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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Blind"


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Guest exbow


Cinderella’s Sister reveals its poster

by heartfacee on March 21, 2010 @ 9:09 PM (EDT)

The D-Day is getting closer and everyday, we’re getting something new from this drama. Today, the upcoming KBS drama Cinderella’s Sister released its official poster.

The poster shows off the four main characters of the drama, played by Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo and Taecyeon of 2PM. On the other poster, you see Ice Princess(cold hearted person) Eunjo, played by Moon Geun Young. The picture of her is a picture we’ve already seen.

Just from the poster, you can tell what kind of person each character will be. Taecyeon seems like he will play a sweet and loving boy whereas Chun Jung Myung looks like the bad boy but not the bad guy. Yes, there is a difference. A bad boy changes throughout the drama, a bad guy is the villain.

The staff of the drama stated that the drama will be completely different from the fairytale, Cinderella. The first episode will air on the 31st.


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Guest exbow

What's happening to his hair??? T______T

Taec for Cinderella sister

Wednesday, March 24 2010 Written by Tik




2Pm's Teacyeon has debuted as an actor through Cinderella's sister which is going to be aired via KBS2TV. He confessed that the members were jealous of him.

In Cinderella's sister's press conference held at Imperial palace Hotel, Seoul at 2 pm. on Mar 24, a reporter asked Taecyeon about reactions of 2PM memenrs towards his silver screen debut.

He answer " They really envied me for that, especially Chansung. I had a chance to explore the acting field before them, so they were green yet gave me lots of supports. They also told me to grab this opportunity,making 2PM become more acknowledged by the public."

Moreover, he stated his feeling for the bedut that "It is my first ,therefore I cannot be excel at it form the very start. Acting stresses on articulations than expressing feelings. I have tried to learn and followed the director's instructions."

'Cinderella's sister' is based on the concept of Cinderella the fairly tale but it will be conveyed in the 21st century manner. The main cast are Taecyeon ,Moon geanyoung,Chun Myunghun, Seo woo. the brame will be broadcasted on this Mar, 31.


Source: Osen

Kor-Thai Translation by Tik@2pmalways.com

Thai - Eng by Kagetsu Cracker Baby K.@2pmalways.com

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Guest magarine

I don't like his new hair too. I wish it's just for a short time. O_o

Taecyeon trying to adapt quickly to variety and drama

by GhostWriter on March 24, 2010 @ 9:53 AM (EDT)

We have been bombarded almost daily with pictures and teasers for Cinderella’s Sister ever since it begun it’s promotion blitz and the drama still hasn’t aired!

On March 24th, a press conference was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel where the four main leads for the drama, Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo and Taecyeon appeared before the media.

The drama is loosely based on the classic fairy tale of Cinderella, and takes on a slightly different interpretation with an evil twist, showing viewers the perspective of Cinderella’s sister played by Moon Geun Young.

During his interview, Taecyeon admitted that he had some difficulty in acting since it was his drama debut. He has become an all-rounder in recent times, singing with 2PM, being a host on Inkigayo, doing a variety show (Family Outing 2) and now acting.

“It’s difficult to do a variety show and act at the same time.

On one hand, it’s a very tiring but fun time doing Family Outing. But I have to switch to a more solemn mood when I begin filming my drama scenes. It’s confusing having to switch but I am doing my best to adapt.”

He continued,

“I asked Sang Hyun hyung for acting tips and it did helped. I love taking on challenges so I didn’t want to miss this drama opportunity when it came up.”

Cinderella’s Sister will air from March 31st, replacing Chuno.


He's such a good friend with my favourtie actor YSH. ^^

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Guest exbow

Taec will appear at Happy Together season 3 tonight with Cinderella's sister casts KBS2 11.05 pm.

Some BTS pics

cr: kbs








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Guest exbow

Today FO2 will on air as normal. ^^

SBS Family Outing will air as scheduled

by shockimpulse on March 27, 2010 @ 6:23 PM (EDT)

We reported that live music program SBS Inkigayo would be canceled due to an unfortunate event in Korea where a naval ship was sunk. As many people suspected, most shows announced that they would not be aired this week. However, one of the shows that will air on television as scheduled is Family Outing.

So far, five shows have been reported not to air as planned. Most of these shows are similar to Inkigayo where the program is aired live or has already been recorded a few hours earlier.

However, SBS announced that Family Outing will be airing as scheduled and relayed their condolences to the families of the navy soldiers lost at sea.

Though it may not seem appropriate at first, there’s nothing wrong with the regular airing of the show. Yes, an unfortunate event has occurred, but you know what they say: laughter is the best medicine.

We do hope that the remaining soldiers will be rescued and that the worries of the family and friends of the navy soldiers may be put to rest.


I bet he did this by intention. lolz

It was revealed by Seo Woo that 2PM member Taecyeon had attended his drama's first script reading practice with his pants' zipper down.

