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[Drama 2011] What's Up? 왓츠 업

Guest sayroo

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[MBN] Dae Sung, Im Joo Eun, Im Ju Hwan, Jun Hye Jin

MBC What's Up? 왓츠 업


Jo Jung Suk, Im Joo Eun, Im Ju Hwan, DaeSung, Jun Hye Jin & Lee Su Hyuk

Drama Info:

FULL DRAMA TITLE: What's Up? / 왓츠 업



WRITER: Song Ji Na (송지나) [A Man's Story, Legend & Sandglass]

No. of Episodes: TBA

Broadcast Period: August 2010~

Timeslot: TBA



Set in the musical department of a university.


sebtbm.jpgIm Joo Eun 임주은 [soompi Thread] ll [NATE]

2uq14pk.jpgIm Ju Hwan 임주환 [soompi Thread] ll [NATE]

01.jpgDaeSung 대성 [NATE]

01.jpgJun Hye Jin 전혜진 [NATE]

01.jpgLee Hyuk Soo 이혁수 [NATE]

01.jpgJo Jung Seok 조정석 [NATE]

CAST/STAFF background:



A Man's Story 남자이야기 (KBS2, 2009)

The Legend 태왕사신기 (MBC, 2007)

Dae Mang 대망 (SBS, 2003)

KAIST 카이스트 (SBS, 2000)

Sandglass 모래시계 (SBS, 1995)



Soul / Hon 혼 (MBC, 2009) as Yoon Ha Na



Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack and Defense Battle 메리대구공방전 다시보기 (MBC, 2007) as Lee Ah Moon



Hyunhaetan Marriage War 된장군과 낫토짱의 결혼전쟁 (MBC, 2010) as Kim Dae Chun


Tamra, the Island 탐나는도다 (MBC, 2009) as Park Kyu



Oh! My Lady 오! 마이 레이디 (SBS, 2010) cameo


Smile, You 그대, 웃어요 (SBS, 2009) as Jung Ji Soo

DRAMA NEWS (from dramabeans.com):

[DRAMABEANS] At the auditions for campus drama What’s Up

[DRAMABEANS] What’s Up completes first round of auditions

[DRAMABEANS] Im Joo-hwan joins What’s Up

[DRAMABEANS] What’s Up casts third lead actor

[DRAMABEANS] What’s Up adds rising star Im Joo-eun

[DRAMABEANS] Song Ji-nah casts Daesung in What’s Up






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Im Joo-hwan joins What’s Up

January 17th, 2010 // by javabeans


The main cast now looks complete for What’s Up with the addition of Tamra the Island’s aristocratic Park Kyu, aka actor Im Joo-hwan, which was previously rumored and is now official.

This means we may expect to see Im show off some singing skills as he takes on the role of a student in a university musical department: the rest of the main cast are Big Bang’s Daesung, Hon’s possessed girl Im Joo-eun, former child actress Jeon Hye-jin, Kim Min-hee’s model boyfriend Lee Hyuk-soo in his acting debut, and musical actor Jo Jung-seok.

Writer Song Ji-nah confirmed the news, and also mentioned that an offer had gone out to musical actor Jung Sung-hwa (Spring Awakening), a rising star in the musical world, whose casting is not yet final. The producers are also holding open auditions for other roles, which has attracted a surge of applicants. What’s Up is being touted as a (sorta) sequel to Song’s KAIST, which ten years ago served as a launching pad for new actors which included Chae Rim, Ji Sung, Lee Min-woo, Lee Eun-joo, Lee Na-young, Kim Min-jung, and Kang Sung-yeon. Expectations are high that this drama will do the same for its young cast.

The drama will begin filming in March.


What’s Up adds rising star Im Joo-eun

January 8th, 2010 // by javabeans


Ooh, my interest level just went up one (possibly two) notches. Writer Song Ji-nah’s (Story of a Man, Sandglass) new campus drama What’s Up, which just cast Big Bang’s Daesung, has added a notable new face to its cast in newcomer Im Joo-eun, who made a splash earlier this summer as the lead of horror series Hon.

Writer Song confirmed Im Joo-eun’s casting on December 8, explaining that they held auditions beginning in the fall. Word had begun to spread about Im Joo-eun as a strong actress, and Song said, “As she read, the directors and I exclaimed in awe, ‘Ohhhhh.’” In addition, Im is said to have a good singing voice, which works well with the drama’s backdrop at a university’s musical department.

