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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Blind"


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Guest yuree

I would love to hear him sing for OST of this drama but nevermind.

The song is nice. Taec looks broken heart in the MV.

And the way he smiles while get-off the bike just melt me :wub:

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Guest exbow

Seo Woo wants Taecyeon's number

by xvntbk on March 30, 2010 @ 5:39 AM (EDT)

The filming set of the new drama Cinderella Sister was revealed through KBS Park Soo Hong and Choi Won Jung's Reserve. (The filming set was reported to have roughly cost around 2 million US dollars.)


Through this show, actor Chun Jung Myung revealed that actress Seo Woo was interested in 2PM's Taecyeon.

He joked, "They're giving each other their numbers" when the two were sited sharing a private conversation during their drama's Gosa. A Gosa is a ritual that is held to bring good luck and success to a certain event, and in this case, the drama.

Chun Jung Myung continued to corner Seo Woo by stating, "Everyone but Seo Woo got Taecyeon's phone number." She keeps begging me, "Can you help me trade numbers with him?"

Seo Woo kept denying all this but her denials just encouraged Chun Jung Myung to tease her more and so he stated, "And so I told her that I would plan an outing and to trade phone numbers then. She's just doing that because she's embarassed."

Seo Woo was Chun Jung Myung's target during his interview, but during hers, she complimented him by stating, "He's like a vitamin for our drama."

The first episode of Cinderella Sister set to premiere on the 31st!


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Guest exbow

I'm happy for Taec, at least for now. His drama won rating war at first epsode. B)

I think today taec will come out in drama.

Cinderella’s Sister takes opening day lead

by GhostWriter on March 31, 2010 @ 7:49 PM (EDT)

It was a unique situation for the Wed-Thus prime time timeslot on March 31st as competing dramas from SBS, MBC and KBS2TV all started with Episode 1 for the first time in months. With this situation, many were wondering which drama would come out on top after the first episode yesterday.

The winner was announced to be KBS2TV’s Cinderella’s Sister as it obtained a rating of 15.8% according to AGB Nielsen Korea. MBC’s Personal Taste was second with 12.5% while SBS’s Prosecutor Princess came in third with 8.0%.

Will this situation continue for the next few weeks? We will have to wait and see.


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Guest dc222

Apparently Taec didn't appear in Episode 1, but he might tonight for Episode 2 :D

Until there are subs, I'll just have to settle for the pretty pictures. Hehe :D

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Guest magarine

New Taec's pictures from cinderella's sister official homepage

cr: kbs

*******DO NOT HOT LINK*************







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Guest exbow

Cinderella's Sister episode 1-2 with subbed are available at vikii and mysoju.

I really like drama, I hope to see taec soon.

That little boy cracks me up every time I think this kid is going to be taec soon. HAHA :D

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Guest yuree

I've just finish ep.1-2 of cinderella at vikii.

CS is a great drama. I'm happy that taec is a part of this one.

That chubby boy(taec) is so cute.

He's so protective of his noona. Anyone know when he will appear in CS?

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Guest yuree

2 more weeks until taec will appear in CS, major transformation isn't it? LMAO

Cinderella's Sister MV with ENG SUB. I'm so addicted to this song.

It Has To Be You (너 아니면 안돼) - Yesung

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Guest dc222

Can't wait for Taec! :D But am enjoying Cinderella's Sister anyway. Good show so far.

That Corby poster of Taec as a butterfly just shows how easily Taec can switch from being a sexy beast to cute dork. :D Hehe.

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Guest exbow


I like CS too. Storyline is good. I like the chubby kid but I want to see taec ASAP. haha :D

100405 Family Outing 2 Recording Picture

cr dcinside ll circe@yoonyu


Recording 3/22/2010 [purportedly with SNSD & 2AM]

credit sonems





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Guest exbow

Taec does look old for his age. lol

Actress Moon Geun Young revealed her first impression of 2PM's Taecyeon.

On the recording of KBS 2TV 'Happy Together Season 3', Moon Geun Young said "When I first saw Taecyeon I had thoughts that maybe he's older than me".

Moon Geun Young, who is working alongside Taecyeon in KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Cinderella Sister', said "I eventually found out Taecyeon is younger than me, but when I met him for the first time I didn't feel he was younger than me at all".

In addition Moon Geun Young embarrassed Taecyeon by saying, "there are a lot of times when singers lie about their age, so I had thoughts that maybe Taecyeon was actually older than me".

