LOVE YOU)

2. 사랑해요(I LOVE YOU) (Inst.)

'내려놔요` [Put It Back]

Artist: Brown Eyed Soul

1. 내려놔요

2. 내려놔요 (inst.)


Artist: Jang Jae In (장재인)

English Translation


Artists: Changmin and Yunho (TVXQ)

1. 아테나 (ATHENA) - TVXQ

2. 아테나 (ATHENA) (Inst.)

'Get Ready'

Artist: Supreme Team

Music Video

I Love You (널 사랑한다) MV | [Teaser]| [Full]| [screencap], [screencap],[screencap], [screencap]| lilcrash

Opening Scene: [YT]

Taeyeon (SNSD) - 'I Love You' [YT]

Brown Eyed Soul - '내려놔요` [Put It Back] [MV Teaser] | [Full MV]

Jang Jae In - 'Please' [MV Teaser] | [Full MV] [MU Download]

Changmin and Yunho (TVXQ) - 'Athena' [Full MV]

Supreme Team - 'Get Ready' [MU] | [YT]



Episode 1 - Monday 13/12

AGB Rank | Nationwide: 22.8% | Seoul: 23.3%

TNS Rank | Nationwide: 25.9% | Seoul: 26.2%

Episode 2 - Tuesday 14/12

AGB Rank | Nationwide: 21.1% | Seoul: 22.7%

TNS Rank | Nationwide: 25.4% | Seoul: 25.8%

Episode 3 - Monday 20/12

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul:

TNS Rank | Nationwide: 20.2% | Seoul: 20.7%

Episode 4 - Tuesday 21/12

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul:

TNS Rank | Nationwide: 19.8% | Seoul: 19.9%

Episode 5 - Monday 27/12

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul: 17.6%

TNS Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul:

Episode 6 - Tuesday 28/12

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul:

TNS Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul: 18.7%

Episode 7 - Monday 03/1

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul:

TNS Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul: 15.1%

Episode 8 - Tuesday 04/1

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul:

TNS Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul: 15.1%

Episode 9 - Monday 10/1

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul: 15.2%

TNS RAnk | Nationwide: | Seoul: 13.8%

Episode 10 - Tuesday 11/1

AGB Rank | Nationwide: | Seoul:

TNS Rank | Nationwide: 12.9% | Seoul: 13.7%


Thank you all that have contributed!



SBS Promotional Footage [6']

Opening Scene: [MU (mp4)]|

Episode 1 [screencap]

Torrent: 1080i720p (avi) | 720p (mkv)

720p (mp4)|

TP | MHAN | 450p | 450p (mp4) | 450p (avi)

Other Sources: [Multiple Links] |Xvid [Xvid [MU]] | 450p:450p [450p [MU]]| 250MB:[X] | [MF]

EP 1 - View Online (tudou)

English Sub: [MU] | [MU (Mirror)] | [MF] |

Chinese Sub: [MU] | [sS]

Episode 2 [screencap]

Torrent: [1080i]|[uKN] | 720p (mkv) |720p (avi) | 720p (mp4) | 720p (mkv) | 450p (avi) | 450p (avi) |

450p (avi)

450p (mp4) |

Other Sources: [MU (Xvid) | [MU] (450p) | [MU (450p) Mirror] | [MF] | [Multiple Links]

English Sub: [MU] | [MU (Mirror)] | [MF]

Chinese Sub: [sS] [MU]

Episode 3

Torrent: [1080i] | [720p] | [720p (mp4)] |[540p] | [xVID (avi)]] | [450p (avi)] | [450p (HANREL)] |

Other Sources: [FileServe (720p)]| [FileServe (xVID)] | [FileServe (450p)] | [MF] | [Multiple Links]

English Sub: [MF]

Chinese Sub: [sS]

Episode 4

Torrent: [1080i] | [720p (HAN avi)] | [720p (mkv)] | [720p (mkv)] | [720p (avi)] | [540p] | [450p (HAN)] | [450p (mp4)] | [xVID] |

