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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Blind"


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5 Korean Stars Who Rocked Villainous Roles: Ahn Bo Hyun, Ok Taecyeon, More!


Many villainous characters in K-Dramas gave viewers chills with their presence, and later on wowed them with their entertainment and quirky personalities in many television programs.


Most actors leave viewers in awe with their ability to synchronize with their acting roles whilst still keeping their individual selves. Here are five villains who are adorable people in real life!



Ok Taecyeon

Idol-actor Ok Taecyeon is much loved by international and domestic viewers after his role in the classic musical series "Dream High."


5 Korean Stars Who Rocked Villainous Roles: Ahn Bo Hyun, Ok Taecyeon, More!
(Photo : 51K Official Instagram)

He diversified his acting roles when he transformed into one of the scariest male villains in history when he played the role of Jang Joon Woo in "Vincenzo."


Just his piercing gaze was enough to make anyone's skin crawl in fear, proving his abilities to immerse himself with any acting role he does.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Kdramastars


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*** He's Kang Yi Seok, the 24-year-old actor now who started acting when he was just 8 years old and landing the role of young Jin Guk in the series "Dream High." His older counterpart, Jin Guk, was played by Taecyeon, who was 23 years old at the time: a year younger than Kang Yi Seok is now.   :heart2:









photos source : Koreaboo



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3 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths


We love them, we hate them, but on top of all, we cannot help but be in awe. Some K-Drama actors and actresses really take their characters to that level where they perfectly deliver the character's feelings and persona off of the screen and into our hearts.


Perhaps the most complex characters to play are psychopathic characters. The actors have to dwell themselves into the dark persona and be a part of brutal and gruesome scenes.


As hard as it is, we have prime examples of the actors that nailed such roles. Their smiles gave us the creeps and their laughter sent shivers down our spine. Nonetheless, they still managed to make us fall for them.


Kpopmap has collected the top 4 male actors who nailed the role of a psychopath. Keep scrolling to learn their names and the characters they played!


This article contains spoilers for the dramas mentioned below.



3. Ok TaecYeon As JunWoo In "Vincenzo"


Ok TaecYeon proves his duality in this drama and we loved it!





Jang JunWoo is first introduced as an adorable naïve intern lawyer. He has studied in the states and would often talk in both Korean and English. JunWoo would assist Hong ChaYoung (Jeon YeoBeen) with her cases and also when she would be going the wrong way. He would follow her around like a little puppy.


But the drama took a dramatic turn in episode 4 when it was revealed that JunWoo was the actual CEO and the mastermind. At a young age, he was diagnosed to be a psychopath. He is extremely ambitious about his goals and would do anything to get his way. Even if it meant to kill the other person.


3 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths
(skipped unrelated.....)
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What a fabulous weekend.  Four wonderful shows.  Taecyeon must have invented the words "fan service".  If he didn't he certainly lives it.


Here are some pics/moments (not all mine)


Day 1, show 1

Part of a bingo game.




He was very accommodating and did pretty much of what the fans asked for






Day 1, show 2




Not my video, but I was sitting next to the girl




Day 2, show 3



We got to see Champagne.  Very sexy choreo.




Day 2, last show


Yes, ladies, a see-through shirt!!!!! 




Hype Boy takes on whole new meaning.



The format was the same for each show, but the content was different. 

Christmas songs

OkTube, where he recapped dramas and activities during the year

Spinning wheel of songs

OkBingo, different challenges every day

He gave out presents to lucky fans.  They got to take pictures, maybe a hug.  We all benefitted with him being in the audience.

His recent songs:  Fireplace (every show), Give You All, Anyways, Promise, Champagne (every show)

Video of how he trolled himself by recreating old pictures that keep coming up on sns.  

As we left he handed each of us a present and said Merry Christmas.  The present was some of the picture she recreated.



We also got to see a spoiler for a new commercial.  He filmed it topless, so he said he completed his 2022 bingo card. 






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*** TaecYeon performed the iconic dance duet, My Ear’s Candy, recently at Baek Ji Young’s concert. It was first released some years ago and I swear I’ll never get sick of it performed ‘live’ if he, who is the original singer featured with her, is the one doing it. Some idols and actors have performed this song with her over the years, but none can beat Taecyeon, in my personal opinion. Love their spontaneity and rapport. Anyway, it seemed that his appearance was a a surprise.


Awwwwww…  I hope there's a video clip of this.  :rubchin:





photo source : https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2022/12/23/my-ears-candy-2022/

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*** It was Taecyeon's special day yesterday, December 27th............  :heart3:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, oppa! I hope you had a grand time spending your DAY with your special someone & your family!   :heart:




Happy birthday Images - Free Download on Freepik






Katalogue: Birthday boy Ok Taeyeon in 2PM, Dream High, Save Me, Vincenzo and more

Singer, actor, dancer and more, Ok Taecyeon celebrates his 34th birthday today. Here are the highlights of his career spanning almost a decade and a half.




