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LASIK? anyone?

Guest b_le_ive

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^ that's not so bad...

Mine's -6.00 and -6.25 and I'm only sixteen. T__T

I'm going blindddd!!

same here! it sucks big time and i'm only 16 too, so i want to get it asap but i'm afraid

the side effects sound scary, but i guess it's better than where i'm at anyways

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Guest pomeyy.

I don't think it's a good idea to get it so early. After the surgery, your eyes are probably going to get worst again and then back to glasses anyways. Both my aunt and uncle got it and they said that you can only do it once? My uncle is fine vision wise, but he has to go back to the doctor a lot because sometimes it hurts and he gets dizzy and sick. My aunt who is already 40 got it like 2 years ago? And her eyesight is getting worst again. Its good for when you're older when your eyesight is probably set but at this age... not really.

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