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http://navicon.jp/news/36393/  http://navicon.jp/article/10159/ Jang Keun Suk met his fans at live viewing of the 4th episodes of "Daebak" on 5th of April 2016 https://mobile.twitter.com/nik

cre: tag

cre: tag

[News] The return of "Hallyu Kings''

(Ext) Our beloved "Hallyu top stars" are soon coming back. Not only in South Korea, but also in Asia, their returns to the screen are exalting the fans.

Top stars such as Jang Keun Suk, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Soo-Hyun, and who are known as "Hallyu Kings", will return to the sides of their fans in 2020. The higher expectations from their fans and related people in entertainment industry heralds the actors will return with better performance in their respective fields in 2020.




Hallyu Prince Jang Keun Suk who will discharge from his alternative military service in May. Despite his two-year hiatus, Jang Keun Suk's popularity never wanes. During Jang Keun Suk's alternative service, tens of thousands of Japanese fans keep gathering through watching the "Concert Film Tour", which was excluded in the concert DVD and the behind-the-scenes footage of the concert and so on, his Japanese fans keep loving him as before. That's why his post-service activities are highly anticipated.

English by JKS FC in Taiwan

cre: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=477&aid=0000226020

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In commemoration of the broadcast of the last starring work before the enlistment of Asian Prince Jang Keun Suk, "Switch-Change the World", a signed autograph will be presented!

Jang Keun Suk played the role of a genius scammer and an elite prosecutor with a lot of charm.The Korean drama "Switch-Changing the world'' was featured on TBS Channel 1 on January 17, 2020 (Friday) First broadcast from 8:30 pm 

Exhilarating entertainment where a genius scammer may become a public prosecutor and freely move between legal and illegal boundaries. In the play, there are scenes that appear as pilots and doctors! Pay attention to the dignified cosplay figure and the love line with the junior prosecutor.

In commemoration of the broadcast, Gun-chan's autographed check, autographed paper, and press sheet will be presented to a total of 4 people! Please choose your favorite goods.

To apply, please fill in the “keyword” that will be announced after the main part of the drama each time. The hint of the keyword is "Gun's treasure!"



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On 1/22/2020 at 8:35 PM, nohamahamoud2002 said:

What is your first drama for Jang Keun Suk?

Mine were,  Marry me Mary, then "Hong Gil Dong"

He was really so talented  in Hong Gil Dong. 



I watch "You Are Beautiful" first and follow Jang Keun Suk until now.

I like actor, singer, MC, Director, DJ... Jang Keun Suk, he can do many things so good. 

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[News] ‘THANK YOU ALL 2018-2020, Comeback countdown FILM CONCERT with ZIKZIN PLANET’ will be held in Osaka on February 26th.
In less than 100 days…
6 gifts that Jang Keun Suk left for eels have been opened since 2018.
And all gifts will be concentrated as a special one-day event held at OSAKA-JO HALL!



Special 1:
A legendary concert will be shown as a film concert again!
‘THE CRISHOW IV ~Voyage~ DELAY VIEWING’, which was shown at movie theaters throughout Japan in February, 2019, will be shown again as a film concert to relive the excitement! Please enjoy it fully at a huge Osaka-jo hall!

Special 2:
ZIKZIN PLANET will come to Osaka!
‘COME ON JKS WORLD ZIKZIN PLANET’ was held in Tokyo last year and gathered 10,000 visitors. A part of the exhibition such as his stage costumes, valuable photo panels, and JKS message boards will be displayed at Osaka-jo hall!

Special 3:
His real backstage area will be open to fans!
The actual backstage room and area that JKS uses when he has events at Osaka-jo hall will be open! We will invite you to a special area you cannot see during ordinary times!

Osaka-jo hall
*Date and Time:
February 26th (Wed)
[Part 1] Open 10:00/ Start viewing 12:30
[Part 2] Open 16:30/ Start viewing 19:00


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Some reviews about Switch:

1- The drama was amazing. The whole cast was so awesome, especially Jang Keun Suk, Han Ye ri, and Jung Woong in(the villain). One of the most refreshing things in the drama was the little to no romance, which is hard to find in dramas. The switches were so unexpected and always at the right time. The plot was very genius and suspenseful. 



2- Loved it! A must see. Now this drama was a true switch up. It kept me constantly guessing and fully intrigued. Never a dull moment at all from beginning to end. The acting was awesome. Excellently done!

3- Lead man the villain were superb, all the male actors did a fantastic job. Jang Keun Suk is a multi talented and very accomplished actor. I watched this because of him 

cre: viki

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