Ok Taecyeon is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born in South Korea but moved to the USA at the age of 10 along with his family, only to return 7 years later after auditioning for JYP Entertainment and becoming one of the participants on 'Superstar Survival' alongside now-members Lee Junho and Hwang Chansung.


Debut with 2PM

The formation of the boy group 2PM was nothing like the ones that preceded it. While JYP Entertainment, an agency founded by the talented and famed Park Jinyoung had made a name with its solo artists like Rain and girl group Wonder Girls, it was yet to make a mark with boy groups. Thus, the Mnet documentary ‘Hot Blood Men’ came to be and resulted in One Day which was eventually divided into the ballad focused 2AM and the hip-hop focused 2PM, the latter of which Ok Taecyeon became a part of. The group was different from others in its time with a more rugged concept, stunts being performed by all the members, and heavy rap throughout their tracks.

Rise of 2PM and My Ear's Candy 

‘10 Out of 10’, a part of 2PM’s debut release has become one of their signatures over the years with ‘My House’ following close. The group achieved viral fame in South Korea and became one of the most talked about K-pop idols of the time. Ok Taecyeon himself has been monumental in spreading the name of the group as well as making one for himself by participating in releases like ‘My Ear's Candy’ with Baek Ji Young. The song marks a crucial spot in the pop history of the Korean music industry with its performance receiving massive favour. The handsome K-pop idol was showered with compliments for his part in the sultry, catchy number. Multiple performances of the song by the two stars have shaken the industry since then. 

Ok Taecyeon’s military service and relationship with JYP Entertainment

The K-pop star is known to have given up his US citizenship and permanent residency, and was sent for active military duty in September 2017. His contractual tenure was up while serving and it was under discussion if the artist will renew it. While the group continues to be under the management of JYPE, Ok Taecyeon has packed his bags for his solo work and moved to actor So Ji Sub’s agency 51K in 2018, shortly after returning from his military service and deciding not to renew the contract unlike the rest of the 5 members of the group. Hwang Chansung followed with his own departure in December 2021. However, Ok Taecyeon continues to be a part of 2PM and regularly joins the members for promotions while keeping his acting career running.

Ok Taecyeon as an actor

Dream High

Ok Taecyeon’s first prominent acting participation has to be in the iconic KBS 2TV K-drama ‘Dream High’ as a lead, which also starred fellow member Wooyoung. Actor Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Suzy of Miss A and soloist IU were some of the other cast members on the show. A high school story of musically talented kids, Ok Taecyeon played Jin Guk. His unsuccessful relationship arc with Suzy earned him a lot of fans as his character was praised for his actions.


Save Me

While the show heavily focused on Seo Ye Ji’s character and her battle with the cult, Ok Taecyeon’s role as Han Sang Hwan once again received applause. The character recognises the trouble and the struggle of a girl whose family is sucked into the shackles of a terrible cult and uses his power and influence to seek the truth as well as get her free.



The breakout role for Ok Taecyeon, he aced his role as the villain, Jang Han Seok. A ruthless monster-like character hidden under the facade of a sheep, he seemed to have found his colour with this drama. Ok Taecyeon became the enemy of the crowd favourite, mafia consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, played by Song Joong Ki. As the actual Chairman of Babel Group, he faces off against the residents of Geumga Plaza who are backed by Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been) in a fierce legal battle which soon turns bloody. His merciless actions towards Jang Han Seo, played by Kwak Dong Yeon, take the crown for some of the best acting executed by himself over the years as well as on the show. 


Secret Royan Inspector & Joy

Joining Kim Hye Yoon in this jolly and chaotic rush, Ok Taecyeon played Ra Ian, a public service worker whose wishes of staying low are ruined as he becomes a secret royal inspector and is joined by a rare and unique divorced woman in the Joseon era. The two hunt down corrupt officials ensuing a lot of trouble in their lives.



source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/katalogue-birthday-boy-ok-taeyeon-in-2pm-dream-high-save-me-vincenzo-and-more-1204921


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9 K-Pop Songs That Are Perfect To Kick Off The New Year


The sound of fireworks has faded into the distance, the New Year's ball has dropped, and the spirit of the new year still remains high and filled with good energy. It's official, 2023 has begun and who knows what exciting events will happen next!


