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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Blind"


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Guest Sanity

Gosh I'm so excited and can't wait to see him in CS next week!.

Goodness I'm never a fan of kpop dramas but CS is actually the first drama that caught my sight. Okay maybe it could partly be due to Taecyeon debut in it but honestly i fell for the drama after watching ep.1.

Moon geun young acting is just oh my gosh, so completely amazing! As well as Jung Myung and the actress Seo Woo. Goodness their acting are all brilliant!. I'm kinda a little afraid now for Taecyeon since everyone's acting is so good and hope Taecyeon doesn't disappoint.

Anyone here dying to see the meeting between Eunjo and Jungwoo? I'm definitely anticipating for it and see whether there's a chemistry between Geun Young and Taecyeon. I'm kinda stuck between Eunjo & Kihoon and Eunjo & Jungwoo!.

Who are you guys rooting Eunjo to end up with?!.

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Guest exbow

I'm very anticipated to see Eunjo and Jungwoo together.

I want to see taec as a warm-hearted, handsome guy who devotes himself to his beloved noona.(i know i know, i'm his obsessed fangirl. LOL)

But I'm also worried for him, people seem to have a early biased against him even they haven't seen him act yet.

I can guess what's kind of critics he'll get as soon as he appears even if he don't act bad in Cinderella Sister thread.

For example, that seo woo girl, I found her very good in acting but people still bash her because of her look and behaviour in the drama. I guess taec won't survive this either. LMAO

So guys, let's go there and support him when he appears in drama because I think he'll need that for certain

Enough of rantings, so many news of him appear on HT yesterday. :)

2PM Taecyeon showed off a hit song dance parade.

On an episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3' aired on the 8th, he stated, "The 2PM members were jealous that I was able to film with 'Cinderella Sister' Moon Geunyoung and Seo Woo."

Taecyeon revealed, "Junho really likes Seo Woo so he's very jealous. He's always making a fuss about how cute Seo Woo is. Changmin is also Moon Geunyoung's fan. I told him that Moon Geunyoung said that 'the song was good' and he laughed, clearly liking it."

On this day, Taecyeon showed off 2PM's hit tracks 'I Hate You,' 'Again & Again,' 'My Ear's Candy,' and etc, showing off his dancing skills and capturing the hearts of the female staffs. Taecyeon even forgot the dance moves to 'Again & Again' but was able to complete it with his charisma.

Taecyeon also performed GOD's 'Where You Need to Be' along with his explosive dance moves, receiving a round of applause.

2PM Taecyeon has revealed his efforts in making his perfect body.

On the KBS 2TV 'Happy Together Season 3' episode aired on the 8th, Taecyeon stated that he had to hold back his eating desires in order to become 'Jjit Taecyeon.'

"During a highlight of 'Heartbeat,' all of the members had to reveal their abs. All of us only ate two pieces of chicken breasts in order to maintain our physiques. The members decided that they needed to consider ripping more and so plans changed after the first stage. It was only me that had to continue maintaining myself. The rest of the members ate ramen at night but I couldn't, which drove me crazy."

He went on to state, "After doing acrobatic performances for three weeks, I was finally able to do the ripping performance successfuly. I was thinking about what to eat happily and decided the next day to eat 6 ramens and ate it all in one sitting."

On this broadcast, Taecyeon also revealed his hidden abs on the set, surprising many.

2PM Taecyeon revealed a hidden camera incident in which he was tricked by Seo Woo, Moon Geunyoung, and Chun Jungmyung.

On an episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3' aired on the 8th, Taecyeon stated, "The day I first met the nunas and hyungs, I was a bit late. As soon as I came in, Geunyoung nuna motioned at me to come over to her with a finger and said, 'Get over here.'"

He went on to state, "The atmosphere was intense but Seo Woo nuna came to me and confessed that she was a fan while Jungmyung hyung lectured me for coming late and asking why they're going easy on me."

