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Wisdom teeth...


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Guest pammie

to be honest, it really depends on the person. trust me, i'm the queen of wuss when it comes to the dentist. one of my wisdom tooth grew sideways instead of upward, so i also had to get oral surgey...that tooth took 30 mins to operate on...before the operation, i built up on the fear so much that when i was done with the whole operation and the recovering, i found out that it wasn't so bad afterall..the pain afterwards wasn't all that bad and i initially worried about my face all getting swollen, but my face never swelled up at all...the doctors will give you some panadol to take afterwards...don't worry, you'll be fine^^

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lol I didn't get the surgery today. I actually had to get my cavities fixed and the dentist said I should come back next week for another checkup (?) and come back in winter for the actual surgery. :lol:

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Guest deeLOVELY

I'm 14 and got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out 2 days ago

in the beginning they gave me a shot so they can put medication.

right now my cheeks are sort of puffy and I think they're wearing off now.

I have to take a lot of medicine like antibiotics.

I feel like throwing up sometimes, but I have medicine for that too.

my sister only had to get 3 out.

her cheeks swelled up more than mine though

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Guest babyT

I Really Don't Want To Wait Until I Have To Get MINE Pulled Out, It's Scary. But Aren't You Not Supposed To Get ALL 4 Pulled Out At The Same Time? I Hope My Teeth Grow Really Straight So I Don't Have To Get Them Pulled Out >.<

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