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[Drama 2010] Birdie, Buddy 버디버디

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[tvN] Lee YongWoo,Uee,Lee DaHee,Yoon YooSeon,Oh HyunKyung,Yoo InNa
Date of airing : After Queen of reversal ends (Mondays~ Tuesdays)

Official site :

Producing company : Group 8

Eps: 16

Director : Yun Sang Ho

Writer : Kwon In Chan

Cast : Lee Yong Woo, Uee, Lee Da Hee, Yoon Yoo Seon, Oh Hyun Kyung, Yang Hee Kyung, Yoo In Na, Oh Hyun

Park Sung Woong, Ji Jin Hee, Kim Dong Hyun, Park Han Bi, Park Young Rin

Story : Sung Mi Soo is a happy and tough girl from a poor farm family in the rural, mountainous Gangwon Province.

Mi Soo dreams of becoming a famous national professional golfer eversince she got an accidentally chance of touching a no.8 golf club when she was young as her mom was working as a caddy. Since then, Mi Soo is fated to 'walk on' the road full of difficulties to conquer the world of golf. But then, she has to learn as well that there are no rules in golf that can be applied in the game of love as she got into a triangular love relationship with John Lee, the charismatic PGA cup holder and Min Hae Ryung, the heiress of World Golf Resort who has both talent and beauty.



01.jpg - Sung Mi Soo (Uee) 01.jpg - Sung Mi Soo [Child] (Ji Jin Hee)

Sung Mi Soo is a poor farm girl who grew up in the mountainous Gangwon Province. She dreams of becoming a national professional golfer eversince she got to touch a no.8 golf club when her mom was working as a cabby. She grew up facing a road full of difficulties as she makes her way towards the goal of becoming a golfing queen. Her love for her family is so strong that it made her stand up to all the difficult circumstances that comes her way.

01.jpg - John Lee (Lee Yong Woo)

John Lee is a Korean orphan who is adopted to America since he was young.He is the first korean PGA cup holder who is known for his mysterious golf skills but he quits golfing suddenly to become a golf course tester all around the world whom no one knows when he will appear or disappear. However his appearance in the golf resort own by Min Hae Ryung's family makes the rivalry between Min Hae Ryung and Sung Mi Soo intensify as he brings them closer to their dreams of becoming the golfing queen.

01.jpg - Min Hae Ryung (Lee Da Hee)

Min Hae Ryung is a beautiful female golfer who is talented in golfing and is the heiress of World Golf Resort.

She was raised in the best environment that was provided for the life of elite golfers and her skills are as good as a living textbook of golf.

Although she has been the envy of lots of people because of her beauty and intellect , she carries a deep wound in her heart and is also the subject of compassion.

01.jpg- Min Se Hwa : Hae Ryung's mom (Oh Hyun Kyung)

Min Se Hwa is a single mother who raised her daughter, Hae Ryung single-handedly. As the acting chairman of the golf resort that she has inherited from her father, she is known for being an iron lady that is both resourceful and charismatic. She tries to gain control even in her own family despite her grown daughter's fierce resistance towards her life management.

2308.jpg - Jo Kyung Suk : Mi Soo's mom (Yoon Yoo Seon)

She lives together with her husband and daughter in the mountainous Gangwon Province where her husband used to work as a coal-miner. She works as a cabby to provide income for their family and ended up inspiring Mi Soo's dream of becoming a national golfer when she lets her touch a golf club.</b>

01.jpg- Sung Tae Gab : Mi Soo's brother (Park Han Bi)

Tae Gab grew up under the pain of not getting the attentions of his parents although he is the only son in the family. He became known as a neighborhood gangster upon graduating from school despite his dreams in music. He began to take a liking to Gong Suk when he learns that she has a crush on him.

01.jpg- Gong Suk's Dad (Oh Hyun)

He worked as a security officer at the golf resort own by Min Se Hwa. He helps Mi Soo practise on the golf fields secretly along with the help of the other field staffs.

01.jpg - Lee Gong Suk: Mi Soo's friend (Yoo In Na)

Gong Suk has been best of friends with Mi Soo ever since pre-school. Being a loyal friend, Gong Suk became Mi Soo's cabby when Mi Soo began to enter the world of professional golf. Gong Suk is rather friendly and chatty although she is clumsy as well.