Seo Woo added her own account, stating, "Jungmyung oppa and I are jokesters, but Geunyoung is very serious. We were getting into the hidden camera because the person that loses has to pay for the drinks but as soon as Geunyoung said, 'Let's stop now,' the hidden camera was a failure."

Chun Jungmyung replied, "There was even a scenario where I would get pissed off and tell him to go away..." looking quite disappointed with the early ending, causing the cast to laugh.

On an episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3' aired on the 8th, Taecyeon revealed a story where he was mistaken as a Chinese person during an audition and was eliminated.

He stated, "It wasn't that long after I came to Korea. I went to an audition with 2PM members Nichkhun and Chansung for a sitcom. My Korean pronunciation wasn't that great at the time. They were able to understand Nichkhun's situation since he's a foreigner but they misunderstood me as a Chinese person." He gave off a bitter smile.

Park Misun and Shin Bongsun stated, "Now that we look at you, your eyebrows are pretty dark. You look like a Hongbong actor."

Conclusively, Chansung passed the sitcom audition.


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Guest Sanity

Thanks for bringing and sharing the news exbow!. Greatly appreciated it and love your effort for making this thread alive!. Don't worry I'll always drop by here and we'll spazz spazz spazz over our Eunjo and Jungwoo couple!. I mean is it okay to do that here? o.o.


So exbow, do you ever post over at taecyeon picture thread because if my memory doesn't fail me i think we have yet to meet with each other~!. Damn it i can't stop spazzing over that short preview of him! He looks completely adorable makes me wanna pinch his cheek so much!.


Okay since i am waiting for CS episode to be completely sub, i think i should share this little theory that been stuck in my head since yesterday.

We all knows what happen in the classic cinderella story right? She gets bullied and push around and in the end married the prince right?. But in CS Kihoon falls for Eunjo (and maybe the feelings might be reciprocate back) so everyone are predicting they're gonna end up together but what IF they doesn't?.

Eunjo and Jungwoo might ended up together if the PD sticks to the classic fairytale ending. I have this feeling that Jungwoo might get his noona after all but i could be wrong.

So what do you guys think?

Anyway isn't this drama being told in Eunjo pov, so anything can happen you know expect the unexpected.

You know what maybe after reading all the comments from fans I'll just show my appreciation and support Taec no matter what and just let go of the nervousness :lol:.

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Guest yuree

I understand what you guys are talking about. LOL

When I read at CS thread, I found only negative comments about him even he hasn't appeared, funny isn't it?

So well when he has finally appeared the last thing I expect are the praises, so we should just spazz over here about taec instead.

Sanity CS is a melodrama so my prediction for this drama is going to the worst that could ever happen. = =

I don't think JW will get his noona's heart and every characters might end up alone.

It will be a bonus if nobody has to die. lmao

JW might get a better chance with the actress SW. :)

exbow I appreciate your effort too. You do such a good job support him in drama section.

By the way I love what you did to the front page, so pretty. ^__^

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Guest Sanity

Yuree: reading your post makes me laugh so much! The dying part got me and i just immediately crack out laughing! Oh i love your theory about how everyone will end up being alone! O_O. You know i don't think i mind at all if it turns out that way because more drama = higher rating xD. Ah and now that I've watch ep 3 & 4 already, i do think you are right Yuree.

Jungwoo might not win his noona's heart after all -__-. But i love his determination *SPAZZ*.

Natureii: Thanks for uploading the video! Shin Byong Sun is just hilarious! Taecyeon should do more body waves *__*.

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Guest exbow

Sanity I used to post at pictures thread only a very few posts.

Normally I've been a lurker at 2PM thread and taec thread for a very long time.

But after all 2PM drama I decided to come out and support taec.^^

I like yuree CS theory and I think it's very possible.

I watched a lot of kdramas, most recent one is will it snow at christmas and it was so depressed.

