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[drama 2010] The birth of the rich 부자의 탄생

Guest conduongmuathu

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Guest melren

haha me to that maybe the fisherman is his real father i hope not.

Yea, hopefully he's not but somehow he must be related to Woon Suk's family as he has Woon Suk's pic and he kept saying "boonguh" while holding the necklace and looking at WS's picture.

Personally, I think that the real daddy is the guy who drew the symbol.

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Guest bitter SOOweet

i like how this drama has a different twist to this "rich-life" thing hah


what a cliffhanger today. NOOOOOOOOO. at least it will be resolved tomorrow keke.

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Guest rainbowfull.

i love Tae Hee.

she's so cute :) i should find her annoying but i totally don't.

I LOVE HER CHARACTER! & her clothes are amazing. so gorgeous.

can't wait for tmr!

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Guest kelela

It actually gets better with each episode, but yeah, the ball really starts rolling after episode 4.

Thanks for the reply. I'm having a hard time getting through ep. 3, I might just FFWD through it. :lol:

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Guest pan2cute

I love this drama!!

but since I don't have mediafire pro accounts, I don't have choice

I just can wait someone upload in local server =(

anywayyy!! I really curious about bong's cancer!!

sounds very ungrace for him

kekeke~ and bu tae hee...

she doesn't like korean paris hilton!!

I think hayeseul is the BEST korean paris hilton

lee shiyoung characther so childish... like average rich girl in every drama~

but, I love the storyline!!! kekekeke~~

can't wait for 3rd episode~~

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Guest cachua_anna

hi everyone!i watched ep 5 without any sub.so i can't understand the content of this ep.i don't know what the letter talk about ?could you help me?thanks in advance^=^

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Hi! I really like this drama, although I have to watch every episode raw due to the license pending problem on Viikii (on dramacrazy.net there are, for now, only episodes 1-3 with eng sub), so I hope some "good samaritan" can write summaries for the episodes...I have a question: today, in ep 8, I listened 2 songs in Italian (I'm Italian, so I'm really concerned with the issue :D)...How can I know who sings these songs? One is, for sure, "Sunny" (Bobby Hebb's song)....thank you a lot in advance!

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