01.jpg- Park Eun Joo : Reporter (Park Young Rin)

2372.jpg - (Yang Hee Kyung)


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Alright, I LOVE LOVE Seo Jihye. And I'm okay with Uee. But Lee Yongwoo????? OMG, watching him trying to emote some sort of feelings or expression is so painful. Guy can't act, but why is he getting main lead role already?

Hopefully there will be 2nd male lead and he will be infinitely better than Lee Yongwoo. So I can root for him instead.

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Guest f0reveralways


i've never seen lee yong woo act, but YAY. HOT MALE LEAD :lol:

..wait. who's the female lead? the order the names are listed makes it seem like SJH is the lead. but reading the plot line makes it sound as if UEE is the lead. o_o ..?

anyway, i hope this drama is good. i'll be looking forward to it in May :P

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Seo Ji-hye drops golf drama

February 8th, 2010 // by javabeans

Just a few days after the main cast was announced, lead actress Seo Ji-hye has dropped out of the golfing drama Birdie Buddy [버디버디] (which I had mistaken for Buddy Buddy; the series is based on the manhwa Buddy).

According to production company Group Eight, Seo had agreed to play the role of talented golfer Min Hae-ryung and they proceeded to the final negotiation stages, but differences arose on both sides and she decided against the role after all. After the rest of the cast — led by Lee Yong-woo, UEE — participate in the drama’s production press conference on the 10th, the production will begin looking for a replacement.

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/02/seo-ji-h...ops-golf-drama/

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Guest yeohweping


Song hopes to sweep Asia off its feet again with "Birdie"


Group Eight CEO Song Byung-joon has high expectations for his new TV series "Birdie Buddy," saying he hopes the show becomes as big as his mega-hit production "Boys Over Flowers" from early last year.

"I have the desire to shake up Asia again with this drama, our first production of the year," Song said during a press conference held at High1 Resort in the Gangwon Province of South Korea on Wednesday.

"Boys," based on Japanese comic series "Hana Yori Dango," took Asia by storm last year during and after its airing in Korea. The show recorded average ratings of 30 percent while selling to over 10 countries in the region.

"Birdie" is also based on a comic -- this time by famed Korean cartoonist Lee Hyun-sae -- who received a presidential award for his golf series of the same name.

"Female Koreans are the best golfers in the world. I started wondering what it would be like, growing up as a female golfer, and decided I wanted to focus on that through a drama," Song explained, adding the show will express what golf is in detail and also contain educational information about the sport.

"I also want to tell the story of our [Korean] mothers throughout Asia and these factors combined will serve as the basis to the drama's success," Song stated.

"Birdie," starring female idol group After School member Uee and dancer-turned-actor Lee Yong-woo, is set to go into shoot starting March.


[PHOTO] Lee Yong-woo, Uee pose at "Birdie Buddy" press conference


From left, actor Lee Yong-woo and After School member Uee pose during a press conference for new TV series "Birdie Buddy" at High1 Resort in the Gangwon Province of South Korea on February 10, 2010.



[PHOTO] Uee attends press conference for TV series "Birdie Buddy"


After School member Uee attends a press conference for new TV series "Birdie Buddy" at High1 Resort in the Gangwon Province of South Korea on February 10, 2010.



[PHOTO] Lee Yong-woo attends press conference for "Birdie Buddy"


Actor Lee Yong-woo speaks during a press conference for new TV series "Birdie Buddy" at High1 Resort in the Gangwon Province of South Korea on February 10, 2010.


Actor Lee Yong-woo poses during a press conference for new TV series "Birdie Buddy" at High1 Resort in the Gangwon Province of South Korea on February 10, 2010.


Press conf.vids


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Guest DongBangShiDae

of course i wish that this drama will succeed however!!!

all sports dramas turned out horrible in their own ways

i hope this one will be different :(

atleast Uee's in it :D

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Guest yeohweping



Not to be confused with Chuno’s Lee Da-hae, actress Lee Da-hee has been selected as the lead in golf drama Birdie Buddy. She’ll join After School’s UEE as another gifted golfer, and takes over the role initially offered to and vacated by Seo Ji-hye.

