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Fuji TV to launch weekday midnight drama with Taiwanese star

Tue, April 6, 2010 (2:46am EDT)

Fuji TV is trying out a new experiment: starting on April 26, it will broadcast a drama series titled "Tokyo Little Love" in a late-night weekday time slot. The drama is a romance story that will star Taiwanese idol Xia Yu Tong (21) in her first lead role.

"Tokyo Little Love" will air late at 12:35am on Mondays through Thursdays, with each episodes lasting 10 minutes. The series will run until September, for a total of 88 episodes. This is the first of its kind for any of Japan's major television networks.

Fuji TV has also decided to broadcast the series on all 28 of its affiliated stations throughout the country, plus Aomori TV (affiliated with TBS). Normally, for a late night time slot, Fuji TV's stations have aired local programming, which makes this even more of an unusual experiment.

In "Tokyo Little Love," Xia Yu Tong plays a Taiwanese woman who gradually falls in love with a Japanese police detective. Producer Tsugi Shikanai says that it will tell a love story that could happen to anyone, and that the episodes will feel more like a diary or blog than a typical television series. Xia Yu Tong, who has appeared in Taiwanese dramas before, will speak her lines mainly in Chinese (with Japanese subtitles), though she is also studying Japanese for the role.

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I am surprised to see a thread for this, i kinda like 夏宇童 and i just knew about this drama today coincidentally.

I watched the first episode which aired live about an hour ago throught TVants. Luckily, i could understand the dialogues as i can only understand chinese.

10 minutes is really short though...

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