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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Drama 2021 : Vincenzo 빈센조

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Eye Candy: Chocolate abs   (skipped unrelated.....)   8. 2PM's Nichkhun, Taecyeon, and Chansung   source : allkpop

Chingus, a poll about Taecyeon is up! Please vote! A special thanks to @Lmangla who helped put together this poll. She knows everything about Taec.     @Min2206 @willenette @TheaN

The Oksunbong Twins Taec & Shinhye       

*** "Vincenzo"  still has a few weeks to go......   :grin:  It rose again in ratings last night for its latest episode.  I love "Vincenzo". I always look forward to the next episode. This is the drama worth watching on weekends. :glasses:



Drama viewership ratings for the week of Mar. 29-April 4, 2021





LINK here : dramabeans





Saturday, April 3      
Revolutionary Sisters 7 KBS 25.1%
Beyond Evil 14 JTBC 5.3%
Vincenzo 13 tvN 10.8%
Sunday, April 4      
Revolutionary Sisters 8 KBS 26.8%
Vincenzo 14 tvN 11.3%
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*** OMG - we only have (6) EPs left of "Vincenzo". Time flies so fast that it seems the drama has just begun. I feel like it was just yesterday that I started watching it. Now, I'm in countdown mode. This drama has been entertaining for me, not the best but really love it. :getmygrooveon:

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10 Most Searched Dramas In Korea (Based On April 5 Data)


Which dramas do you think Koreans are searching the most for? Which current drama catches the curiosity of Koreans?


Daum has a ranking of the most searched dramas in Korea with an hourly ranking. Being searched online does not mean that these dramas are the most watched, but it is the most issued dramas of the moment.


This list is based on the data of April 5 (10:10 AM KST).



1. "Vincenzo"

2. "Phoenix 2020"

3. "Revolutionary Sisters"

4. "Penthouse: War in Life 2"

5. "Beyond Evil"

6. "Miss Monte-Cristo"

7. "Mouse"

8. "A Good Supper"

9. "Angel's Choice"

10. "River Where The Moon Rises"






source : https://www.kpopmap.com/10-most-searched-dramas-in-korea-based-on-april-5-data/

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*** I'm glad that Vincenzo" is back at the 11% range in ratings in (Ep.14). This is a slight increase from 10.815% (Ep.13) and as far as I can remember this is its third time to record ratings in the 11% range. :heart:

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*** "Vincenzo" cast members proved that their friendship onscreen is also the same as how they treat one another when the camera isn't rolling. Here we could get a glimpse of how they spend their time together in between takes. They are such an eye-candy. Taec shared  on his Instagram account the snaps taken behind the scenes. I admire their humor and on and offscreen friendship. It looks like they treat one another like family. I'm loving the "Vincenzo" squad. :7555_attack:









photo source : https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/120278/20210406/look-vincenzo-cast-adorable-friendship-behind-scenes-photos.htm

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*** “Vincenzo” will be taking a one-week break following this weekend’s episodes, after airing EP16. Episodes 15 and 16  will air on April 10 and 11 as scheduled, and Episode 17 will air two weeks later on April 24.This was officially announced by the drama's producers yesterday, April 7. The reason : in order to improve the quality of the drama. I wonder if they have finished filming all the scenes for the episodes, though. Well, at least they can still make changes based on fan desires for the show. And the drama requires major CGI in few scenes. I guess, it's understandable. It is something that a lot of shows go through, especially ones which have big budgets and CGIs and are not pre-produced. Also, maybe pandemic related. On April 17, they will be airing a special episode [instead of Episode 17]. Can't wait for the next episode of “Vincenzo.” Even just a week is quite a long time. One more extra week before we have to say goodbye to "Vincenzo". Just four episodes to go............. :Furious:

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tvN's 'Vincenzo' to Halt Airing for a Week to Improve the Quality of the Drama


The drama will be taking a break next week. 

