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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Blind"


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Guest exbow

2PM’s Taecyeon thought Moon Geun Young was younger than him

by heartfacee on March 14, 2010 @ 1:09 AM (EST)

2PM’s Taecyeon and Moon Geun Young are working together for the upcoming drama KBS 2TV’s Cinderella’s Sister. In a recent interview with KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Relay, Taecyeon talked about his first impressions of Moon Geun Young.

Taecyeon said, “To be honest, I didn’t know Moon Geun Young was a nuna. People always call her the Nation’s Little Sister so I thought she was younger than me. I was shocked to find out otherwise. Now, she feels like a nuna because she’s always helping and leading me. I show a lot of aegyo as the maknae of the cast.”

Moon Geun Young commented that Taecyeon is very cute from her point of view.

I think they are making this out to be bigger than it is because she’s only a year older.

The drama airs its pilot on the 31st.


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Guest K_a_n

Strange enough, I think Taec looks really cute with Moon Geun Young. They look like the total opposites of each other even from the outer appearance.

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Guest 2AM-Fan

thanks exbow for all the updates ^__^

& thanks magarine for the teaser link ^__^ .. Taec looks really COOOOOOOOL XD!!!

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Guest exbow

Hello to all newbies here.

I'm so excited for his drama on Mar 31. :)

2PM’s Taecyeon goes topless in Cinderella’s Sister

by heartfacee on March 14, 2010 @ 11:25 PM (EDT)


2PM’s Taecyeon is known for showing off his amazing body from time to time. In the upcoming drama Cinderella’s Sister, Taecyeon will show off his masculinity, of course, with his shirt off once again to his adoring female fans.

Taecyeon plays an original baseball player named Jungwoo. He shows love for Eunjo, played by Moon Geun Young, who is the only person that fed him.

He takes off his shirt for a scene where he is practicing baseball. I wonder if it was done for the purpose of the scene or for more ratings.

When he showed off his six pack to the cast and crew of the drama, the girls on staff fainted people were impressed.

His body is more than impressive, don’t you think? The first episode airs on the 31st.


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Guest exbow

Cinderella’s Sister music video in the works

by shockimpulse on March 15, 2010 @ 10:55 PM (EDT)

Earlier we reported a quick video teaser of the upcoming KBS drama Cinderella’s Sister. It’s now been revealed that a full length music video is currently in the works.

The music video will feature Moon Geun Young, Taecyeon, Seo Woo and Chun Jung Myung, the four leads of the drama.

This upcoming music video is said to be quite the spectacle and will show a whole new side of each actor and actress.

The story is about Cinderella’s Sister, Eunjo, who lives a harsh life due to a wicked and neglecting mother. Eunjo spends her time running as she desperately tries to avoid gangsters and does whatever she can to survive; even eating scraps of kimbap on the street. Eventually when someone tries to mess with her, she grabs a beer bottle and threatens people saying, “I’ll kill you.”

During filming, Moon Geun Young had to run through alleys all afternoon. Taecyeon had to swing a baseball bat again and again until his body was pouring with sweat.

The director of Cinderella’s Sister said, “The first broadcast is in March 31st and around that time, a music video will be released to give more impact on the characters. This music video will also show a side of the actors, actresses and artists in a way that can’t be seen often, and some people are calling it a ‘blockbuster music video’.”


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Guest exbow

Taecyeon takes on Chun Jung Myung

by heartfacee on March 17, 2010 @ 10:45 PM (EDT)


It’s been revealed that actor Chun Jung Myung and 2PM’s Taecyeon had a very fierce fight on the upcoming drama Cinderella’s Sister!

For those of you that don’t know, Chun Jung Myung plays Hong Ki-hoon, a guy that has been hurt before but hides it and uses coldness to stay sane. He doesn’t receive love so he gives no love. But then he meets Eunjo, played by Moon Geun Young and realizes what he’s been missing out on. Taecyeon plays Han Jungwoo, who loves Eunjo because she was the only woman that ever cooked a meal for him when he was younger.

So as you can see, these boys will both fight for Moon Geun Young throughout the whole drama. But in these photos, we see them fight quite physically. The two are the complete opposites on the drama. One’s a bad boy and the other is the sweet one. Let’s find out who will win starting on the 31st.


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Guest yuree

Aigoo.....my eyes LOL

Taec had made me crack up so bad after seeing his feminine side but please don't wear this again! HAHAHAHA

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after seeing his pic in that dress from fo. omged i felt traumatized after seeing that photo. ok taecyeon please do not do that again. but i was cured right away after seeing his buttcrack shot from ck shoot. let's all drool together lol.


cr. as tag and 2pmalways for sharing

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Guest dc222

Taec makes one buff lady! Hehe... look at that back!

Cinderella's Sister is almost here! All the preview stuff is getting me more excited!

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Guest exbow

I knew that he shouldn't wear this dress again, so gross. LOL

And TKna thank you for that butt!!!! Taec always find the way to make all of us drool. haha

Taec with Family Outing members

cr : tvdaily


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Guest exbow

Some caps from this week Family Outing

Bongsun!!! What are you doing to my taec?? lol


Taec......I feel like throwing up, so gross. LMAO


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