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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Secret Royal Inspector Joy"


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‘Vincenzo’ star Ok Taecyeon in talks to lead webtoon based zombie drama ‘Taereung Zombie Village’

2PM’s member and versatile actor Ok Taecyeon to star in a new zombie drama and we are here for it.




The popular webtoon 'Taereung Zombie Village' is being made into a drama. 2PM’s member and actor Ok Taecyeon has been asked to take on the role of the male lead, Do Rak Gu. An official from Taecyeon's agency, FiftyoneK, said, "It is true that Ok Taecyeon received the offer and we are reviewing it."


'Taereung Zombie Village' is a national-level zombie blockbuster of youth who fight against the greatest disasters of all time. It depicts the struggles of those who go out to save their loved ones when a zombie virus spreads in Taereung Athletes' Village, which is training hard for the Olympics. 



The original web novel was serialized in popularity on the portal site Naver from 2017 to 2018, and became a webtoon in the Naver series in October 2018. As the original work received great love from readers, attention is focused on how it will be adapted and completed in the drama.


Ok Taecyeon has been cast  for the role of Do Rak Gu, the male lead in the drama 'Taereung Zombie Village'. In the original web novel, Do Rak Gu is a judo athlete from the Taereung Athlete's Village, a character who goes out to save people from a zombie-infested disaster. 


Ok Taecyeon is the main rapper of the South Korean boy band 2PM. In 2010, Taecyeon debuted as an actor in the Korean drama ‘Cinderella's Sister’ and since then has starred in ‘Dream High’ (2011), ‘Who Are You?’ (2013), ‘Wonderful Days’ (2014), ‘Assembly’ (2015), ‘Let's Fight, Ghost’ (2016), ‘Save Me’ (2017), ‘The Game: Towards Zero’ (2020), ‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy’ (2021) and ‘Vincenzo’ (2021), as well as the movies ‘Marriage Blue’ (2013) and ‘House of the Disappeared’ (2017).



source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/vincenzo-star-ok-taecyeon-talks-lead-webtoon-based-zombie-drama-taereung-zombie-village-1080510

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*** In 'Taereung Zombie Village', I wonder who will be the female lead here...............  I'm also curious whether Taec will take the offer to do the drama. Wait & see................  :kaching1:

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Taec's greeting celebrating 2PM's 5000 days.


"Hi, I’m doing this live bc today is the 5000th day since 2PM’s debut, congratulations on 5000 days, 5000 days~~I’m greeting you after so long bc it’s the 5000th day,we tried to greet as 6 but it’s difficult to match the time, so we said let’s greet separately and that’s why I’m greeting you all like this.”

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What a guy.  He just opened a Twitter "space" to celebrate Japan's Hottests 11th anniversary.  That was a first for me (for him too,  I think).  It was kinda neat and he invited a fan to speak.  He is 2PMs biggest fan.

Audio only (of course)


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Top 5 Actors Who Stole Readers’ Hearts In Hanbok


Historical K-Dramas are one of the favorite genres of many fans as they get to see some of their favorite actors and acting-dols look extremely charming in Hanbok.


On the Kpopmap site, a poll was held asking viewers to choose the actor who wears the best Hanbok when filming a historical drama in 2021. And here are the results:



2. 2PM’s Ok TaecYeon – “Secret Royal Inspector Joy”


TaecYeon proved once again that he looks amazing in everything he wears. With his amazing physique and captivating presence, the acting-dol took second place with a total number of 55,620 votes taking in 33.4% of the total votes.


Top 5 Actors Who Stole Readers' Hearts In Hanbok 2

Top 5 Actors Who Stole Readers' Hearts In Hanbok 3



source : https://lovekpop95.com/2022/05/21/top-5-actors-who-stole-readers-hearts-in-hanbok/

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7 Mysterious Dating Scandals That Left Fans Suspicious Something Was Happening

Fans are still scratching their heads at these scandals.


It takes only one photograph to involve idols in dating rumors, a phenomenon that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. The story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up by the artists and their agencies, but some fans continued to wonder if it could be a cover up.