Other Sources: [FileServe (xVID)] |[FileServe (450p)] | [FileServe (720p)] |

[FileServe (720p)]| [Multiple Links]

Watch online: tudou

Episode 5

Torrent: [1080i] | [1080i (mirror)][720p (avi)] | [720p (mkv)] | [720p (HAN)] | [450p (avi)] | [xVID] | [xVID (mirror)]

Other Sources: [FileServe (xVID)] | [FileServe (450p)] | [FileServe (720p)] | [Multiple Links]

Chinese Sub: [sS]

Episode 6

Torrent: [TP] | [720p (Baros avi)] | [720p (Hansun mp4)] | [720p (SPIDER mp4)] | [720p (mkv)] | [540p] | [450p (HanRel)] | [MHan]

Other Sources: [FileServe (720p)] | [FileServe (450p)] | [FileServe (xVID)]

Watch Online: Chinese Sub

Chinese Sub: [sS]

Episode 7

Torrent: [720p (HanRel)] | [720p (mkv)] | [450p (HanRel)] | [HanRel] | [baros]

Other Sources: [FileServe (xVID)] | [FileServe (450p)] | [FileServe (xVID mirror)] | [FileServe (450p Mirror)] |

Chinese Sub: [sS]

Watch Online: With Chinese Sub |

Episode 8

Torrent: [720p (Baros)] | [720p (HanSun mp4)] | [720p (mkv)] | [720p (TNT mkv)] | [xVID (Baros)] | [MHan]

Other Sources: [FileServe (CEO xVID)] | [FileServe (CEO 450p)]

Chinese Sub: [sS]

Episode 9

Torrent: [TP (mkv)] | [TP] | [720p (mkv) | [720p (TNT)] | [720p (HANRel)] | [720p (HanSun)] | [Khai (mkv)] | [450p (HanRel)] | [baros (avi)] | [HanRel (avi)]

Other Sources: [FileServe (HanRel xVID)] | [FileServe ( HanRel 450p)] | [FileServe (HanRel 720p)]

Chinese Sub: [sS]

Watch Online: [tudou (with Chinese Sub)]

Episode 10

Torrent: [720p (TNT mkv)] | [720p (HanSun mp4)] | [720p (HanRel avi)] | [720p (Baros avi)] | [Khai (mkv)] | [450p (Hanrel avi)] | [baros (avi)] | [Hanrel (avi)]

Other Sources: [FileServe (xVID)] | [FileServe (450p)] | [FileServe (720p)]

Chinese Sub: [sS]


Episode 1: [X]

Episode 2: [X][X]

Episode 3: [X] [X]

Episode 4: [X] [X]

Episode 5: [X] | [X] [X]

Episode 6: [X] [X]

Episode 7: [X]

Episode 8: [X]

Episode 9: [X] | [X]

Episode 10 : [X] | [X]


Episode 1 | dramabeans

Episode 2 | dramabeans

Episode 3 | dramabeans

Episode 4 | dramabeans

Episode 5 | dramabeans | LolliDoAlittle

Episode 6 | dramabeans

Episode 7 | dramabeans


20100531 Interview with Producer Chung Taewon | Original

20100714 Official Pictures - Su Ae & Jung Woo Sung | lilcrash

20100803 Official Pictures - Su Ae | [1], [2], [3],[4],| nate, lilcrash

20100804 Official Pictures - Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won, and Lee Ji Ah | [1], [2], [3] |, [4] , [5], [6]Daum

20100805 Official Pictures - Cha Seung Won & Jung Woo Sung | [1], [2], [3], [4] | Daum | the girl who!|

20100805 Official Pictures - Kim Mong Jin | [1], [2], [3], [4] | TV Daily

20100830 Showcase @ Seoul Jamsil Lotteworld Garden Stage | [1], [2],[3], [4], [5],[6], [7], [8], [9], [10],[11], [12],[13]

20100830 Showcase Videos | [JWS], [sA], [LJA], [CSW], [KMJ],[ChoiSW],[More], [Main Trailer]

20100831 Official Trailer | (3:24), (6:07) [previewed at showcase]

20100917 Boa's Filming in Japan | [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] | As tagged | Boa's twitter | Daum | Boa's baidu