Her character Hae-ryung is the daughter to the owner of a top golf resort and possesses “perfect golf skills”; thus Hae-ryung’s advantages contrast with the more humble background of UEE’s character Mi-soo. If you’re wondering who the “real” lead is, it isn’t specifically outlined but I had always assumed that it would be Seo Ji-hye, and now Lee Da-hee. (I may be wrong, but that’s what the description suggested to me; in any case, UEE is still considered a lead as opposed to a supporting role.)

Lee Da-hee had roles in 2007’s Legend and 2008’s Secret of Keu Keu Island; she also acted in movies Beyond All Magic and the more recent prison-choir film Harmony, which starred Kim Yun-jin. Or perhaps you’ll recognize her as Choi Ji-woo’s little sis in 2007’s Air City.

The Group Eight production will begin filming in Gangwon-do on March 25.

Credit : Dramabeans

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Guest yeohweping

Three highkick stars crosses over to Birdie, Buddy



Oh Hyun Kyung who had been playing Ji Jin Hee's mom for six over months on MBC popular sitcom "Highkick through the roof" take over the role of Hae-ryung's mom "Min Se Hwa" when Lee Mi Sook has to drop out due to conflicting schedule.

Ji Jin Hee will be playing the childhood version of Sung Mi Soo who will grow up to be the Hae Ryung's biggest rival in both golf and love.

Yoo In Na will be playing Mi Soo's best friend who has known her since their pre-school days.



Ji Jin Hee began her first filming in the snow








Birdie, Buddy reveals their rest of their cast without Uee



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Guest bitter SOOweet

Ooooooo so Uee is going to be the lead!!! Very nice.

I can't wait to see her! Very different from her role in YB -- prolly a good thing. I don't think a lot of ppl liked her in there cuz of her role.


I think JJH is perfect to play the child role

and how interesting that 3 from the cast of highkick have been drawn again for this drama!

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Guest blackjackVip


the Lee Yong Woo guy in the press conference pictures looks like he doesn't wanna be there...lol. he looks so bored and uninterested.

Anyways, i kinda like UEE. Maybe i'll watch this drama, but the "GOLF" concept of it makes me kinda bored, sorry. but let's see how it's going to be once it's out.




OOH!... now i remember where i've seen Lee Yong Woo!...I just searched him and found out that he's from "MAMA 2NE1 musical!" he's the guy that was partnered with Dara in "Kiss" performance as well as the other girls!...oooohh...

so he's that HOT guy?! wow, he's talented :) I'm starting to like him...

I haven't seen him act YET, but in the 2NE1 musical he's pretty good and charming, I'm looking forward for his acting here :)

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Guest bless_u

^^ I guess he's a bit shy there... but anyways I'm looking forward to this drama because of Lee Yong Woo... he is so freaken hot.... and handsome...

I hope there will be more photos and news and videos out soon for this drama

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Guest antinh85

When Seo Ji Hye revealed that she was going to be in this drama; i thought she was the lead girl. But it turns out that UEE was the lead from the beginning. I thought that UEE was 2nd lead and they made her the lead after Seo Ji Hye dropped out. It's rather odd because UEE is still rather new to the acting game. But i support her. Though i dont think it will be that interesting. Golf seems kinda boring but i'll be a good acting experience for her.

GO UEE!!!!!

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Guest yeohweping



Park Han Bi, the new member of T-max will be joining the cast as Sung Mi Soo's younger brother, Sung Tae Gab.


Park Han-Bi, the youngest member of T-MAX, will play the role of Uee’s brother.

Park Han-Bi has been cast as Seong Tae-Gab, the brother of Seong Mi-Su played by Uee in SBS golf and martial arts drama ’Birdie Buddy’. Seong Tae-Gab is a troublemaker dreaming to be a musician. While leading a hopeless life after graduating from high school, he gets a chance to listen to the performance of a clarinet and dreams to be a musician.

‘Birdie Buddy’ is being filmed in Kangwon-do. Park Han-Bi, who is making a debut as a singer and an actor simultaneously, remarked, “It is a lot of pressure on me. Yet I will show a perfect transformation into Seong Tae-Gab in drama and into a member of T-MAX on the stage.” He is a sophomore in media and drama at Myoung Ji University. He has been preparing for his acting career by performing in plays.

Meanwhile, the first original album of T-MAX will be released in May.

〈국제TOSEL위원회 제공〉

*troublemaker: 사고뭉치

*pressure: 부담

*sophomore: 고등학교 또는 대학교 2학년생

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