As we embark into the new year, there are some essentials needed in order to start 2023 on the right foot — and one of those is a hype playlist. What better way to start off 2023 than listening to a playlist of certified K-Pop bops. These songs will not only get your body moving, but they hold the potential to be your very own theme song for the new year.


Now, let's check out these tracks that are perfect to kick off 2023.


These songs are listed in no particular order.



6. 2PM - 'Go Crazy'


Are you still feeling the thrill from this past weekend's New Year's festivities? We sure are! What better song to carry on that vibrant energy than 2PM's iconic 'Go Crazy'. It's an absolute party anthem and will get your body grooving along instantly. With this song on your playlist, you won't be afraid to make any space your own personal dance floor, promising a year of continuous excitement and fun.



source : https://www.kpopmap.com/9-kpop-songs-that-are-perfect-to-kick-off-the-new-year/

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*** Taecyeon and Won Ji An will be starring in a new drama together! “My Heart Is Beating” (literal title) is KBS2’s new fantasy romance drama in which half-human and half-vampire. Seon Woo Hyul, who was unable to become human due to a one day difference amidst 100 years, starts to live together with Joo In Hae, a woman who has no humane side, and find true warmth. Taecyeon will star as half-human and half-vampire as Seon Woo Hyul. He is an early adopter and trendsetter who likes to be the first person to try new things that are introduced to the world for the first time. He is an oddball who walked into a cave and ate only mugwort and garlic in order to become a human, but there is a special reason why he desperately wants to become human. Won Ji An, who starred in “If You Wish Upon Me” will take on the role of Joo In Hae, a part-time school nurse and owner of a guest house. Growing up in a poor family. Joo In Hae has done all kinds of part-time jobs to survive and became known for her cold-bloodedness. As she starts to live together with Seon Woo Hyul, she grows into a person with a warm heart and humaneness. “My Heart Is Beating” will kick off filming with the goal of broadcasting in the second half of this year.   :Megathanks:







source : https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=408&aid=0000177332

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Taecyeon & Won Ji Ahn confirmed to star in new KBS2 fantasy romance 'My Heart Is Beating'




Singer/actor Taecyeon and rookie actress Won Ji Ahn will be working side by side in a brand new fantasy romance series, 'My Heart Is Beating' (literal translation). 


First, Taecyeon will take on the role of the male lead Seon Woo Hyul, half human and half vampire. Once, he devoted his life to becoming human by trapping himself in a deep cave, eating only garlic and mugwort for nearly 100 years. However, his quest ended in failure by just one day, dooming him to eternal life. 


Fast forward to the present day, Seon Woo Hyul is the earliest early-adaptor of all, fascinated by the newest trends, newest tech, and all things new. One day, he meets a woman who lacks even the smallest ounce of humanity, Joo In Hae (played by Won Ji Ahn). Growing up poor, Joo In Hae has worked every kind of job imaginable to make ends meet. She has no faith in humankind, until she meets the half vampire Seon Woo Hyul. 


Filming for KBS2's 'My Heart Is Beating' will begin soon, ahead of the series' premiere some time in the first half of 2023. What do you think of the premise of the drama so far?



source : allkpop


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*** This new KBS 2TV’s  drama “My Heart Beats” is a Monday-Tuesday drama. I'm happy for Taecyeon. He has been accumulating his filmography and showing his solid acting skills regardless of genre and role. This time, he is expected to transform into a vampire character in “My Heart Beats.”   :Ohboy3:







source : https://v.daum.net/v/20230111090740477

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Ok Taec-yeon to lead KBS' new romance series


Actor Ok Taec-yeon has taken the lead role in an upcoming romance series for KBS. Korea Times file
Actor Ok Taec-yeon has taken the lead role in an upcoming romance series for KBS. Korea Times file

By Lee Gyu-lee

Actor and singer Ok Taec-yeon has picked up a romance drama with KBS' upcoming series, "My Heart Is Beating," (direct translation) as his new project.

The broadcaster announced that its new series has confirmed actors Ok and Won Ji-an as its leads and is scheduled to air in the first half of this year.

The fantasy, romance series will follow the love story between half-human and half-vampire Sun Woo-hyul (Ok), and coldhearted woman Joo In-hae (Won).

Woo-hyul is a trendsetter who is keen on new trends and technologies. He has been unsuccessfully trying to become human. One day, he crosses paths with hardworking but insensitive In-hae. Living under the same roof, the two bring unexpected changes to each other.

Ok, who is also a member of K-pop boy band 2PM, made his way into acting with the 2010 KBS series "Cinderella's Stepsister." He recently starred in tvN's 2022 crime mystery series "Blind," which aired its finale in November, and the blockbuster period film "Hansan: Rising Dragon," which hit theaters last July.



credit : Korea Times


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