20101130 Press Conference | [X] , [X]

20101207 Highlights of SBS "Athena: Goddess of War" | [YT 6'55]

20101216 Hye In's Necklace (Episode 1) | [X]

20101225 More Official Pictures | [soo Ae 1][soo Ae 2] | [Oh Yoona] | [Cha Seung Won] |


20100312 IRIS 2 unveils its leads | Dramabeans

20100408 Su Ae cast as leading lady in IRIS spinoff Athena | Dramabeans

20100414 Lee Jia added to Athena | Dramabeans

20100420 IRIS 2 to follow Athena in 2011 | Dramabeans

20100516 Kim Min-jong joins Athena | Dramabeans

20100617 Choi Siwon joins Athena | Dramabeans

20100624 Athena casts Lee Bo-young | Dramabeans

20100625 IRIS 2 Spinoff Athena reveals promotional shots | allkpop

20100625 The characters of Athena: Goddess of War | Dramabeans

20100706 TV series "Athena" to air on SBS in November | 10 Asia

20100714 Jung Woo-sung romances Su Ae with a kiss in Athena | Dramabeans| Larger 1, Larger 2, Larger 3

20100714 Jung Woo Sung and Soo Ae film kissing scene for Athena in Vicenza | Allkpop

20100721 Jung Woo-sung’s Athena “character cut” | Dramabeans

20100722 Cha Seung-won joins Athena castmates in Italy | Dramabeans

20100727 Cha Seung-won’s “character cut” photos from Athena | Dramabeans

20100802 IRIS agent(s) to return for Athena | Dramabeans

20100802 Su Ae’s Athena “character cut” photos | Dramabeans

20100803 Kim Seung-woo joins TV series "Athena" cast | 10 Asia

20100811 BoA to make special appearance in TV series "Athena" | 10 Asia

20100818 Park Hyo Shin to sing for Athena OST | allkpop

20100823 Why did Jung Woo Sung visit SM Town’s concert? | allkpop & inception.

20100907 Giant gets an extension, Dong Yi considers its second (Possible Broadcast in Dec) [Dramabeans]

20100904 Will ‘Athena’ Exceeds Popularity of ‘IRIS’? | [KBS Global] | valley girl

20100916 Cha Seung Won pulls out of Athena’s Japan filming | [allkpop]

20100917 Jejoongwon’s Sean Richard joins Athena | Dramabeans | OSEN

20100917 BoA tweets photo from Athena filming | allkpop

20100919 Su Ae and Jung Woo-sung in bed together for Athena | Dramabeans

20100921 BoA and Jung Woo-sung on a date (for Athena) | Dramabeans| [1] |[2]

20100930 Cha Seung-won in recovery following surgery | Dramabeans

20100930 Choi Siwon tackles high action in the streets of Japan | Dramabeans

20101006 Cha Seung-won has 'viral infection' | 10Asia | Yatmun21

20101104 Hollywood screenwriter acts in Athena | Dramabeans

20101129 Super Junior’s Choi Siwon achieves his childhood dream through ‘Athena’ | Allkpop via Nate

20101213 Athena bursts onto scene with 22.8% premiere | Dramabeans

20101214 TVXQ to record a track for ‘Athena: The Goddess of War’ OST | allkpop | nate


20100714 Official BTS Pictures in Italy | [1], [2], [3],

20100802 Athena co-stars team up for CF | Dramabeans

20100812 Athena Filming BTS | [YT Clip] |lilcrash

20100812 Jung Woo Sung & Su Ae BTS - Kiss Scene in Italy | [1], [2] | nate |springfiry |

20100818 More BTS Pictures | [1], [2], [3], [4] | lilcrash | blackheart021

20100923 YTN News 'Athena- Goddess of War' in Japan shooting | YT Clip | valley girl

20100924 YTN News Athens' warrior, soo ae,lee ji ah. Martial skills | YT Clip | valley girl

20101226 Athena - Fashion Style | DC

BTS Pictures (Lee JiAh)| zOa | [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] |

BTS Pictures (Cha Seung Won) | [1] [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6] |

BTS Pictures (Soo Ae) | [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] |

BTS Pictures (Kim Min Jong) | [1]

BTS Pictures (Jung Woo Sung) | [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6] |

BTS Pictures (Choi Siwon) | [1] | [2]


Thank you for your contribution!

