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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Secret Royal Inspector Joy"


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Guest dc222

I'm so happy for Taec!

I've only seen Episode 5 so far, but I thought he did a great job! He was very natural and seemed very comfortable.

I was so excited to see him! Can't wait to see more Taec.

Congrats Taec!

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Guest Sanity

Cinderella EP.6 is out people! I got this link over at 2pm thread so thought of sharing it here!

EP6: Taecyeon cut 1/2

EP6: Taecyeon cut 2/2

Aww seriously i cringe and my heart just felt so sad for our Jungwoo! Why is he so completely adorable in this drama! Someone just please make his noona like him! xD.

His puppy eyes and pure expression just makes me wanna hug him and shove Eunjo in his arms! I can't wait for next week!.


Pics from DCINSIDE gallery and 13infamyss!




Why so precious Jungwoo!

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Guest exbow


Thank you for sharing dear. ^^

JW is such a warm heart guy. Can I have someone like this at home? lol

I just faint in the way he looks at his noona. ><

So many positive articles about taec acting. :D

Taecyeon, Singer-Actor-Variety Idol 3-color charm 'His transformation is faultless'

2PM member Taecyeon's successful acting debut has opened the door for him to take a place at the top of his generation.

Taecyeon received a passing great for his acting skills during KBS2's drama 'Cinderella's Sister' which aired on the afternoon of the 14th, in which he acted in his role with a humorous and yet natural dialect.

He drew the eyes of viewers when he appeared for his acting debut at 'Daesung Chamdoga' as a marine with a bag slung over his shoulder in search of Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young).

Before the airing, there were concerns as to how Taecyeon, who is originally from an idol group, would fare in showing his acting skills. However, after the episode Taecyeon received favorable reviews from viewers and showed his potential as an actor.

The viewer ratings showed a 'Taecyeon Effect' and the 5th episode earned a 19.1% rating (ABG Nelson Media statistics), its highest record yet, and the 6th episode earned a 18.2% rating, defending its 1st place rating among dramas.

Taecyeon showed us a different kind of charm, transforming from his image of overflowing charisma when on stage to a simple and pure man who only has eyes for one girl.

Moreover, although Taecyeon's main work is as a singer, he is also very active as an entertainment figure.

Taecyeon's group 2PM will release their new single on the 19th and make an electric comeback. Last year, their first full album '1:59PM''s title song 'Heartbeat' showed his extraordinary charisma, and fans are eager to see what kind of image he will show this time.

The album concept has not yet been revealed so it is impossible to speculate, but people around him are cautiously predicting that he will show a charisma that is in no way inferior to what he showed during 'Heartbeat' promotions.

Taecyeon, along with fellow idol group members Jo Kwon and Yoona, has been demonstrating his entertainment talents on SBS 'Good Sunday-Family Outing 2.'

Taecyeon especially gave viewers a big laugh on the March 21st episode of Family Outing 2 during 'Family plum blossom girl & plum bachelor contest' where he imitated top sexy star Park Ji Yoon's 'Sung In Sik.'

Not only that, he and 'Kkap Kwon' Jo Kwon had a talking contest in which they showed their potential as entertainment idols.

I am very much looking forward to see how Taecyeon, as he conquers a variety of fields as actor-entertainment idol-singer, will build up his own world and continue his activities in the future.

Reported by: Park Geon Ook

Credit: NATE News

Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100416n02584

Translated by 49.5bananas @ W2D

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Guest exbow

KBS entertainment Relay

2PM It's Skin CF interview & BTS

cr: cleony

Taec looks tired and sleepy. I hope he won't overwork himself.

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Guest magarine


I need to post them! I really do. So cute :wub:

Scene of Taec(JW) with MGY(EJ) in CS episode 8 preview

cr: shirley@CSthread




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Guest exbow

Thank you magarine!

I just saw the clip from CS thread. I think I'm about to die with taec's smile while he carried MGY and running!

