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Missing You - and I really am...

Guest mikeXc

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Guest luvjunjin0819

I like it, Mike! :wub: more echo would be cool, but it doesn't matter. g'job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^


Tab ;)

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Guest babiixru

i like your voiceee in this. HAHA after you sent this to me, i dled the actual song :D. your voice fits nicely with these oldies. the first one seemed rushhhh but let me hear this one ^^


the storm that's raging sounds a little too early! i like the ending better on this one. sounds more natural. gjjj :wub:

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luvjunjin0819, Babiixru, fantasiimaker, RaiRai, NAN, Juki_love, Maja:

Thanks for always supporting me, you guys are the BEST! Your comments always make me feel more "comfortable" when recording...

wenwen, Bada: I'll add more echo next time, thanks for listening!

littlebabytina16: sexy? why thank you!

hershy kissez: thank you, i had fun singing this song!

ultaeja: wow, thanks! my first "I'm in love with your voice"!

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