By: .rei.


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Guest valley girl

thank you for making this thread i want to began this thread but really, drama thread is my weakness. So thank you so much. Anyway the main leader is jung woo sung hehe then cha seung won. And i think you shouldn't put snsd because they have not even confirm to appear yet. Like the rules of thread drama. I'am sorry if i am annoying

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Guest Lilazinprincess

IRIS 2 unveils its leads



Well well, now. Producers have announced the two lead stars of its anticipated IRIS 2: Hallyu star Jung Woo-sung and rising actor Cha Seung-won. The drama which will be produced under the title Athena, which is an international terrorist organization that provides the conflict in the sequel.

Jung plays the good guy, while Cha is the bad. Jung’s character is an agent with the national intelligence agency, named “Lee Jung-yuk”; like Lee Byung-heon’s character, he’s the top spy at the agency. Cha, on the other hand, is “Sohn Hyuk,” the “absolute leader” of Athena who trains his agents as human weapons.

Producers at Taewon Entertainment promise that they’ll be casting sufficiently noteworthy female stars and supporting actors, whom they will unveil in due time. Athena will begin filming in June in either Italy or Switzerland, two of a total of six overseas shoots that include Singapore and New Zealand. It plans for a premiere later this year.

When the rumors floated about Kwon Sang-woo’s interest in this drama, discussion pointed out that in order to live up to its predecessor, the drama would really have to go big in the casting, and it has done that with Jung Woo-sung. This is Jung’s first drama role in fifteen years; his last was 1995’s 1.5 with Shim Eun-ha. (Sidebar: omg, remember 1.5? Unintentional hilarity GALORE! The series was all about the “1.5 generation” of Korean-Americans, who feel caught between their mother country but have grown accustomed to living in the States. Good idea, bad execution.)

Cha Seung-won is another great pick; he’s had a number of film roles but didn’t really break out until City Hall, where he showed both intense charisma and an ability to portray some bad-guy behavior in a compelling way. If the female leads are as strong (at least stronger than Kim Tae-hee, although it’ll be hard to top Kim So-yeon), perhaps Athena will hold its own as a worthy sequel.

Su Ae cast as leading lady in IRIS spinoff Athena



Su Ae (Sunny, Bottom of the 9th Inning with 2 Outs) has just been confirmed as the female lead, joining actors Jung Woo-sung and Cha Seung-won in the action-packed blockbuster drama series.

According to Taewon Entertainment, who is producing Athena, the two female leads are part of the National Anti-Terror Service. Similar to the roles played by Kim Tae-hee and Kim So-yeon in IRIS, one is a special agent while the other is a profiler, although both are on the same team this time. Su Ae plays a profiler with the South Korean national intelligence agency with a calm disposition who is set up in a secret organization as a double agent (I’m thinking Alias, the SD-6 years?). Producers cast Su Ae after looking at actresses who combined beautiful looks with strong acting skills and an ability to convey subtle emotions.

Athena is aiming for a premiere in the latter half of the year, and will begin filming in June.

With the high profile of the first series and the high expectations of a follow-up, a lot of attention has been directed at the casting of this spinoff series. First there was the news that Kwon Sang-woo was under consideration, then speculation about Ha Ji-won. I have to say that while Ha would have been awesome, I’m very happy about this casting. I hope the other female actress is just as strong.

Via [OSEN]

Lee Jia added to Athena



Lee Jia has been cast as the other female lead in the IRIS spinoff Athena, alongside the previously cast Jung Woo-sung, Cha Seung-won, and Su Ae. (And… meh.) Well, you can’t win ‘em all?

She’ll play a character named Han Jae-hee, who is a special agent in the European office of the National Anti-Terror Service. She is physically tough and level-headed, who will contrast (somewhat) with Su Ae’s cool and calm double agent character.

