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Tsubasa O Motsu Mono (Those With Wings)

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[manga] by same author of Fruits BasketDoes anyone know anything about this manga? I heard about it, but want to know more.. anyone know where to download it?
The only place I found to download is here: http://www.redbutterfly.net/redbutterfly_t...otsu-mono.shtml

Summary of "Tsubasa O Motsu Mono" (Those With Wings):
This is the manga that Natsuki Takaya created before her current hit "Fruits Basket." Complete at six volumes it has similar themes but a very different setting to her other mangas.

Taking place at the end of the 22nd century Earth, the world is cold and hard. After being wracked with many wars the earth has become infertile, civilized conveniences are controlled by the military, top corporations, and high ranking officials. Most people survive through sheer stubbornness and are surrounded by crime and poverty.

The story follows the ex-theif Kotobuki who travels trying to find an honest job so she can leave behind her theiving ways. She's followed by the genius Raimon who used to chase after her when he was a military commander and now has quit to follow his dream of being with her. Constantly interfering in their dream to forget being a theif and being milita are people seeking "Tsubasa" the legendary device said to be able to grant wishes. It was said to have appeared a long, long time ago, granted everyone's wishes and then disappeared to parts unknown. Now all types seek it and try to use Kotobuki's and Raimon's skills to achieve it.
credits: red butterfly

Volumes: 6 (Complete) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1237Published by: Tokyopop



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