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[movie 2005/6] Wild Beast 야수

Guest June

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Kwon SangWoo, Yoo JiTae, coming Dec 2005
OLD News about wild beast! Kwon SangWoo in a challenge Gonews Feb 21, 2005 Translated by pretty wu Kwon Sang Woo in new challenging role in Wild Beast after making a phenomenal hit via Stairways to Heaven & Current series Sad Sonata. His image coveted from drama to action, he wanted to change image from crying baby to a much more matured role via this 2005 much awaited movie Wild Beast Wild Beast is a story about 3 guys playing the roles of a Police inspector, criminal investigator and an underworld leader. SangWoo portrays the role of a criminal investigator. Known to be very expressive with roles, KSW will be effective on this new movie, using hands and intelligence to solve problems. This time, fans will absolutely recognize him as a matured and professional actor, no more dramas for this one. This movie will make him more of an actor. Sang Woo Takes a Different Level Source : Cinema Seoul March 9, 2005 Translated by Pretty Wu After Kwon Sang Woo's appearance in drama serial Sad Sonata opposite Kim HeeSun, he now takes another level of acting, this time in a not-drama-type... infact, an action flick! Action movie is not new for Sang Woo, as a matter of fact he can do fighting scenes just like martial arts experts. Starred in Once Upon A Time in High School and has had few but totally remarkable exposure in Volcano High, action films will not be as difficult as it seems for him. As he stars in 2005 movie which will start shooting soon, "Wild Beast", his maturity in acting now levels up with professional director Kim Sung-Soo! He will be co-starred with You Dong Geun and Yoo Ji-Tae. Good Bye to Jun Young, Say Hello to Jang Dong Young Movies Boom March 19,2005 Translated by Pretty Wu - KwonsangWoo.sg Kwon Sang Woo bid good bye and sent appreciation to the fans who have supported Sad Sonata and his role as JunYoung. The message he wrote : During the last taping of the series, I went home at 10 in the morning on the 17th, the said day of its final playing. On that day, I did not feel tired, but sad because i will miss my co-stars, the production crew and staff. I want to extend my thank you to all the people behind the drama, the actors, directors, staff and crew who worked hard to make the series possible and everybody who has worked with me, and of course the fans who supported us all throughout. " He mentioned that after the drama series Sad Sonata, he will be starting out with his next movie for the year 2005. Wild Beast where he plays the role of a cop Jang Dong young who ironically deals with fists.... This time it is not a drama thing, but action flick. He considers this movie a challenging one considering that he already has done action films in the past. " In this movie, i want to do the my best and make the film worth watching." Wild Beast is expected on screen last part of the year. He has earned great impact and attention from the audience during the first quarter of the year via drama serial Sad Sonata, now he is expected to gain much much greater impact and attention from the people on this last quarter of the year via Action Wild Beast who is said to cost 8 Billion Won in production.
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Yasu behind the scene Clips





Yasu night at Pusan









Japanese Yasu Trailer


*hope the links are still alive :D

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looking forward to this. i saw its making before... kwon sangwoo really did the fighting scenes well~ and i've always liked yoo ji tae alot~

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November 23, 2005 KST 21:54 (GMT+9)

Local adventures take on 'Harry Potter'

November 23, 2005 ㅡ This winter promises to be a good one for Korean moviegoers with the release of three epics from Hollywood and a slew of domestic big-budget films that some movie buffs rate as highly as the imported fare.


▶ Korean blockbusters set to compete with "Harry Potter" and "Narnia" this winter

include "Cheongyeon" (left), "Typhoon" (center) and "The Beast" (right).

Provided by Cineseoul

Korean box office pundits are already guessing that "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," opening Dec. 1 in Korea, will likely be the most popular movie of the year, not just in Korea but around the world. They also see the Peter Jackson remake of "King Kong" (Dec. 14) and the "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe," a fantasy story by C.S. Lewis (Dec. 30), being as big as "Harry Potter."

Competing with these overseas fantasy films are a series of Korean adventure movies written with a certain local flair that is aimed to generate as much appeal to domestic audiences as their foreign rivals at the box office.

And they may have public opinion on their side. An ongoing poll on Cineseoul, a web site for movie information and reviews, found that typical male Korean moviegoers voted for the soon to be released "Typhoon" as the film they most wanted to see this winter. "Harry Potter" and "King Kong" came second and third, respectively.

Among female moviegoers, "King and the Clown," a Korean film about a mysterious palace clown in the early Joseon dynasty, took first place followed by "Harry Potter" and then another Korean film, "The Beast."

All the Korean releases feature members of the current hanryu wave sweeping Asia ― Jang Dong- gun in "Typhoon;" Kim Ju-hyuk, currently television's hottest actor, in "Cheongyeon;" and fitness-buff Kwon Sang-woo in "The Beast."

The films star three of Korea's best-looking actors, which the producers obviously hope to utilize in overseas marketing ― the three have solid fan bases in Japan and China. The filmmakers have bet big, spending over 10 billion won ($9.6 million) on average on production, a large investment by Korean standards. "Taegukki," Kang Jae-gyu's 2003 hit film about two brothers fighting in the Korean War, had been the most expensive Korean film produced to date with a $14 million-budget.

But director Kwak Kyung-taek's "Typhoon" is about to break that record as it cost $15.3 million to film a story that mainly takes place at sea. Its star, Mr. Jang, plays a North Korean defector-turned-pirate who robs ships leaving the peninsula, while co-star Lee Jung-jae plays a South Korean naval officer who lost a friend in a clash with the North Korean Navy.

Like many Korean blockbusters of the past, the film tries to depict the North-South conflict in a nationalistic light. But promoters say the film is different as Mr. Jang and Mr. Lee in their first outing together create a charismatic combination on the screen. The two did intensive martial arts training before shooting the film.

Based on the true story of Korea's first female pilot, "Cheongyeon" takes place in Los Angeles, Nagano, Shanghai and Korea. Actress Jang Jin-young plays a 1920s aviator in love with flying, while Mr. Kim is the man hopelessly in love with her. The film cost over $9.6 million.

"The Beast," a dark action thriller, was originally budgeted at $7.7 million. But an additional $5 million was spent promoting the film starring Mr. Kwon.

This winter it seems that Korean producers are betting the bank in their competition with Hollywood for box office returns.

by Lee Min-a <mina@joongang.co.kr>

Credits: INSIDE JoongAng Daily


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Guest lollipop

He was beaten half dead.. but finally our hero return alive wif pride but not bride


Good Morning TY_KSW OMG :o can't wait to see this movie!!! all the beating he got, aigoo36_1_44.gif bride :rolleyes: no worry many of us will show up :lol: Hi June n Azura..."HAPPY THANKSGIVING"

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