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JYJ’s Yoochun also barred from KBS’s “Win Win”?


Following the unfortunate reports of his rejection from MBC’s “Come to Play” yesterday, it seems backdoor pressure is working full force against JYJ’s Yoochun once again, as he was recently reported to be rejected from KBS’s “Win Win” as well.

Yoochun was originally scheduled to attend the recording for “Win Win” on May 3rd, but received notification of it being canceled just a day in advance. It’s said to be an exceptional case for schedules being canceled so abruptly like that, especially since he was already confirmed for the recording’s line-up.

Yoochun was set to appear on the program as the ‘hidden guest’ of actor Kim Kap Soo. The abrupt cancellation seems to have taken Kim and the show’s MC, Kim Seung Woo, by surprise as well, as they both reported that they did not find out until the morning of the day of the recording.

A representative stated, “It was not a decision made by the producers of the show, but one from KBS’s entire variety division.”

With reports just yesterday of Yoochun being asked to be excluded from the “Ripley” line-up for “Come to Play”, this new piece of information certainly has fans speculating backdoor pressure at work.

Through Newsen, the producers of “Come to Play” clarified, “There were talks of the ‘Ripley’ team guesting, but it did not happen we had a better opportunity elsewhere. There is no other reason.”

One anonymous broadcast representative carefully revealed, “It seems someone is purposely intruding on JYJ’s broadcast activities so as to prevent them from going on air.”

“Win Win” and “Come to Play” aren’t the only shows Yoochun is currently ‘barred’ from, as Section TV’s “Entertainment News” also recently failed to cover the poster filming for “Ripley” as well.


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Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

Sin Joined Modeling Club in College


Comedian Sin Dong-yeob talked about his mischievous college years on the KBS 2TV talk show "Win Win" on Tuesday.

MC Lee Su-geun said, "You were involved in various club activities. I understand that you joined a comedy club, but why a modeling club?"


Sin explained that as for the comedy club, the president was An Jae-wuk, so Sin didn't join at first but he was asked to take part in a performance so he later joined the club.

As for the modeling club, he said a close senior classmate asked him to become a member. The senior was very persuasive because at the time, clubs had to meet a certain membership quota to receive grants from the school and be officially recognized.

Sin said, "I had to bring my own clothes from home for a catwalk once during our school festival. I really did not want to join the club but there was a girl I had a crush on."

But eventually the girl and Sin both left the club. The story of his extremely brief modeling experience made everyone laugh.

MC Kim Seung-wu then said that he heard about how Sin was close to getting expelled. Sin then shared his colorful college saga and surprised everyone.

Once a professor asked Sin to get him coffee from the vending machine. But the naughty Sin had coffee delivered from a cafe near the school. When the delivery girl opened the classroom door in the middle of class, the professor was embarrassed and the students all burst into laughter.

Sin was later harsly scolded by the professor and was close to getting expelled from school.

Writer: Honorary reporter Ji Eun-yeong

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi


Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

Sin Looks Back on Drug Scandal


Comedian Sin Dong-yeob talked about his past marijuana scandal on the KBS2TV talk show "Win Win" on Tuesday. This was part two of his appearance on the show following last week.

In the corner "Sin's ups and downs," he looked back on his colorful life. Sin was on the high road of success since his debut until he faced a crisis due to his 1999 drug scandal. He had to disappear from television for quite some time.

MC Kim Seung-wu asked why he smoked marijuana and Sin said, "I didn't realize it was a major crime. I didn't know better. I was also curious. I watched people around me do it and naturally tried it myself. It was a dizzying experience."


He continued, "That day when the investigators came was the day my show with Lee Yeong-ja posted the highest weekly ratings and it was just before the first taping of the sitcom 'Three Friends' in which I was involving from the planning stage. Then it hit me that this could turn into something big."

He was worried that, because of him, his father (a teacher) wouldn't be able to retire in honor.

He said his one year break was a time of self-reflection, "If you lose, you gain something else from it. Through that time, I realized the importance of family. My father had his retirement money swindled at the time and spending time with him a lot, I noticed his problem and was able to listen to his hidden issues. Our family united to overcome the trials."

Sin said, "If I continued TV work, I wouldn't have met with my father that often and wouldn't have guessed in a million years what he was going through."

He also talked about how he was involved in the producing of the sitcom and how Yun Da-hun, who originally had a minor role, was bumped up to a lead role in his replacement.

Yun's popularity soared thanks to the hit sitcom. Due to a twist of fate, Yun and Sin became awkward afterwards but Yun one day said to Sin, "I'm so sorry and grateful. Thank you treating me comfortably. I'll buy you food and liquor for all your life."

Then MC Jeong Jae-yong asked, "But you were a little jealous, weren't you?"

Sin gave an honest reply, "Yes a little."

Writer: Honorary reporter Son Ji-yeon

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi


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