The production team of the drama has revealed that the drama will take a one-week break. They announced, "After the airing of episode 16, 'Vincenzo' will be going on a one-week hiatus in order to improve the quality of the drama. On April 17th, we will be airing a special episode instead of the 17th episode 17."




Image Source: tvN

Meanwhile, the drama's April 18th time slot is yet to be decided.



Thumbnail Credit: tvN



source : https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2021/04/08/tvn-s-vincenzo-to-halt-airing-for-a-week-to-improve-the-quality-of-the-drama-390878

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Iconic Shower Scenes from Your Favorite Korean Heartthrobs


K-dramas will never be complete without these sizzling and breathtaking shower scenes from your favorite Oppas! One of the so many reasons that you get addicted to watching more of these series is because of your bias actors showing their perfect muscular figure.


Viewers can't help but watch these iconic scenes with their eyes glued on the screen. I bet most of the dramas on your watchlist have these familiar scenes on their respective episodes!



Ok Taecyeon - "Vincenzo"

One of the hottest antagonists in the K-drama world today. Ok Taecyeon has been receiving much attention for his villain role in the megahit weekend series "Vincenzo."


Fans and viewers were in awe to see his well-built physique. His abs were also pleasingly projected in one of his daring bathtub scenes!




(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/120302/20210408/iconic-shower-scenes-favorite-korean-heartthrobs.htm

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*** He proved his attractive and manly look on this spread. Taec has this stylish outdoor look with its concept of "Time Explorer".  He was able to project his new persona in the most creative way. Please check these slide of photos:   :tenor:


Taecyeon Graces Esquire











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*** We could get a glimpse of Taecyeon being soaked with pig blood.  :happy2: Also, watch the full making-of video below!  :fun:




tvN’s “Vincenzo” shared a new behind-the-scenes look






photo/video source : soompi news




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23 hours ago, TheaN said:

2PM OT6 on Taec's IG Live!!!  COMEBACK :love:\



@TheaN, thanks for sharing the video. I'm so freaking proud of them especially to Taecyeon. I was so happy to see them together again. :dontwanna:

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8 Of The Scariest And Most Evil K-Drama Villains You'll Ever *Meet*


K-drama antagonists make every story even more interesting—we live for their crazy antics and revenge plans. While most of them stress the hell out of us, there are those that are just plain horrifying. We're talking about the villains that have their own background music that just sends shivers down our spines. Oof. 

Here, we rounded up eight K-drama villains whom you will remember forever as the most evil human beings:

1. Vincenzo's Jang Joon Woo

The actor: Ok Taecyeon

What makes him evil: Don't be fooled by his comical, English-speaking character: Jang Joon Woo wouldn't even bat an eyelash and will immediately kill you once you disobey or anger him. The most brutal thing he did that made me watch Vincenzo with one eye closed? When he smashed the head of Mr. Seo using a hockey stick, complete with disturbing sounds. 




(skipped unrelated.....P)



source : https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/k-dramas-most-evil-villains-a4575-20210411?ref=home_feed_1





@Min2206, LOL - you're so naughty, huh? BUT, welcome to his thread - :crazily:

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38 minutes ago, partyon said:

Chingus, a poll about Taecyeon is up! Please vote!  A special thanks to @Lmangla who helped put together this poll. She knows everything about Taec. :kiss_wink:



@Min2206 @willenette @TheaN @joccu @sadthe1st @4evrkdrama @Sleepy Owl @HelloNica 

Thanks again @partyon

Honestly, I do not know which one to tick on his personality / characteristic LOL
I only got to know Taec through Vincenzo  .... (that's how you guys call him?) 

So I would like to request  @willenette and @Lmangla dearest, to please , at least, tell me what they feel , admire or love him for.   No need so long laaa . point form will do.   :D

Snoopy Please GIF - Snoopy Please - Discover & Share GIFs | Snoopy love,  Snoopy, Snoopy images

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