4. 2PM’s Taecyeon & Jessica Jung


taecyeon and jessica

Rumors about Taecyeon and Jessica started surfacing in 2010, but they were never seen as a couple. Jessica admitted that their shared American upbringing, along with other traits, were cause for a friendly relationship, but the fact they kept meeting alone made fans think it was awfully convenient. Rumors resurfaced in 2011 when they met in Japan, but both Jessica and Taecyeon later explained on separate TV shows that they were just friends. Even so, fans remain unconvinced that something didn’t go on back then.


source : https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/7-mysterious-dating-scandals-left-fans-suspicious-something-happening/

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On 5/24/2022 at 4:02 AM, TheaN said:

Taec mini interview for the drama "Secret Royal Inspector & Joy for Hanryu Pia Magazine



@TheaN  thanks for sharing this video. I'm done re-watching this drama since I wasn't able to watch it continuously while airing then because of lack of time.  I remember seeing the poster of this drama before I told myself that this drama will be a comedic one. And it turned out to be exactly like that and personally, it never disappointed me. Although there was certain amount of seriousness, which is indeed there, but even they carry the comic elements to some extent. This drama has lot of funny moments that nowadays we really need something like this. On the day the release date of this drama was announced, I marked it in my calendar and remained giddy until the first episode aired. Taecyeon was in it so, I had to watch this. This is a drama that you must binge to fully enjoy. I was looking forward to this because of Taecyeon who always delights. This is the first time I’ve seen him in a Hanbok. I found myself waiting for every next episode.  :loveu:

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6 stars who prove their handsome visuals even with the short haircut after enlisting in the military


Hairstyle has a great influence on one’s appearance. In particular, Korean men often complain about having to cut their hair short when enlisting in the army. However, there are stars who still shine even with the military haircut. Here are 6 celebrities who look extraordinary great in short hair.




2. Singer-actor Ok Taec-yeon

Photos taken when Ok Taec-yeon was serving in the military once made headlines. Ok Taec-yeon earned the nickname “Captain Korea” thanks to his overwhelming physique, handsome look in short haircut, and unique facial features. He gave up his American permanent residence visa to be able to join the army in 2017 and serve as an active-duty soldier for 20 months.





source https://kbizoom.com/6-stars-who-prove-their-handsome-visuals-even-with-the-short-haircut-after-enlisting-in-the-military/

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Taec's greeting for the Japan fan meeting. Sadly Japan isn't fully open to tourists yet.


Partial translation:

Hi, everyone, it's Taecyeon !

After nearly 5yrs.8mths, I'm coming over to see you in Japan ! …excited & nervous …scheduled for Sept.13 in Kobe & 16th in Tokyo.

Preparing a lot to make it unforgettable/memorable, stay well & see you then !



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Community, Friendship, And Love: What To Watch If You Loved “Our Blues”





“Our Blues” was the new tvN summer feels K-drama that brought viewers so much joy, tears, and healing. It was the perfect series that touched on every topic imaginable. From mental health to teenage pregnancies and death, the series showed us the value of family, friendship, and love while tackling some serious issues. If you’re going through some withdrawal now that the series is over, here are some other similar K-dramas or shows that are worth checking out.



6. “Three Meals a Day”


“Three Meals a Day” is a series produced by Na Young Suk. There have been several seasons already, but the slow pace and simplicity of the show is perfect to relax to. The core cast has the responsibility of making three meals a day using the ingredients that they have. If they want to buy more groceries or meat, they have to work to make the money. The show also has various star-studded guest appearances.


The show is very plain and simple in concept, but it is perfectly delightful. Watching various celebs get shipped to a countryside and have to fend for themselves while they struggle to make meals all day may not seem addictive, but it is!


Their endearing sentiments, sense of humor, and interactions with the guests all provide a sense of solace and friendliness that you may not have expected. There is a reason why there have been nine seasons of the series!


Hopefully they will return with a new season soon.





(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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