I guess CS can't escape the miserable too. lol

So let's spazz over taecky here. :D

Natureii thank you for the clip. All girls in studio are so crazy over him. haha

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Guest Sanity

^ Like what I've just said in taecyeon picture thread....WHY THE HECK DOES TAECYEON REMINDS ME OF HARRY POTTER WITH THAT GEEKY RIMMED-GLASS?!.

Just yesterday I dreamt of Taecyeon, Sunmi and Jay as Harry, Hermione and Ron. And the three of them were all wearing Hogwarts uniform complete with the wand! What freaks me out is that the Taecyeon Potter in my dream looks exactly like the pic up there with him in that rim glass! How freaky is it?!.

Thanks exbow for posting the pics! Oh well that means 2pm comeback is getting nearer and nearer! I can't wait for the teaser though *___*.

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Guest exbow


I'm excited for their comeback too and he does similar to Harry Potter(or should I say a nerdy XD).

'Original Beastly Man' Rain has recognised his junior 2PM's Taecyeon as the next beastly man.

Rain, who receives praises that he's good-looking and oozes wildness with his honey abs and toned muscles, filmed SBS' live broadcast of the music programme 'Inkigayo' on the 11th in the afternoon at SBS' open hall.

Before performing his title song 'Love Song' from his newly released special album, Rain received an interview at the MC spot from Inkigayo's hosts, 2PM's Taecyeon and Junho as well as f(x)'s Sulli. [T/N: The reporter made a mistake, it was Wooyoung who hosted, not Junho.)

After Rain introduced his ballad 'Love Song' with a bright smile, he received a question from Junho, "Since Rain is the original beastly man, do you think it's possible for Taecyeon to be a beastly man too?"

Rain acknowledges his junior's charm as a beastly man with a wide smile while petting Taecyeon's back, "Firstly, the way Taecyeon rips his clothes is not something anyone can follow." Taecyeon thanks Rain for his compliments with a bow.

On the other hand, Sulli asked, "Is it possible for us to be world stars too?" Rain answered without sparing any encouragement, "If we all work hard together, it would be possible."

Reported by Gil Hye Seong

Credit: Star News

Article: http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2010041116541708175

Translated by crystalheng @ Wild2Day.org

'Family Outing 2' Taecyeon-Jo Kwon Family Fight "You have too much Kkap vs. When you talk, your image cracks"

Labelmates idol group members Taecyeon (2PM) and Jo Kwon (2AM) exchanged blistering words.

On the episode of SBS 'Good Sunday' 'Family Outing 2' that aired on the 11th, the members traveled to Chunnam Bosung and made Bosung's specialty product, hemp cloth. In the middle of making the hemp cloth, they held a wrestling game. Before the match, the participants told each other the other person's strengths and weaknesses.

Taecyeon and Jo Kown's match held the attention of the 'Family Outing 2' members from the start. Taecyeon said to Jo Kwon, "You're a ballad singer but you have too much 'kkap.'" At this, Shin Bongsun said, "Does the 'kkap' get on your nerves?" to which Taecyeon answered, "You have so much kkap that when you sing it's funny."

In response, Jo Kwon said to Taecyeon, "Taecyeon-hyung...I would like it if he talked less," and "When he talks [his image] cracks." Shin Bongsun interjected, "Are you saying he should only say the raps that he's given?" to which Jo Kwon responded, "Yes," without hesitation, causing all to burst into laughter.

On this episode, Jo Kwon also pointed out to SNSD member Yoona, "You pretend too much to be kind and honest."

Reported by: Park Hyun Min

Credit: NATE News

Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100411n10031

Translated by 49.5bananas @ W2D

[T/N: If some of the words written in this article sound too mean, it is a fault of my translation and not anything else. I can assure you that the tone of the article is lighthearted and meant to show the humor in having Taecyeon and Jo Kwon have a go at each other. Don't take it too seriously!

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Guest 2AM-Fan

OMG!!! FINALLY!!! We will be able to see his acting!! ^_^

exbow, Love you girl.. thanks alot for all the updates..