Too cute to explain in word :wub:

And tomorrow new single will be out! I can't wait, getting too much excitement right now. LMAO

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Guest Sanity



Jungwoo ah! I can't believe he melted the cold hearted Eunjo and make her smile!!! *SCREAM*

I'm wondering if we should make a Jungwoo x Eunjo thread or should we not since i realize the number of growth fans for this pairing is slowly growing and coming out of the closet xD.

v I love you for the icons! Thanks so much kickazzkris!!

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ok this may sound weird, i'm all for EunKi but after seeing that preview for episode 8..

I swear JungWoo almost swayed me! :P...not a huge fan of taecyeon, but that darn smile is growing on me too! :lol: this is so bad! :D

anyways, thought i'd make some icons...no hotlinking please..



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Guest exbow

Pics of JW-EJ release by media

cr: as tagged


Taecyeon, during the week 'Cinderella's Sister,' on the weekends '2PM'

With the release of 2PM's new song 'Without U,' and the continuation of his appearances on KBIS 2TV's 'Cinderella's Sister,' 2PM member Taecyeon has become busy.

Taecyeon is in the middle of playing the role of Jungwoo in 'Cinderella's Sister.' Though it is first time acting, his fluent Kyungsang-do dialect has received favorable reviews and is only enhancing the popularity of the drama. Taecyeon, whose thinks of Eunjo (Moon Geun Young) as a guardian angel, played a major role in pushing the ratings for the 5th episode of 'Cinderella's Sister' to 20% viewership.

However, one cannot neglect his role in 2PM, either. 2PM is in the middle of preparing for its comeback stages, which will start with cable channel Mnet's 'M Countdown' on the 22nd and continue with KBS 2TV's 'Music Bank' on the 23rd.

A representative from 2PM's company JYP Entertainment said, "We are managing his schedule with 'Cinderella's Sister' filming during the week and 2PM activities on the weekends."

On the 19th, 2PM released their 6-song 3rd single album 'Don't Stop Can't Stop' online. As soon as it was released, 'Without U' appeared on real-time music search charts, showing its potential to sweep 1st place on all music single charts.

Reported by: Lee Hyun Woo

Credit: NATE News

Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100419n14090

Translated by 49.5bananas @ W2D

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Guest endlessxdream

TaecYeon is awesome in this drama.

Everytime he appears, I have peace in my heart. :blush:

He like Moon guardian angel. :lol:

I can't wait for eps. 7

I will pass out during his scene with Moon. :D

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Guest exbow

Welcome to taec thread endlessxdream! I see from your sig we share one favourite actress. :)

They called him random taecyeon. lolz

Jjit Taecyeon, on dramas 'Random Taecyeon?'

2PM member Taecyeon hurls a random dance attack at Moon Geun Young.

Taecyeon, whose dazzling stage performances have earned him the nickname 'Jjit Taecyeon' is currently trying to make humorless Eunjo (Moon Geun Young) laugh on the KBS2 drama 'Cinderella's Sister' with a random dance parade.

On the drama, Jungwoo is desperately in love with Eunjo. Taecyeon, who shows his character's simple and honest charm, showed a Jjang-goo dance, Hyun Jinyoung and Wawa dance, crab dance, and others to make Eunjo laugh. Jungwoo's efforts were rewarded with Eunjo's first smile.

A 'Cinderella's Sister' producer told ASTORY, "With Eunjo's first bright smile in her life, [viewers will be] able to feel the darkness of her heart" and "Jungwoo, who protected her and watched over her quietly and from the background, will be able to truly show his charm. Please watch and find out whether Jungwoo's warm heart will be able to touch Eunjo, who only wants to push away the world," and raised anticipation.

'Cinderella's Sister,' currently the top drama, airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The 7th episode will be aired on April 22nd at 9:55PM.

Reported by: Park Jin Hee

Credit: NATE News

Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100420n07000

Translated by 49.5bananas @ W2D

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Guest yuree

I read in some blog and find a detail about caribean cf.

Taec & Yoona will have a hot scene together as a couple. T-T

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Guest exbow


I just wish he won't get too much bashing from this CF. :(

Anyways, good news! New endorsement for taecyeon!!!

2PM’s Taecyeon selected as DK’s main model


Singer-turned-actor, and now officially a model, 2PM’s Taecyeon has been selected to promote a fresh released Coca Cola product, Dynamic Kin.

