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R______My characters need a home...

Guest catchthesky.

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Guest spfork

hymxm_101; you know what?! I THINK YOU SHOULD POST THAT BOOTIFUL CC HERE, CAUSE ITS AWESOME LIKE THAT. I have NO idea why u wouldn't want to post it. if it wasn't for you, i'd def post it here. -0-

If you say so... ^-^" but it's still pretty big... --';; Too lazy to make smaller and I gotta gooo

To tell you the truth, this is actually my first CC. Which is why it isn't as good as others... ^^"


There you go. ::sobb:: why am I posting this?? -o-

In a rush so bye bye~~ ^-^"


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Guest catchthesky.

LMAO SARA <333 ahahaha i'm glad you like them. kekeke yes yesum post sooner bcos kathy will be waiting.

argh don't wait. T____T the prologue is gay, so theres nothing to look foward to.

HAHA, not my first..One of my very first..No way in heck can my first one come out this decent.

Im glad you like it, Sara

oh oops. am i stupid or something? i think i got you mixed up with someone else. i loved that ripped paper effect you used. is it a brush? or a texture?

lkjsadflsaj i love it!

hymxm_101; yay! you posted it! self confidence is the key <3 :rolleyes:

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Guest rawRr

hiya's! im pretty sure ur still taking them cuz i read ur billionaire thief fic and i saw u had a poster or cc for every chapter. i REALLY REALLY like how u did that and i was wonderin if it's ok i do that too? o_O if not, it's fine, i'll just put the posters i have up differently. =] really loved that fic.

anyways...im bored and i just got photoshop back again and i NEED to do something.....im gunna make ya one. =]



okies, back w/ ur CC and icon pack. took me a lo0ong time and it still looks...eh....icky. oh wells...use if u want.

-icon pack-




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Guest catchthesky.

YES! I am still taking posters. and yeah your right. I need 2903480932 cause i'll post them before every chapter. and yeah sure, you can do that too if you want. lols

arghhhhh that cc is amazingly gorgeous. i love it~ THANK YOU BUNCHES

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