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my acne journey.

Guest diceey

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Guest n3llvr22

i've been using this for about a week now and the mask's been pretty amazing!!! thanks to the OG poster :] i usually use about 1/5 of the yakult and about 7 teaspoons of the starch powder and then u can eye it from there depending on how your consistency is...hope it works for others!

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Guest tisshue


i've been having pimples all over my face like years now...

been searching for remedy...

hopefully your way can help me solve my problem...

thank you sooooo much!!

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Guest apple.Bi


:) congrats on that great skin repair!

i'm really hoping it'd work for me too! heh..

I've been trying this twice, every alternate days now.

With real mung beans instead of the starch, because i couldnt find it anywhere near sunnyvale, CA. :(

I chop them up (cause i dont own a blender or anything likely, i'm a new student here!) and soak them in yakult for awhile, then use cotton wools, to keep them in place on my face. O_O"

I'm not quite sure if this is the intended effect, but its drying out my pimples, so i supposed its a good sign? haha.

Also i suppose it was the effect of yakult being some sort of dairy product, making my skin fairer/glow-ier(?).

however i'm quite unsure, is this mask supposed to be this drippy hassle?

And, if anyone's living near by and know where I could get mung bean starch, please pm me!

It would be awesome if you could post up a step-by-step tutorial for this.

Thank you very much for sharing! :D

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Guest lillytown

No matter what I put on my face, pills have been the best for me :D I'm taking Doryx (doxycycline hyclate) and my breakout just shrunk. Even my differin couldn't do that.

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Guest dorkiimee

i have it on noww .. i look weird ROFL !

okay the texture i came up with is like condensed milk . but when you put it on your skin is it suppose to feel kinda dry & powdery ? thats what its like for me haha i dont know what on earth im gonna do with the excess tho :S

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Guest lisalee89

i have been trying this for the last 2 weeks now and i use BIO-KULT bc i couldn't find any YA-KULT. i use the PINE BRAND MUNG BEAN STARCH and it makes my face feel really soft. it gives me this natural glow. i also have been using MELALUCEA OIL on my face for spot treatments and it works wonders. It totally dries up the pimples in 2 days max. it turns to a dark spot and just fades. But i love this remedy. works great! thanks!!

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Guest riotmind

AMAZING! What a drastic change! You skin is beyond lovely now. ;)

I had horrible skin late junior high/early high school...

My skin started clearing up after I made sure to drink plenty of water daily, stop changing my facial cleansers too often, not using harsh cleansers...etc. It's best to stick to the natural side of things, really.

Honey, aloe vera, olive oil, rose water, tea tree oil. They all do wonders. :)

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Guest starrynite786

the asian grocery store that i went to today only had whole mung beans and green bean starch but no mung bean starch. i just ended up buying both. excited to try this!!

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Guest str4wberri3s

the asian grocery store that i went to today only had whole mung beans and green bean starch but no mung bean starch. i just ended up buying both. excited to try this!!

Green bean starch is the same thing as mung bean starch. :]

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hello :)

thanks for sharing your face mask

ive been doing it for 2 weeks so far. its making my scars smaller :DD

btw you look really radient in those after pictures!

thanks again!!!

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I swear Yakult is like the hardest thing to track down >_< I went to a Chinese supermarket, and again at Hmart to no avail. But I did find something called "Lifeway Cultured Milk" in a larger 1quart bottle in the dairy section. I had only taken notice because of the big "probiotic" word printed on it. It has L casei as well as 9 other cultures so I figure it'd work too. We'll see.

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Guest TaroStrawberryCream

so i tried it yesterday and...oifgaldkf it was hard to get off xD then again...i left it on for an hour - -; BUT i used mung bean POWDER instead of STARCH :( so who knows...

*edit* hm, someone who switched from mung bean grinded to starch said it was better.. ><;

pictures that might help?

in bowl (bowl is like size of those rice bowls in restaurants)


yakult added...not much (color was changed so able to see them together better)


mixed together...hopefully you can see the consistency of this


when i put mine on, it felt cool (yakult was straight out from fride though).

then while it was drying...it was more tightening than a egg white mask.

and i suggest getting knockoffs cause their cheaper - - i got 5 bottles for 3 bucks and then at another place saw 4 packages of 5 bottles for 2 dollars...mom wasn't happy... :unsure:

and i also mixed this stuff again after the mask to taste and it was pretty good... xD

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Guest hellopiggy123

Thanks so much for the idea. I started to get a lot of acne since i started college this year. I was so amazed by the pictures you showed and it gave me hope. I talked to my mom about it and she says green beans have that affect on acne and she used to drink alot of green bean drinks when she was younger.

So i've been tring it for a couple of days and i have noticed that my pimples are smaller in size now. The only thing is that i live in dorms where the bathrooms are down the hall and i feel embarrassed leaving the mask on for so long so i use it more like a scrub. my face feels really soft after.

I have a question for those who have tried this. Do you guys usually mix the yogurt and starch every time you use the mask? I was wondering if i can mix it and the store it in a container and put it in the refrigerator instead of making a new batch every time. THanks! :)

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Guest satisfaction!

For those of you that live in Southern California & want to save money ^^:

There is a Korean Supermarket named Zion (google the market nearest you) that is having a sale for the Korean Maeil's Biofeel. (it has the ingredient lactobacillus just like yakult).

They are selling 2 packs for 99 cents (5 in each pack, so you can get 10 for that price). :)


I finally got my stuff so now I'm ready to startttttt =)

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Today is my first day trying this! haha, I just washed off the mung bean mask just now and boy did it take a while @_@. Stubborn mask... but it did feel really good as it tightened and my skin felt SOO soft afterwards! I hope to seee good results after several weeks!


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