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[variety] Sweet Night 달콤한 밤

Guest lucky_moon

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Guest lucky_moon

[KBS]Previously known as Champagne

Sweet Night (달콤한 밤)


TIME & DAY: 23:15 on Sunday

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/enter/sweetnight/

MC's: Shin Dong Yup(신동엽), Jo Hye Ryeon (조혜련), Kim Jong Min (김종민)

Previously known as Champagne. Celebrities come on the show and through a process of elimination, they choose their ideal mate.

Celebrity Guests:

Ep1 (100110): Park Jin Young, Kim Suk, Lee Yoo Jin, Yang Mi Ra, Kang Eun Bi.

Ep2 (100117): Song Seung Hun, Lee Gyeong Sil, Lee Ui Jung, Kim Na Young, Park Ga Hui, Ga In, Kyu Ri.

Ep3 (100124): Lee Da Hae, Park Sung Ho, Chun Myung Hoon, Hwang Hyun Hui, Lee Hong Ki.

Ep4 (100131): SNSD.

Ep5 (100207): SNSD, Kim Jong Kook, Brown Eyed Girls.

Ep6 (100221): Kim Hyun Chul, Jung Young Hwa, Park Ga Hee.

Ep7 (100228): Nam Hee Suk, Lee Su Geun, Kara.

Ep8 (100307): Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Suk, No Yoo Min, Jo Kwon.

Ep9 (100321): Jung Dong Ha, Kim Tae Won, Park Seo Hyung, Kim Shin Young.

Ep10 (100328): Park Sung Ho, Kim Dae Hee, Park Hwi Sun, Hong Hyun Hee.

Ep11 (100411): Epik High, Kim Jun Hyun Moo, Yoon Hyung Bin, Kim Na Young.

Ep12 (100502): Kang suk Woo, Jo Young Goo, Lee Ji Ae.

Ep13 (100509): HaHa, K.Will, After School.

info credit to: aja-aja team.

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Guest lucky_moon

FYI, the MC's name is Shin Dong Yup . .

wondering if this will air on KBSW, since Champagne hasn't aired for the few weeks . .

Thanks :P another miss writing with the new laptop.

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