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[Drama 2010] Kim Soo Ro aka The Iron King 김수로

Guest yeuhoca

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Guest yeuhoca

[MBC] JiSung, SeoJiHye, GoJuWon, YooOhSung,Bae Jong Ok

MBC_ Kim Soo Ro (The Iron King )


Korean Title:��˜œ

TV Station: MBC

Episodes: 32

Genre: Historical

Director: Choi Jong-Su

Writer: Kim Mi-Suk

Broadcast Period: 29.05.2010

Site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/suro

Timeslot: Sat & Sun 21:45 previously occupied by MBC drama "A Man Called God". </b></div>



After being hidden in history until the 1970's, the Gaya Dynasty started receiving attention when many historical relics from this era were found. Legend has it that about 1/3 of Koreans are descendents of Gaya, but it has never been used as a background for a TV show in the past.

Gaya, a progressive and liberal dynasty full of beauty. Gaya, the dynasty that conquered overseas trade and increased their influence not only to Asia, but to the Middle East by exporting their iron products.

In that place, there was Kim Su-ro, a man who ruled Gaya with autonomy and competition instead of centralization and control, and Jeonggyun Moju, the mother of Gaya. It's no coincidence that Posco, the company often called king of iron manufacturing, is one of the world-leading companies, and the fact that our country has one of the most competitive shipbuilding industries. This is all due to Gaya, the Iron Dynasty and the king of overseas trade.

As a TV show, 'Gaya' is still like a barren ground.

But that's why we have to keep on pursuing it so it can open a new chapter.

It is now more important than ever to integrate classes, regions, and generations, and we want to learn about Kim Su-ro's life, the man who was responsible for founding Gaya, and how he brought the country together in his own way.

Additionally, this will be a TV show that recreates the symbolic and mythical characters of Kim Su-ro, Seok Tal-hae, Yijin Ahshi, Jeonggyeon Moju etc. and experience their progressive and liberal nature.



Ji Sung_Kim Soo Ro


Gaya's first king to unify the 12 small countries of Byeonhan. He is the son of Jaecheongeum tribal leader Kim Yung and Jeong Kyeon-bi of the northern nomadic people. He is a chivalrous person and also a free spirit. He has the temperament of a passionate revolutionary accompanied by a gentle charisma that can win over his enemies with his warm heart. He grows up as Jobang in the blacksmith village. He is the object of a prophecy at birth, doesn't know his birth mother Jeong Kyeon-bi, and faces numerous adversities before becoming king. He becomes king after long-standing rivalry and competition with Seok Tal-hae, and achieves his dreams of establishing a country that conquers overseas trade through iron manufacturing products.

Seo Ji Hye _Huh Hwang Ok (Kim Soo Ro`s wife)


The first queen of Gaya. She is the daughter of Hur Jang-sang, who is a wealthy merchant from India. She is exotic and elegant. She has a good understanding of how the world works as she followed her father around his sales route since she was a child. She has a gentle but strong side to her, and is also a magnanimous woman. She is an ideal first lady who contributes to the founding of the country that conquers overseas trade.

Kang Byul _ AhHyo


The princess of Saroguk. She is the daughter of Namhae Chachawoong. She is adventurous and has great fighting skills, which she has learned from her aunt Saro. She has a good knowledge of the reality of Saroguk, and secretly enters Guyaguk with the purpose of learning iron manufacturing skills, but falls madly in love with Su-ro. However, her love for Su-ro is unfruitful, and she marries Suk Tal-hae and helps him become king.

GoJuWon....as YiJinNaShi


Yoo Oh Sung_Shin Kwi-gan


The 2nd leader in command for Shingwi town, one of Guyaguk's nine colonies. He is a political opponent of Yibiga, and has the most ambition for power. He shows a scary determination to become king, but does not rush it and is very careful and thorough.

Bae Jong Ok_ Jeong Kyeon-bi


Wife of Yibiga. She is the wife of Jaecheongeum tribal leader Kim Yung, but loses Su-ro as soon as she gives birth to him and settles in Guyaguk. She later becomes Jeonggyeon Moju, and gains strong influence with iron manufacturing skills from the north, and also finds herself in conflict with her son, Su-ro. She is truly a woman of iron, as she has descended from strong and courageous blood.

Lee Pil Mo _ Suk Tal Hae


The fourth king of Saroguk. He is meticulous, courageous, and has an authoritative personality full of desire and determination. He was abandoned as a baby by the sea, but was found by Ahjin Eisun, and competes with Su-ro his whole life. He is the type of person that does not rest until he gets what he wants. He has no qualms about using people and then discarding them. After losing the fight to Su-ro, he returns to Saroguk and marries Ah-hyo, and becomes the king of Saroguk.




