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[Drama 2010] Bad Guy/Bad Boy 나쁜남자

Guest denzai

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Guest denzai

[sBS] Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In, Kim Jae Wook, Oh Yeon Soo


나쁜남자/Nappeun Namja





* Title: 나쁜남자/Nappeun Namja

* Also known as: Bad Guy/Bad Man

* Genre: Thriller, melodrama, mystery

* Episodes: 20

* Broadcast network: SBS

* Broadcast period: 2010-May-26 to TBA

* Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) plots revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporation to whom Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) is the heir.


Kim Nam-gil as Shim Gun-wook


Han Ga-in as Moon Jae-in


Kim Jae-wook as Hong Tae-sung


Oh Yeon-soo as Hong Tae-ra


Jung So-min as Hong Mao-ne


Shim Eun-kyung as Moon Won-in

Production Credits

* Producer:

* Director: Lee Hyung Min (이형민)

* Screenwriter: Kim Jae Eun (김재은)

Episode Ratings

Bad Guy/Episode Ratings

Correlation Chart


Officila Website


Bad Guy First Meeting




cr dc hgi

Han Ga-In Injured While Shooting


The actress currently in Japan for shooting of Bad Guy, is reported to be injured on her left eye (?). Some bleeding had occurred and she was rushed for emergency treatment. Local rep talked to Starnews and confirmed that the injury is not serious.

The cast and crew are in Cocopa Resort, Mie Prefecture and they will remain in Japan until end of this month.

koeandiorama via starnews

cr DramaWiki

(Under construction) :lol:

Bad Guy Release First Set of Still

March 8th, 2010 // by javabeans


SBS’s Bad Guy won’t premiere until May, but here’s our first look at the three lead characters, played by Kim Nam-gil, Han Ga-in, and Kim Jae-wook. (None yet of actress Oh Yeon-soo, who completes the main foursome.)

These photos come from the production’s recent trip to Gero-onsen, one of the top three hot springs in Japan. Han Ga-in’s art consultant character Jae-in goes there to meet with a famous (but bad-tempered) glass artisan, and first encounters Kim Nam-gil’s Gun-wook character. Gun-wook has come to Japan as the personal secretary to Kim Jae-wook’s Tae-sung character, who is the successor to a large corporation, Haeshin Group.

This’ll be the first drama series for Han Ga-in in three years (since 2007’s Witch Amusement), and she explained her first impressions of her co-stars: “Kim Nam-gil can seem like a jokester, but when he’s acting he is extremely serious and has a diverse kind of appeal. Kim Jae-wook has this cute boyish side to him, so I’m comfortable with him.”

Kim Nam-gil said, “Han Ga-in is one of the actresses I’ve always had a good feeling about. Personally, working together with her on this drama is an honor.” Kim Jae-wook said, “Kim Nam-gil gives off this unapproachable aura so at first I was nervous, but now I’m comfortable with him. He jokes around and is like a good hyung to me. Also, I was really surprised that Han Ga-in, who has a graceful image, is very easy-going and like a guy.”

Bad Guy is directed by PD Lee Hyung-min of I’m Sorry, I Love You and Snow Queen. The production finished filming in Japan on March 4, and has now returned to Korea. In mid-March, they’ll head down to Jeju Island for more filming.






New teaser release



cr as tagged



KIm Nam-gil turns into a Bad Guy

January 11th, 2010 // by javabeans


Queen Seon-deok’s breakout star Kim Nam-gil, aka Bi-dam, has picked his next project: he’ll take the lead role in the drama Bad Guy [나쁜남자], which will be directed by PD Lee Hyung-min of Snow Queen, I’m Sorry, I Love You and Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School. (The drama was also a possible contender for being Lee Min-ho’s comeback, but as we know, he chose Personal Taste instead. I’m pretty satisfied on both ends of this one.)

Bad Guy is a melodrama that tells the story of a modern man’s path to achieving his secret ambitions. The role calls for Kim Nam-gil to be “masculine but also sexy” as a bold man with his eye on becoming a third-generation chaebol; he uses his considerable skills and smarts to take over a chaebol group.

The drama is aiming to air in the first half of 2010; aside from Kim, the production is still casting the other lead male and female roles.

Via Joy News



Han Ga-in Cast in Bad Guy

February 4th, 2010 // by javabeans


The news has finally been confirmed after being floated around as a possibility for months: Han Ga-in is making her drama return through the upcoming Bad Guy, which has cast Queen Seon-deok’s Bi-dam, Kim Nam-gil, in the title role.

The drama is described as the story of ambition and love, centering around one man’s fierce battle to change his fate. Kim Nam-gil’s homme fatale character uses his sharp intelligence and sexy charisma “to walk the risky tightrope of power.” He falls for Han Ga-in’s character, a woman who chooses “realistic love” in line with her ambitions and conditions. The character is fluent in foreign languages, as well as skilled in performing jazz music and horseback riding. Also cast is Oh Yeon-soo (La Dolce Vita) as the eldest daughter of a chaebol. She follows her father’s wishes in marrying a prosecutor who is the son of a government official, but finds herself dissatisfied with her married life. She falls in “dangerous love” with Kim Nam-gil’s character, with whom her sister (Go Eun-ah) is in love.

This marks Han’s first drama in three years, since she starred in that hot mess called Witch Amusement (which was so bad that both she and Jae Hee expressed their disappointment in the unintentionally hilarious writing after the drama ended). I actually like Han Ga-in but find her a mediocre actress; I can’t help but think she’ll be gobbled up alive opposite Kim Nam-gil.

