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CNBLUE's manager assaults fans

Guest Kangnie

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Guest Kangnie


New boy band CNBLUE is in the middle of yet another controversy as their manager is being accused of physically assaulting fans who were gathered around the group’s vehicle.

It all began when a video surfaced on the Korean web a few days ago. The video contained footage of a man, apparently CNBLUE’s manager, wielding his hand into a throng of fans and clearly slapping a girl’s head twice as the group members exited from a parked van. Jong Hyun, who was the first to exit the van, made an awkward smile as he looked into the crowd.

Here is gif from the video. Note: it might take a bit of time to fully load.


As this footage became popular among Korean netizens, CNBLUE’s management company F&C Music quickly responded with a statement.

They explained, “The event happened on the 11th. CNBLUE tried to enter KBS building for a rehearsal but too many fans were in the way. Even with the help of security guards we could not secure the way into the building so the group [CNBLUE] decided to help out. As that was happening, a fan almost tripped Jong Hyun by grabbing on and pulling his hoodie, to which the manager reacted violently.”

They apologized by saying, “Our entire staff apologizes to fans about what had taken place; the manager has been given appropriate punishment and nothing like this will ever happen again.”

As with Jong Hyun smiling, they explained, “Jong Hyun was smiling about the situation where he almost fell down, not at the fans getting beaten. He did not see the beating take place.”

With plagiarism accusations already breathing down their necks, this new boy band is under fire once again.

Credits: Allkpop


That's totally brutal! I understand that the manager has to protect the members, but that doesn't give him the right to hammer a fan. Fans are still humans. Plus, no guy should hit a girl like that.

I'm not a CNBLUE fan, but I've to agree that having a manager like that around CNBLUE is scary, imagine what he would do if they defy his instructions? *Shudders*

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Guest <3*gabbss.;

wow.. wtf. that looks so painful.

fans could get annoying but the way the manager handled it is so scary. :blink:

jonghyun smiled cause he didn't know what's going on.

when the manager was hitting the girl he was still looking down.

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Guest cherish_love

okay, that was seriously scary. even if the fans were over-hyped/crazy with jonghyun, the manager could have slightly pushed them away or tell them to stand back or block the fans, but he didn't have to slap them like twice and viciously ><

the fans looked so scared after witnessing the managers creepy assault

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I have to admit, when I saw the title, I thought it would be an overstatement, but seeing that gif really made me feel disgusted of that manager! Aside from self-defense, there is no situation that would justify a grown man hitting a young girl like that. And the screaming and the expression on his face--he didn't look worried for the band members, he just looked pissed and like he was fully intending to HURT the fans. Couldn't he have just yelled at them, or even just shoved them aside? He could have pushed them, but he really hit them with his fist! That's terrible!

I mean, I've seen veteran and much more popular boy bands handled more roughly by their fans. Not just nearly tripping, but really falling! That IS bad behavior on the part of their fans and I'm not saying the boy bands and their entourage should tolerate that sort of mistreatment, but my point is, even in that situation, the managers of the more high-profile boy bands are careful about how they act. This kind of retaliation is so wrong on so many levels.

I honestly think that manager should be fired.

I would also be scared for the band. That person looks temperamental and like he has such strong tendencies to be violent--no one with that kind of personality should be in such a stressful job.

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Guest angel-SKY

That IS scary. What did he think he was doing?? The poor fan, I could bet she wasn't expecting anything like this...:OOOO Stupid guy,

hope the fans hit him back (kidding*) :o

Jonghyun's smile looks so innocent and shy

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Okay, as a manager, one of his jobs is to protect his artist/group/band. Did you guys not read that someone grabbed onto Jonghyun's hoodie and almost made him fall?

The girl should have known better (stupid fangirls) and the manager shouldn't have reacted quite like that. But people are like "Oh my God, I can't believe he did that" or "I hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist". Seriously, people? I'm pretty sure when he did that he wasn't thinking "Oh, I'm gonna hit this stupid fan" it was "This fan is trying to hurt Jonghyun and I have to stop her".

Give the guy a break.

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Guest oh`retro

Oh damn, the manager needs to calm the hell down.

I thought he just lightly "hit" the fan, but judging from the gif, he intensely hit her.

I know he needs to protect CN Blue, but seriously...he needs to calm down.

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Guest mizgen17

omg i'm speechless, that manager should get fired.

CN Blue has been facing a lot of problems lately even though they just debuted, this ain't even their fault, it's the manager's, he should get arrested for this right??

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...Am I terrible for laughing at it?

Jk. I only laughed once but then I kept looking at it and yeah. Wasn't funny anymore. =X

That looked hard..but I think it's both side's fault.

Fans seriously need to give the celebs some space. =_=; And grabbing on Jong Hyun by the hood was a bit..uncalled for. She pushed the manager to do something to her. =X

And the manager.. he could have used a different method other than whip lashing them across the head.

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