On 27th, during the live show of KBS 2TV Live Entertainment Information program 'Entertainment Tonight', Seo Woo revealed this to a reporter who was asking him about an anecdote in the 2TV mini series 'Cinderella's Sister'.

Seo Woo said laughing, "It was our first script reading practice. Taecyeon didn't even know his pants' zipper was down, and said hello really loudly."

At this, Chun Jung Myung said, "At that time, the people enjoyed that a lot."

'Cinderella's Sister', featuring Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo, Taecyeon, and Chun Jung Myung will be broadcasted for the first time on the 31st.


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Guest yuree

He looks hot during sireum, when he took off his shirt I almost melting. HAHA

Thank you for always update. He might feel really embarassed during that script rehearsal.

Poor dorky XD Can't wait for this wednesday!

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Guest yuree


He's kind of nervous in the video. I really wish his hair will grow fast!

Since 2PM thread was closed.I will post news here because it's about taec anyway. :D

His Character in Cinderella's Sister

Han Jungwoo / Taecyeon

A reckless simpleton who was raised by hairy Mr. Chang, 10th immoral lover of Mrs. Song Kangsook. Mrs. Song is mother of Eun Joo.

Fat boy whose weight was almost 100Kg in his middle school age.

Nobody had cared him, so, he should care himself. He had joined wrestling team as the team gave him food. He moved to baseball team when the team gave him more food. Food was some kind of religion to little Jungwoo. The food, which even hairy Mr. Chang or Mrs. Song Kangsook never prepared for him, was served by Eun Joo.

After Eun Joo came to Mr.Chang’s home, there is a smoke of cooking. The never ending hunger was smoothed by EunJoo. He decided to love Eun Joo who cared him. So, even after Eun Joo left, he never gave up love to Eun Joo. He decided to grow up as a nice smart man for the purpose of giving royalty to Eun Joo. Then, he came back in front of Eun Joo as a wonderful man.

credit : All Korean Drama

Taec as World Saving Hero! Nice!

2PM's Taecyeon to defend Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna?

During the release of the fantasy blockbuster "Solomon Kane" on the 25th, the audience was asked which Korean starts would match the male and female lead images.

The results were that 2PM's Ok Taecyeon should save the world just like Solomon Kane, and the the national treasure Figure skating champion Kim Yuna was chosen as the female protagonist Meredith, whom Solomon has to save in order to redeam his soul.

In the "Idol which suits the best for the World Saviour role" poll, conducted at the Interpark, 2PM's Ok Taecyeon won over Big Bang's TOP by a narrow margin. The image of Taecyeon, who is referred as the representative of Beastly idols, has matched the image of the world saving hero.

With a total of 41% of votes TOP with his charismatic gaze got the 2nd place, while 2AM's Lim Seulong with 10% was 3rd and CN Blue's Jeong Yonghwa was 4th (4%).

As for Meredith's role who, according to the description of "Solomon Kane" in the cinema magazine Movie Week, has to be saved in order for the hero to salvage his own soul, the national treasure Kim Yuna got 1st place, having received 81% of votes. Following her was the Shin Sekyung and her innocent glamour (8%), the absolute sexy queen Lee Hyori (6%), and SNSD's 4th-dimensional girl Seohyun with 3% of the votes.

Source: CBS

Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways.com

Coordinator: Cassina @2pmalways.com

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Guest exbow

One day to go for taec drama and.. MV is out!!

Cinderella's Sister MV (너 아니면 안돼 - Super Junior Yesung)

20100329 KBS 여유만만 YeoYuManMan - Cinderella's Sister

20100327 KBS Entertainment Relay - Cinderella's Sister

CREDIT : Pochipotato

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Guest magarine

The song is awesome but not many new scenes in the MV.

I want Taec to be a knight with shinning armor to rescue MGY.

He will totally rock that look and we can all drool together. HAHAHA :D

Super Junior’s Yesung sings for Cinderella’s Sister music video

by GhostWriter on March 30, 2010 @ 2:58 AM (EDT)

We reported earlier that a full-length music video for KBS2TV’s new drama, Cinderella’s Sister was in the works and it would be featuring the vocals of Super Junior’s Yesung.

And just one day away from the actual broadcast, the full-length music video has finally been released and if you thought the teaser photos released in the past few weeks were intense, you ain’t see nothing yet.

Together with the vocals of Yesung (who is a big fan of Moon Geun Young), the drama looks like it’s going to be a smashing hit.

With the exit of the ratings monster Chuno last week, the Wed-Thus timeslot will for the first time in months see all 3 competing dramas from SBS (Personal Taste), KBS (Cinderella’s Sister) and MBC (Prosecutor Princess) start from the same starting point.

With the exception of Cinderella’s Sister which is likely to be a thriller, the other two are romantic comedies. It will thus be interesting to see which drama will rise to the top after their first 2 episodes! What will you be watching on March 31st?


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