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my best drawing so far

Guest ViRileHaZE_PreCocious

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Guest ViRileHaZE_PreCocious

im so proud of it
well basically i spent a while drawing this picture and i like it a lot

it's a fantasy chaaracter for an rpg that my friend and i are making just for fun

his name is morningstar, who is a brave warrior of the hemsland woods of erial world he slices and dices his animals with his razor sharp dagger and he loves princess pheda (who im currently drawing, ill post it up soon) who is captured by roamen, who is an evil sorcesor trying to take over erial world. morningstar, along with fifteen other characters (i am drawing two other right now) are the chosen ones to rid erial world of the everpowerful, all dangerous roamen. princess pheda is also raped everynight by roamen. everytime she is raped, power from the world is drained, because princess pheda is earth goddess, but it is not known yet to the other characters.

this is morningstar, the main hero of the story:


thanks for looking and i reallllly really am so proud of this picture i am so excited to finish this rpg based in the world of erial.

but i cant take all the credit for myself because my friend johnson helped me color it and to make the face cuz i really suck at faces

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Guest ViRileHaZE_PreCocious

sumune pls comment?

i need some cirituqe so i can see what i need to work on for my next rpg characters

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Guest x_connie

hmm..maybe you can try to make

their hair more realistic? ^_^

i don't know...um, what's rpg? O_O

you're good at drawing, but is um..

morningstar..?...dancing? LOL XD or

is it just me?

anyways, good luck on drawing the

other characters!<3



he looks asain XD haha~

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Guest mistahbang

he looks like a west side gangster too me... morningstar? definitely gangster XP lol awesome picture man keep up the good work

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Guest the kite

XsqueezeIHT: RPG means role playing game. I think :)

Hm nice drawing <3 I like how the face was done. The face is always a hard part for me to draw. My teacher ever since I was 6 had told me how to proportion the body, and the body would be as long as about six heads (a head about the size you draw) placed vertically down the body. I think that he seems just as right. I think that maybe his legs are a little out. His groin area is too long, so it makes his arms look too short. It's maybe because of his nice board shoulders you drew and the stern loking face that when you look down, his standing position isn't too steady. I hope you know what I mean.

Am I being to harsh..? I'm sorry :sweatingbullets:. I'm not being negative about your work, I really like it. Good luck on your RPG. You have such a good imagination it sometmes makes me wonder why/how people can think of all those names and complicated situations. I envy you. The main part of working so hard is being proud of yourself is what matters most. I mean, I ALWAYS put myself down after I draw. It's not because I want to be pitied, for people to say, 'hey, that looks nice!' but I just don't like the way it comes out, even though I put all my heart and soul on it. So yeah, good job <33 :D

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