Jungwoo, Aja-Aja!!

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Guest exbow

2PM love to support taec with new drama :D

2PM Junho "'Cinderella's Sister' Taecyeon, he'll do a good job acting"

A member of the group 2PM, Junho sent an encouraging message to member Taecyeon, who is about to debut as an actor in KBS2 Wed/Thurs drama "Cinderella's Sister."

On the site of KBS2 'Let's Go Dream Team Season 2' at Hanyang University in Gyeonggi-do Ansan, Junho met with The Asia Economy Daily and said, "All the 2PM members are supportive of Taecyeon, who is about to debut as an actor."

He continued while laughing, "I know Taecyeon went through a lot of trouble choosing this drama [...] Since he already began filming, I hope he does well. I hope he does better than expected and makes people see him as an actor with his acting."

Junho continued, "The other 2PM members and I are planning to see this week's episode [...] I think the role he got is a character that matches well with the usual bright Taecyeon."

Taecyeon's role is that of Han Jung Woo, who sincerely loves Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young), the only girl who cooked for him when he was young. His love for Eun Jo is so unconditional that "Noona is my girl" is stuck to his lips like a habit.

Taecyeon is expected to appear in KBS2 Wed/Thurs drama "Cinderella's Sister," starting from Episode 5, which will air on the 14th.

Reporter: Park Gun Wook

Credit: Asiae

Article: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno...041206142713830

Translated by melodygreenleaf @ wild2day.org

New picture from Hanbul(It's Skin) CF



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Guest yuree

Finally taec in cinderella sister and I notice his accent too XD





Taecyeon will finally appear in Cinderella’s Sister this week

After four episodes of Cindrella’s Sister, viewers of the drama have been posting fervently asking about when was 2PM’s Taecyeon going to appear.

They had good reasons for their complaints since Taecyeon had been built up as the second leading male character in the promotions. But in the four episodes, his character Jung Woo was still in the child stage and thus Taecyeon couldn’t quite appear until the drama moved forward.

But fans finally got a glimpse of Taecyeon during the preview for episode 5, at the end of last week’s episode as the drama fast forwarded 8 years into the future.

A representative added, “We know fans have been waiting so we hope that they will show him lots of support since its his acting debut.”

The last we saw of kid Jung Woo was his confession over the phone that he likes Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young). It will be interesting to see how it develops especially when Eun Jo likes Ki Hoon (Chun Jung Myung) instead.

Stay tuned for the next episode on April 14th.

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Guest exbow

Taec has finally appeared in CS and response from viewers in korean are very good too.

They praised him with his accent. ^^

I'm so happy for him :)


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Guest yuree


Thanks as always exbow.

I'm so happy for taec that he receives praise. I haven't watched the episode but he looks nice and innocent. lol

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Guest exbow

Here's the article. hehe :D

There's no argument on Taceyeon's acting even his dialect is perfect!


On Cinderella's sister episode 5, we'll get to see the grown-up Han Jung Woo who came to "Daesungdoga" to look for this first love, Eun Jo.

Taceyeon's first appearance has already gathered attentions. Although he's known by his beastly image on the stage, viewers had some worries about his acting skills in Cinderellas Sister as a rookie in the acting field.

But Taceyeon has received awesome feedbacks through his natural Gyeongsang-do dialect and stentorian-marine-type voice. After broadcasting, viewers praised his dialect such "his dialect is so good" "I was worried but he did great" "expecting more acting from him in the future" "first appearance passes!"

This drama is expected to make a breakthrough of rating at 20%

Source: Newsen

Kor-Eng translation by Muize @2pmalways.com

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Guest 2AM-Fan

There's no argument on Taceyeon's acting even his dialect is perfect!

Congrats to you Taecyeon ^____^ .. I'm really soooo HAPPY for you..

I just love the way he expresses his eyes.. Want to see this already!! Must download it NOW!!

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