Through a press release on the 21st, Coca Cola’s representative revealed, “We have recently selected 2PM’s Taecyeon as our new main model for Dynamic Kin, or DK.”

According the a related source, Taecyeon will begin his job with a CF filming which will start in April.

Taecyeon will appear in the commercial to represent the product, which supposedly brings out the energetic youth inside of you. With his well-toned body, he will portray the role of a muscular surfer.

“Currently radiating his young and free energy on stage, drama, and variety shows, Taecyeon’s image was very suitable to be our model,” the representative added. “DK’s inner message we wish to convey can be brought to the viewers efficiently with Taecyeon.”

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Guest exbow

Cooking for his noona, so cute :)

Honest and Simple Man, Ok Taecyeon's 200% love towards Moon Geun Young, shakes hearts of women

"CinSister' Simple&Honest Boy Taecyeon's, 200% Love for Moon Geun Young"


[Newsen Lee Uhn Hyunk Reporter]

2PM Taecyeon (Real name Ok Taecyeon) is shaking the hearts of woman with his ways of giving 200% of his love.

In the KBS 2TV WedThurs Drama 'Cinderella Sister' (Director Kim Kyu Hwan/Productions Kim Young Jo Kim Won Suk) Ok Taecyeon playing the part of Jungwoo, he shows his infinite love to Eunjo, the one woman who had always made him food when he was young.

In his young days, Jungwoo had eaten her food by saying "Noona, you're my woman!" as if it the words had become an unstoppable habit. Adding to that, he also wrote "Song Eunjo is forever Han Jungwoo's woman." on his baseball bat and he had kept is safe up to now as an adult.

Although he had not forgotten about her for one moment, it was Eunjo who had forgotten. But Jungwoo stayed by the nervous Eunjo's side and kept his role as 'Eunjo's Protector'.

Always giving Eunjo her shoes when she is entering or leaving, even protecting her from a distance as to not bother her when she is troubled.

He gives his sweet smiles to the lonely Eunjo, and runs with her on his back when she is tired and drunk. And with Eunjo's orders to keep Ki Hoon out, he listens to her obediently.

On the 7th, 8th episode that is to be broadcasted on the 21st, and 22nd, it is said that the Pure Love that Jungwoo shows is to increase. The reason for this is because it is revealed that the Jungwoo who had to leave on a long journey with Eunjo, is the Jungwoo from Haenam that lived with her from before.

Jungwoo says "I'm paying back to the woman who made me food" as he gives her the lunch he made himself specially for her, and even gives her all of the money that he had saved up until this time. Again doing his Comic Dances, Eunjo soon begins to laugh.

The Producer revealed "With Jungwoo showing his meaningful love for the loney Eunjo who believes no one is on her side in the world, we believe our viewer's hearts will be deeply moved." and "To please anticiapte the Simple and Honest Man Ok Taecyeon's acting as he will begin to shine with his acting. At times giving laughter as a funny man, to a strong man who will protect the woman he loves."

On the other hand the 7th episode that is to be broadcasted on the 21st, Goo Dae Sung (Kim Gab Soo) who hears Song Kang Sook(Lee Misook)'s words of "I like him cause I've got a lot to rip off of him", and Hyosun(Suh Ooh) who begins to get a hold of herself after being seriously scolded by Ki hoon (Chun Jung Myung), their stories will be told as well.

Lee Uhn Hyuk leeuh@newsen.com

Reporter and Coverage Information newsen@newsen.com

Reported by: Lee Uhn Hyuk

Credit: NATE News (www.news.nate.com)

Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100421n05063

Translated by woobaby @ W2D

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Guest endlessxdream

Welcome to taec thread endlessxdream! I see from your sig we share one favourite actress. :)

YAY! Taecyeon slowly getting reconized.. B)

Thank you! I need to update my sig.. we gona two same fav. actress/actor now. :lol:

I read in some blog and find a detail about caribean cf.

Taec & Yoona will have a hot scene together as a couple. T-T

Really? :huh: If so, I can't wait.

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