Episode 1: (29.05.2010)



Episode 2 (30.05.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode 3 (05.06.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode 4 (06.06.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode Special (12.06.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode Ep 5 (13.06.2010)



Episode Ep 6 (19.06.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode Ep 7 (20.06.2010)


Megauploa (Han_450)

Episode Ep 8 (26.06.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode Ep 9 (27.06.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode Ep 10 (3.07.2010)


Megaupload (Han_450)

Episode Ep 11 (4.07.2010)



Episode Ep 12 (10.07.2010)


Megaupload ( HAN_450)

Episode Ep 13 (11.07.2010)



Episode Ep 14 (17.07.2010)



Episode Ep 15 (18.07.2010)



Episode Ep 16 (24.07.2010)



EpiEpisode Ep 17 (25.07.2010)



p/s: All Raw :am-addiction.com




Episode 1: (29.05.2010)

AGB 9.6 _9.4

TNS 10.7_11.0

Episode 2 (30.05.2010)

AGB 8.3_8.5

TNS 8.6

Episode 3 (05.06.2010)

AGB 9.8_10.3

TNS 11.5_12.0

Episode 4 (06.06.2010)

AGB 9.1_10.0

TNS 9.9_10.2

Episode 5 (13.06.2010)

AGB 9.2_9.8

TNS 10.5_11.5

Episode 6 (19.06.2010)

AGB 10.4_10.8

TNS 10.9_11.6

Episode 7 (20.06.2010)

AGB 10.1 _ 10.2

TNS 11.2 _ 12.0

Episode 8 (26.06.2010)

TNS 10.4 _10.7

AGB 9.7 _ 9.8

Episode 9 (27.06.2010)

TNS 9.4_10

AGB 8.1

Episode 10 (03.07.2010)

AGB 10.7 11.6

Episode 11 (04.07.2010)

AGB 11.1 12.2

TNS 11.0 11.1

Episode 12 (10.07.2010)

AGB 11.0 11.5

TNS 11.9 12.3

Episode 13 (11.07.2010)

AGB 12.2 13.2

TNS 12.512.4

Episode 14 (17.07.2010)

AGB 11.6 11.3

TNS 12.4

Episode 15 (18.07.2010)

AGB 11.4 11.8

TNS 12.0 12.6

Episode 16 (24.07.2010)

AGB: 10.6 11.3

TNS 11.5

Episode 17 (26.07.2010)

AGB: 11.2

TNS: 11.2 11.5




Download Engsub

Eng Sub Ep 1

Eng Sub Ep 2

Eng Sub Ep 3

Eng Sub Ep 4

Eng Sub Ep 5

Eng Sub Special

Eng Sub Ep 6

Eng Sub Ep 7

Eng Sub Ep 8

Eng Sub ep 9

Eng Sub ep 10

Eng Sub Ep 11

"These subtitles are being used with a consent given by the Kim SooRo fansub Team @www.viikii.net."

The drama Kimm SooRo is available to enjoy @www.viikii.net/channels/goto/kimsooro

Online Engsub

Eng Sub_ Kim Soo Ro Channel viikii.net



Download VietNam sub

MBC_Kim Soo Ro Vietsub




[OST_Kim Soo Ro]Ok Even Its Hurt - Seo Hyun (SNSD)



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Hmmm... finally, Gaya saeguk from MBC. They had been planning it since the middle of QSD airing time. But for the slot of Saturday-Sunday? That's first time eh for MBC saeguk (can't count Tamra).

I'm waiting for the cast of young woman role (Bae Jong Ok won't be the heroine, right?) Kinda too old although I quite admire her.

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Guest ltb263

Bae Jong Ok will play the King's mother. According to the rough script, I think, we gonna have 2 main women who had strong impact on Kim Soo Ro's life. One of them is the queen , the other, I believe is his love interest when he was young.

I dont understand why it takes MBC so long to announce main actresses in this drama. It has been ages , gosh , how come I got a feeling that they ignore PR for this huge project...

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I think it's b'coz KSR isn't Special Planning Anniversary program, so MBC kinda neglected it for Dong Yi. Moreover they also has 1 more saeguk in the planning (Onjo Biryu). And 32 eps? Kinda odd for initial number of eps planning eh.

I see, so BJK will be the Queen Mother. Thx for the info. Any news/gossip 'bout the candidates for 2 women roles?

First saeguk for Ji Sung, hmmm. I think his face kinda look a bit too modern. But it's not a bad choice, we'll see.

