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my acne journey.

Guest diceey

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Guest vdhuyen

I dont think the brand of yakult means much. Yakult is fermented milk, that's it, just go to some supermarket and pick up some bottles. I chose the type without extra flavor like strawberry or orange, just went plain.

Thanks, diceey, I tried this recipe and it felt great. I bought some raw mung bean and blended it with my own blender, mixed the powder with yakult, and enjoy the mask. The feeling afterward was soft and smooth, and NO BREAKOUT. My skin is very sensitive but I didnt get any new pimple with this recipe. Will try a few more time and feedback again (3 times already now and quite satisfied with the result). Also, It seemed to take away my dark spot, well, not immediately for sure, but little by little. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Guest Purimyuu

Tried it for the second time yesterday, and I'm taking progression pictures along the way

It brought down the size of the pumps on my forehead i think! ^^ This is an absolute first, i looked at the first day and saw an immediate result! XD

Oh, when I make it, its like a really thick consistency, like really pasty... OH! kind of like wasabi! Same thickness, but not green XD

Am I doing it right? Or should it be more liquidy? Because it said it should be on the more stiffer side... or am i overdoing it XD

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that is so inspiring! :0

i started getting breakouts the beginning of my freshman year,

and it got really intense during the summer.

clinique's toner /really/ hurt my skin, and most cleansers didn't help at all.

a lot of the things that my dermatologist prescribed me would make my skin really dry and irritable as well.

(used to prescribe me pills, lotion, and cream... 3 way approach i think he called it?)

now, i'm using only a medicated cleanser (that yeah, my derm prescribed me) that

surprisingly contains no salicylic acid (10% sodium sulfacetamide and 5% sulfur...)

and an organic scrub consisting of extra virgin olive oil, sugar, and honey.

my skin now is a lot better than it was before, but i still have small breakouts sometimes.

so i think i'll try this out!

your journey is seriously inspiring, you have no idea.

i'll get my ingredients over the weekend, and i'll get back with the results!

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Guest ~lilsweetangel~

Wow i have to try this recipe, it's so simple. I just went to the supermarket to buy a similar brand of yakult drink but the only problem is finding the mung bean starch. I've tried looking in 3 supermarkets already and can't seem to find them. I know it's like green bean starch but they only carry yellow bean starch lol. I guess i have to keep looking.

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Guest n3llvr22

i bought/found both at the korean market...mine says 청포묵가루 it's basically the thing they use to make 묵 (white mook) the ban chan seen at lots of restaurants...hope this helps! i'm going to try this mask out tonight!!! wow it's really really hard to get a consistent texture and not have it messy...>.< hope it works out though!! thanks to the OP for the inspiring story!!!

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Guest mitchan

this is really great.you're an angel for sharing this to us.but i can't seem to find mung bean flour.can mung bean pancake mix be a replacement?the ingredients are mung bean and glucose i think.tried grinding mongo beans but i had a hard time applying it on my face,it won't stick.i had to wait a few seconds for it to stay there.maybe i did'nt grind it enough?thanks again! :)

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Guest str4wberri3s

Would it make a difference if I used mung bean powder instead of mung bean starch? I asked my mom to buy the starch and she got me powder instead.. It looks like just powdered mung beans instead of white starch

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Guest babyxjuicy

is it just me or do you guys (whoever tried the mask) find that it's VERY hard to wash off? -.- but it does make my skin feel soft.. so i'm gonna continue to see if i get better results :) your skin looks great now! so jealous -.0

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Guest pig_tailed_girl

^same here.. i love to drink yakult so much

on a side note

drinking yakult also has some skin benefits

it helps ease eczema

and also kill acne bacteria internally

so mask + drink!

hahaha I tend to lick my face off

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When I mixed the yakult into the mung bean flour...

it doesn't come out as paste-ish... more like... green mung bean patches and stuff...

Does that work also?

It goes on the face easily, smoothly also. When it dries, it makes the whole face dry...

Then I'll wash it off by letting my showerhead run on my face for around 3 minutes. My skin feels so soft also.

But I'm not sure if I did the mixing right.

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Can someone post a picture of how the mixture looks like?

I tried it today but the paste was kinda hard to stir yet it looks flowy.

It was really difficult to apply too :(

I'm not sure if I mixed it right... :(

do we use cold yakult?

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Guest babygrl

i love this mask!! thank you! thank you! thank you

it definetly works. well it did for me.

I've been using it for 2 weeks and I'm noticing my skin getting clearer and my pores getting smaller. well thats what i think because usually when i try to squeeze my blackheads out, it would be really hard to since it's way too deep in my skin. but i felt that the mask made my pores small that it just naturally squeezes the blackheads out. and i don't see any more pimples on my cheeks and forehead. another plus is, i got whiter using this mask. well tat's wat my uncle said!!

Good luck to others. i hope it works for u guys.

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I'm trying this out too. I just bought the mung bean starch powder at this korean supermarket for $4 and the yogurt drink for 80 cent. At first when I mix it together, I slowly pour in the yogurt slowly but then I didn't see any change and it was already half of the bottle already. Then I pour a quite a lot more in and it just immediately turn into liquid. But yeah I think i got to much starch and yogurt. It makes my skin smooth afterward, but I have been using for 3 days I do not think I see any result. I'll keep trying for at least a month a see.

It was easy to wash off, it comes off immediately with water. How long did it takes you?

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