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[movie 2003] Do You Like Spring Bear?/ Spring Bears Love 봄날의 곰을 &

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Kim Nam Jin & Bae Doo Na

Do You Like A Spring Bear? / Spring Bears Love (2003)

봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요?

Starring: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Nam-Jin, Yoon Ji-Hye

Director: Donald Yong

Genre: Romance, Drama

Runtime: 97mins

Production: Ison Film

Distribution: Tube Entertainment

Language: Korean

Country: South Korean

"You're as cute as a little bear awaked from hibernation. I just started to love you..." Mesmerized by this mysteriously attractive words left in one book after one in a library, Hyun Choi (Bae Doo-na) just cannot help herself falling into finding out the one who wrote the message.

With a tough character, Hyun Choi is an office lady who has been dumped by boyfriends fairly often. As she begins to discover the secret man who left her the message, without notice, the real love is coming to her.

Debuted as the youngest CF director in 1998, Yong Lee presents his directorial debut "Spring Bear Love" starring Bae Doo-na and ex-model actor Kim Nam-jin. Watch out for the tender romance in "Spring Bear Love"!

Hyun Choi (Bae Doo-Na) finds a romantic note written inside her library book, and searches for the mysterious man who wrote it. A simple secretary who has been dumped time and again, she hopes that this time she will find true love.










SOURCE : 봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요?

봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요?

봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요?

봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요?

봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요?

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Guest Epikt

méééé eeeuuuuhhhh !

Doo-na was sooo cute ! :blush:

(yep, it's true this movie isn't that good - but it's not more boring than most of the romantic comedies)

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Guest sides_of_ally

The guy I thought was Gong Yoo ! I think it was obvious that he liked her but she just couldn't realize it....I love how he posted the messages..wish someone would do that to me too.. :lol:

Yeah, kinda boring this movie...but it was ok if you're in the romantic mood..:D

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