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Guest Hanjae

^Nah, it actually isn't his first sageuk. Ji Sung was male lead in the 2003 SBS drama King's Woman 왕의 여자. He played Gwanghaegun.

This project is still pretty low key at the moment, though. I don't see much news popping up about it on Korean media sites, but it's still early. It'll be interesting to see who plays Heo Hwang-ok.

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Oh I see, so he's been in the saeguk before, albeit in Joseon Era. Was his acting good in King's Woman?

I think I know why it take so long for MBC to choose the female lead. Queen Heo is Indian, so will be difficult to find the suitable actress. I don't know how they will handle it. Maybe they will pick a dark skinned actress?

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Guest Hanjae

I only caught small chunks of King's Woman, so I can't really judge how well he did :P All I remember was that he was rather overshadowed by his co-stars, but since that was a 2003 drama, he's bound to have improved since then.

LOL when you mentioned a dark-skinned Indian-like lead, the first thought that popped into my head was Hwang Bo. (Sorry, Hwang Bo! :lol:) I'm not sure how they're going to pull that off either - but it also depends how heavily they're going to rely on traditional legends. They might just decide to skip that complication altogether.

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Guest ltb263

I am not that worried when Jisung oppa was asked to take this role. He was actually not in his best in King's woman. I have to admit that I never finished that drama without Eng sub and due to the fact that ancient series are simply not my cup of tea. However, seeing what oppa Jisung has accomplished since Save the last dance for me, to New Heart and Swallow the Sun, I strongly believe that he is definitely capable of pulling this role off. Despite the dragging script of Swallow the sun, his acting was so much praised by the audience and since New Heart was aired in Japan , his fame has been rising dramatically. This role will be his next challenge and I do think that he will amaze us again. Cross fingers for the best.

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Uh.... they might want to change the title or people might not take it seriously lol

Why not? Kim Soo Ro is a famous Korean historical figure, he's the founder of Geumwan Gaya tribe. Many knows him already so don't worry. It's just coincidence the guy from FO has the same name. That aside, MBC always titled it's saeguks with the hero/heroine titular name.

Oh, they already have the first script reading without the heroine(s)?

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Guest ltb263

yeah, it is quite funny that until now nothing regarding our heroines are mentioned , even rumoured.

I am looking around Korean showbiz to find someone with tanned skin ...haha , but well ,they dont need to be naturally tanned skin , right. There are countless products out on the market to give people darker, tanned skin, they can also lie under that tanning bed for several hours, gosh, I dont know how long does it really take to have tanned skin :D. But I mean, they should focus on her acting skills , not only her outlook, tanned skin or whatever should be compensated with make-up

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Guest yeuhoca

MBC’s Kim Suro begins filming


MBC has a weekend sageuk in the works, a drama called Kim Suro (after the king, not the actor), which began its first shoots the last week of March with a large-scale battle scene. The drama stars Ji Sung in the role of King Kim Suro; his Swallow the Sun co-star Yoo Oh-sung has also been cast.

The pictured battle scene unfolds between the armies of Suro’s father (played by Kim Hyung-il of Great King Sejong) and Chinese forces led by their general (Jang Dong-jik of IRIS). Suro’s father sends his pregnant wife, played by Bae Jong-ok, away to keep her safe from the Chinese army. She escapes from the battlefield to Gaya (Kaya) territory, and Suro later goes on to found the Geumgwan Gaya state in the first century A.D., of which he was king.

One production official said, “We have just entered filming, but we are certain that Kim Suro will be very different from previous sageuks. Watching King Suro grow as a sovereign and as a person will make a strong impression on viewers.”

Kim Suro will take the place of weekend drama A Man Called God and premieres at the end of May.

crit: dramabeans.com



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Guest yeuhoca

Yoo Oh-sung as a chieftan in Kim Suro


Yoo Oh-sung (Swallow the Sun) plays one of the nine chiefs of Kaya (before Kaya was Kaya) in the upcoming sageuk series Kim Suro, as we can see in these stills from the drama. His Chief Sin-gwi character is the most powerful of the chiefs, who ruled the area before Suro (to be played by actor Ji Sung, who will become his rival) rose to power and united the land into the Kaya state.

There have been numerous sageuk dramas that explore the time of Goguryeo (Koguryo), Silla (of which Seon-deok was queen), or the later Goryeo (Koryo) and Joseon (Chosun) eras (which span from the 10th century through 19th), but there haven’t been many about the Kaya state. Suro’s history is steeped in legend and his reign is officially listed as spanning the years 42-199 A.D.

Kim Suro will take over MBC’s weekend slot from A Man Called God at the end of May.




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