Honestly, I can’t quite put a finger on why I can’t get fired up about Lee Jia. I’ve tried to like her in all her previous projects — she was pretty good in her debut, Legend, though a little less compelling in Beethoven Virus and downright shrill in Style. I just can’t connect with her and don’t really feel any sincerity from her acting, which prevents me from sympathizing with her characters. And to think, until now I was all excited about Athena. Though I like the men better in Athena than IRIS (as a whole), I think the women are about equivalent. I might even give the edge to IRIS for Kim So-yeon.

Athena will begin shooting in June.

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Guest sexy4yennie


airing this year?

surpraise 4 me

I think will be next year

i'll be waiting................

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Guest valley girl

E Ji-ah locked in as female lead for "Iris" sequel

* Reporter.Lucia Hong

* Editor.Jessica Kim


GOOD (0)

Korean actress E Ji-ah [Official E Ji-ah website]

Korean actress E Ji-ah has joined the main cast of upcoming action TV series "Athena," the sequel to last year's hit blockbuster drama "Iris," according to the show's producer Taewon Entertainment on Thursday.

"E will be playing the role of Han Jae-hui, a special agent under the European branch of the national anti-terror services," explained a producer with Taewon.

He went onto explain that she was chosen as one of the lead female characters even though she is new to the entertainment industry because she showed great strength and charisma with her previous roles in MBC's "The Story of the First King's Four Gods" and "Beethoven Virus."

Taewon is eyeing the latter half of this year for the airing of "Athena," about terrorist acts and threats against the Korean Peninsula and the world.

It will go into production starting in June in Italy and Switzerland and continue on into six other countries including Singapore and New Zealand.

E, 29, made her debut in the 2007 historical epic "Four Gods" as Suzini, the love interest of Hallyu star Bae Yong-jun. She also appeared in the big screen with "My Love, Ugly Duckling" alongside actor Kang Ji-hwan.

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@asiae.co.kr

Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

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Guest psj101209

I hope kim tae hee shows up in Athena and probably has a connection with the main lead...also, let this one have a happy ending, please writers!

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Guest inezjang

This has got to be the most anticipated drama ever!!! Jung WooSung and Cha Seung Won??! How Hot can that be!!!!!

Great leading ladies too!! But i understand this is not the IRIS sequel..it's another spy/thriller coz IRIS 2 will be aired sometimes/after in 2011..right?

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Guest em.sie_1813

Latest News about Athena

IRIS 2 to follow Athena in 2011


Although Athena: Goddess of War has been called IRIS 2, producers have specified that Athena is merely an IRIS spinoff, not a sequel. In actuality, another series bearing the title IRIS 2 is being produced as a separate drama and will be a true sequel. All three series — IRIS, IRIS 2, Athena — are produced by Taewon Entertainment. Yeah, this won’t get confusing.

Therefore, producers have begun pre-production work on the sequel and are currently in talks to bring back its stars Kim Tae-hee and Lee Byung-heon, as the new story will be set three years after the end of the original. IRIS 2 is aiming for a broadcast date of October 2011, so we’ll be seeing spinoff Athena first, which is aiming for a premiere later this year.

If you’re keen to avoid spoilers about IRIS, skip the rest of this paragraph. As previously noted, Lee Byung-heon will not be starring in the sequel series, so if he makes a reappearance, it’ll likely be a cameo, most likely in flashbacks. This isn’t surprising, given that his character was killed off in the last episode. The second season will deal with Hyun-joon’s death as well as the story of Baek San, who was arrested for his involvement with the IRIS organization, and the identity of the mysterious Mr. Black.

IRIS 2 plans to beginning shooting next March and is negotiating with all of the main cast; in addition to the two abovementioned leads, that includes Kim Seung-woo and Kim So-yeon. They are also considering adding new top stars.

Hm, can lightning strike twice for Taewon Entertainment? Thrice?

Via My Daily, Newsen


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Guest jen2010

Wow, IRIS sure is hot to make production companies come up with a sequel and a side story.

I'd have more anticipation for Athena

The cast looks great, especially with Cha Seung-won from City Hall

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