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[Variety 2010] Family Outing Season 2

Guest prettyoungthing

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Guest prettyoungthing

Yoona & Taecyeon Clearing Scandal [ENGSUB]



[REVIEW] Variety show "Family Outing Season 2"

February 23, 2010

There were probably not many people who expected the second season of "Family Outing" to be much different from the first season. Everything that could be shown in the show's format had already been shown during the one year and eight months of its first-season run. Moreover, the family members -- which is the only new element viewers can expect from season two -- are faces viewers have already seen on many other variety programs.

Despite such low expectations, the first episode of season two failed to deliver anything at all above viewers' anticipation. The cast seemed out of place, as if they were guests from the first season who had gone on a trip together, but that was only natural since it was their first meeting. But instead of reviving the awkwardness in a natural way, the excessive set-up of trying cover it up right away with a forced friendliness under the name of being a 'family' was far from 'real'.

The process showing actor Yoon Sang-hyeon adapt 'turbulently' to his first go at a variety show, the winning bid for the beginning of season two, was not very successful either. The first season was refreshing in that viewers were able to discover new sides to actors such as Lee Cheon-hee and Park Ye-jin on their bare faces without make-up in the "real" variety program that the show was during its original run. But the cast of season two was still calling Yoon Sang-hyeon "Tae-bong" [his character in MBC drama "My Iwfe is a Superwoman"] when it should focus on how variety show newbie Yoon adapts to the program who is to reprise the role of Lee and Park from the previous season.

Other elements -- such as the show's trademark squirmy subtitles, its overly sensible use of background music and the romantic storyline already developing amongst idol group members despite their denial of dating rumors -- all weaken viewers' hopes for the future of season two. It was only the first meeting but watching the show felt like sitting through an uncomfortable blind date where one becomes bored upon hearing just the introduction.

Written by Kim Sun-young

Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source : 10.asiae.co.kr/Articl... ( English Korean )

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Guest teaforme

i'm also looking for the torrent for episode 2, anybody have it yet? and willing to upload and share? thanks in advance. read that this episode seems funnier than the 1st. we get a taste of yoona cooking

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Guest imatureflip22

Thanks for the upload cute girl, but honestly you should take your time resting. I know lots of people are counting on you to upload their shows, but what will we do if you get reaaaallllyyy sick and not able to do any of the things you're doing? lol anyways, like I said take your time to rest.

Once again thanks for the uploads.

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Thanks cute girl very much. You are the best.

I really anticipate this episode. Want to see Taec dancing Bo Peep,

And want to see their face in the morning.hehe.

AAA in the preview of the next ep, Yoona and Kwon's lips are very near?? are they playing some games?

haha in the next episode i can see them playing in muddy place.haha.

really anticipate the 3-rd ep.haha

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Guest prettyoungthing

Haven't seen Episode 2 just yet.

Kinda wondering how this show is rating?

It is said that the 1st episode was at 16% plus, how true?

Can somebody enlighten us on this one? Thanks.


Fun times in Family Outing Season 2

February 27th, 2010



More teaser photos from TV show Family Outing Season 2 became publicly available.

First photo revealed no makeup appearances of SNSD Yoona, 2PM Taec-Yeon, and

2AM Jo Kwon. It was told that all three idol stars shared a room together for the filming

of the show. Many expected them to be shy with each other, but they crushed the expectation

by not being afraid and revealed their no make up appearances.

Second photo shows actor Yoon Sang-Hyun enjoying his ice scrub. It has been told that

he didn’t feel comfortable in his first major appearance in a variety TV show and showed his

tears during episode on Feb. 28th.


Another news article but its in Korean:




I guess the PDs should make this show be different from the rest of the variety shows

proliferating on TV [iY, WGM, 1n2d etc...]. Introduce new concepts and formats.

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Guest prettyoungthing


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