At the time Moon Geun Young checked to make sure by asking Taecyeon, "You really are a dongsaeng, right?" and followed on to proclaim "Alright, I guess I'll call you by 'you' from now on".

In addition Taecyeon said he gets asked a lot of questions such as "Just by looking at your face you don't look it, are you sure you're born in '88?". He added a witty remark which caused a burst of laughter around the studio. The broadcast is to be shown on the 8th, 11:15PM.


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Guest exbow

Moon Geun Young can hold her liquor

Dubbed as “the nation’s little sister,” actress Moon Geun Young and her fellow cast members are in the news quite a bit lately with their new drama Cinderella’s Sister. On an upcoming episode of Happy Together, it’s been revealed that the little sister can hold her liquor quite well!

On the show 2PM’s Taecyeon stated, “During a break from Cinderella’s Sister, a bunch of us went to go drink together but during that time I did not see Moon Geun Young act drunk once. And as time dragged on and more drinking occurred her eyes grew big and sparkly.”

Chun Jung Myung added on to this by saying, “A liquored up Moon Geun Young kind of looks like the cat from the movie ‘Shrek,’ sparkling with big eyes.”

These comments definitely embarrassed Moon Geun Young and she responded, “I guess it’s a trait I got from my father who loves alcohol, he always used to tell me ‘No matter how much you drink, never let your eyes weaken and always stay focused.’ And it’s not just me but Taecyeon who drinks liquor casually like it’s water.”

Too bad Taecyeon was apparently banned from drinking. When asked how much is an ideal amount of liquor, Moon Geun Young surprised everyone by answering, “About two Soju bottles are okay.”

It’s amazing that she can stay normal with two whole bottles of Soju, especially for a girl that small. After all, after a bottle of the stuff, one will usually black out and find themselves lying in a park with their shirt off, a necktie tied sideways to their head, a tattoo of a butterfly printed on their lower back with a mountain goat tied to their wrist… or maybe that’s just me.

This episode of Happy Together will air on the 8th.


Taec drinks alcohol casually just like a water. He's so perfect as CASS representative. haha

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Guest yuree

I can't wait to see him. I'm sure we'll drool over him when he appears. :D

'Cinderella Sister': 'Tired of Waiting' for Taecyeon


'When is Taecyeon going to appear?'

Many viewers who love Taecyeon, member of 2PM-turned actor, are impatiently waiting for his debut [on 'Cinderella Sister'].

KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Cinderella Sister' represents Taecyeon's first foray into acting. Although it has already aired its 3rd episode, viewers are still waiting for him to appear.

Taecyeon is portraying the character of 'Jungwoo.' In the story, his character is in love with noona Eunjo (played by Moon Geun Young), who is the only person to have cared for him in his entire life. Although Taecyeon has yet to appear, his character has been portrayed by a child actor. Young Jungwoo (played by Moon Seok Hwan) has been seen occasionally up to and including the 3rd episode, giving viewers a taste [of his character]. Although he is currently a young and fat middle school student, he will presently be transformed into a charming and charismatic man, and this is the character that Taecyeon will portray.

According to the writers, Taecyeon is scheduled to appear for the first time on the 5th episode, to be aired next week. The impressive line-up includes Moon Geun Young (Eunjo), Chun Jung Myeong (Ki Hoon), and Suh Woo (Hyo Sun). Although in comparison to regular actors Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myeong, and Suh Woo, Taecyeon is relatively minor, his role as a 'simple and honest man' in love with Eunjo offers an indispensable mellow line to the story.

Furthermore, the story of how the rough, young Jungwoo who loves to eat and speaks in a dialect will transform into a charming and charismatic man through Taecyeon's strong body and acting ability, will be interesting. Another pivotal point is how Eunjo, who currently spends much of her time ordering young Jungwoo to run errands for her, will react to meeting the older, radically transformed Jungwoo.

Viewers who are tired of waiting for Taecyeon, who, unlike the other actors, has not yet made his appearance on the show, have been complaining and appealing to the scriptwriters. On the viewers' bulletin board are written messages like, 'Please show us Taecyeon soon,' 'When is Taecyeon showing up, I chose this drama because of Taecyeon. Please come out soon,' 'Is Taecyeon's that unimportant? Why has he not appeared yet,' 'When is older Jungwoo [appearing]?' and other similar comments that have been piling up.

Taecyeon, who will show the transformation of 'simple and honest man' Jungwoo, is scheduled to meet viewers on the 5th episode, to be aired on the 14th.

Original source: NATE News

Translated by: 49.5bananas @ wild2day

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