Bad Guy will be directed by PD Lee Hyung-min of I’m Sorry, I Love You and Snow Queen. The drama begins filming in Japan on February 10 and will air on SBS in May as a Wednesday-Thursday series.

Via BNT News, Arts News



Kim Jae-wook Joins Cast of Bad Guy

February 10th, 2010 // by javabeans


Joining Kim Nam-gil and Han Ga-in in their upcoming drama Bad Guy (or Bad Man) is Coffee Prince’s Kim Jae-wook, who will complete the love triangle as the successor to a large corporation. His character possesses everything a person could want but feels a loneliness and emptiness inside. After losing the woman he loves, he lives a miserable life until he meets the spunky woman played by Han Ga-in, who slowly starts to open his heart. He comes up against Kim Nam-gil’s character, who has fought viciously to attain his current standing, and a rivalry unfolds between the two.

Kim Jae-wook said of this project, “In the past I have given off an androgynous image in drama and film roles, but in Bad Guy, the Tae-sung character shows a strong charisma. I’m looking forward to working in a drama after a year-long break, and more than anything I’m excited to be working with a good director and senior actors.”

The drama is slated for 20 episodes and centers around the themes of “desire, fatal love, and one man’s unstoppable ambition.” Oh Yeon-soo has also been cast, and the drama will air in May.

I’m still uncertain about this drama. If Kim Nam-gil and Oh Yeon-soo have strong chemistry, that could really be a compelling watch. Kim Jae-wook is still a question mark; he’s a likable and watchable actor, but he hasn’t really done very challenging roles and he’s still early in his career.

Via My Daily


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Guest denzai

Footage Of Bad Guy Shoots In Japan

by knette

Some footage at the location shoot of Bad Guy in Japan. If you look hard enough, you can see Kim Nam-Gil and Kim Jae-Wook.





cr koreandiorama

Bts Hgi from baidu :)





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Guest minjee

I can't wait to watch this!! :D finally I get to see Kim Jae Wook again! I miss that guy!! :D Also the gorgeous Han Ga In! It's nice to see her back again~~~ :D of course Kim Nam Gil is great actor!! I love the suspense/action feel of the trailer :D

Bad Man/ Kim Nam Gil New drama teaser OUT!

The teaser of Kim Nam-Gil's Bad Man is finally here! This first teaser is based on scenes from Japan and it is based on episode 5 and 6 of the drama.The teaser starts off by Kim Nam-Gil's narration that says,"A cat does not kill a mouse with a single bite. It catches it, lets it go, and plays around with and kills it when it gets bored."The narration compares himself as a cat and fore tells how he is going to revenge against Hae-Shin conglomerate.

The crew have finished its filming in Japan and the drama will be aired starting from May 26.

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_f2MBsNa7E


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Guest winniebear

Thanks for making Bad Guy thread.

I can't wait for his new series this year.

Happy Birthday Kim Nam Gil!

You are very special

And you deserve the best

I wish you a wonderful life

Filled with love and happiness

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Joy oh joy! I really hope this drama will be GOOD! It's got a great cast (well not so sure about Ha Ga-In, but I can live with that) and the story has potential... it'd be nice to send Kim Nam Gil off to the army with another successul drama on his back.

@minjee: Thanks for the trailer! I can't believe we already get a trailer considering it's months away :D

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Guest denzai

Bad Guy Preview Video & Still


To be honest, I wasn’t too excited about the new SBS drama Bad Guy, but I’m warming up to it. Especially after seeing the preview video, which is GREAT. (Watch below.) Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching a lot of romance and comedy lately, but I’m in the mood for something dark, and the tone of this drama seems to be just what I’m looking for — a bit of melodrama, mystery, and thriller-esque intensity.

Not only that, the acting looks pretty solid, which is to be expected with Kim Nam-gil but a nice surprise for Kim Jae-wook, who hasn’t really had a chance to stretch himself dramatically yet. Nor has Han Ga-in, and maybe this’ll be a big jump for her; I’ll keep an open mind about her with this foray into heavier material, which — who knows? — may end up suiting her better than cute romantic-heroine fare.

The trailer opens with Kim Nam-gil’s narration: “The thing about cats is… they don’t just bite a mouse once and kill it. They pretend to let it go and play around with it, and finally kill the mouse when they get tired of it.” This is his way of describing his revenge plans for the Haeshin Group — which is the company to whom Tae-sung (Kim Jae-wook) is heir.

Kim Nam-gil’s Gun-wook meets Tae-sung in Japan, who challenges him on the bridge, “Now that I’ve told you to try and kill me, are you afraid? I said, kill!” (Note: there’s a lack of pronouns in the sentence so Tae-sung could be directing Gun-wook to kill someone else; I am inferring from context that he’s taunting Gun-wook to try and kill him.) Further complicating things is their intertwining fates with Jae-in (Han Ga-in). Gun-wook is described as an homme fatale, a man with hardened heart to match his hard body, and ambition enough to sell his soul to the devil to get what he wants. In these still photos of the dock, Gun-wook cleans the yacht he lives in, which he has reclaimed from Tae-sung.

Still no appearance of Oh Yeon-soo, though the trailer does remind me of her prior drama La Dolce Vita, which was also dark and intense. (I personally found that drama a little too pretentious, but well-acted.)

Bad Guy began its shoots in Japan, and plans to begin filming in Jeju Island at the end of the month. It will air on SBS in May.



Via Chosun


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