Furthermore, rising talent Im Joo-hwan (who had his breakout last year in Tamra the Island) is now a frontrunner to lead the drama (though yet unconfirmed). What’s Up is looking more and more interest


Song Ji-nah casts Daesung in What’s Up

January 6th, 2010 // javabeans


’m a little surprised at this news, and not because Big Bang member Daesung has been cast in premier writer Song Ji-nah’s upcoming drama series. Rather, I’m a little taken aback at the subject matter — the drama is called What’s Up and is set in the musical department of a university — because writer Song is best known for her serious dramas on epic scales. Stuff with ambition and heft, like Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn, Legend, and most recently the dark thriller Story of a Man. A campus drama called What’s Up isn’t even on the same scale with the rest, in terms of scope, although that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just unexpected.

Song confirmed the news on December 6, praising Daesung by saying, “He sings well, has a good personality, and is adorable. The other cast members are also incredibly cute.” She stated that the drama is about half cast so far, and it looks like they will probably find the rest through an open audition.

What’s Up had borne the earlier title Zero Plus and is a sort of sequel to her 1999-2000 drama KAIST, which starred Chae Rim and was set at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology. Daesung’s role is of a student in the musical department. The drama is aiming to air in the first half of the year.

credits javabeans


Daesung and castmates for What’s Up Photo Shoot

for full article go here: allkpop

What's Up Promo shoot (credits to allkpop & taijizero2)



Mnet Wide Entertainment News feat 'What's Up' Cast (credits allkpop & vvvvanilla)


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ohhh!!! sayroo!!! thank you so much for making the thread. I've been looking for this thread!!!

anyways I was soo pumped up when I found out my favourite model Lee Hyuksoo is going to be in it! AWESOME!

and looking forward to Daesung's acting too. and must I not forget to look forward to Im Joo-hwan! This guy is just oh so promising. I first saw him in the movie Doremifasolatido and wow, I knew he could act!


auugh It's still in August? wow such a looong wait. I thought it would be sometime in first half of the year. oh well I`ll just bookmark the thread for now. ^_^

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Guest hanakokoro

thanks for starting the thread!!!! Will check on it....!

Can;t wait for this drama to start....my favourite subject matter and two of my favourite people!:)

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Guest charis89

Yipee! Thanks for starting the thread! I'm going to stay regular here. MBC is broadcasting the drama? August~~ STILL so long!! If I'm not wrong, that was the month when Tamra Island debuted too. :D


Daesung seems so cocky from the poster. I hope he's not playing some snobbish character. Hehehe. Im Ju Hwan just looks perfect, so dreamy. ^_^

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I can't wait for this drama. Even though the screenwriter is a big name but i don't really like some of her works, i'm a bit worried about this but it seems like What's Up is gonna be a youthful drama. Plus, Im Joo Eun from Hon, i've been paying attention to this girl since that drama, she have the screen presence and the X-factor, i hope she makes it big through this drama. I love the photos for the poster, she's like a doll in that photo and i love her clothing.

Hmm.. i'm wondering what kind of tone will this drama be in?

MBC dramas don't fare too well lately, i just hope this will bring in good ratings and i hope it worth the hype^^

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^Ohhh darn,,, Im Joo Hwan's a cuuutie patoootie in those screencaps.

and look, my Hyuksoo is in his own little corner. lol

Yipee! Thanks for starting the thread! I'm going to


Daesung seems so cocky from the poster. I hope he's not playing some snobbish character. Hehehe. Im Ju Hwan just looks perfect, so dreamy. ^_^

hahha I know. Is Daesung like the lead cast in the drama? if he is, then my guess Im Joo Hwan is like the 2nd guy here....

Hmm.. i'm wondering what kind of tone will this drama be in?

MBC dramas don't fare too well lately, i just hope this will bring in good ratings and i hope it worth the hype^^

I smell a musical drama just by reading tidbits of information. hah. I guess it's the new You're Beautiful sort of like? lol.

Anyways I have not heard of the screenwriter, haven't seen any of her works but I wish the success of the drama. Like you said, MBC dramas are doing not so great lately (actually even entertainment shows the last time I checked :unsure:)... I hope What's Up can revive MBC. ^^

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Guest Da_song

What's up?:News update.

Whats Up completes first round of auditions.

The first round of open auditions have been completed for writer Song Ji-nahs anticipated new campus drama Whats Up, and a list of the lucky applicants who passed to the next round has been revealed online on the audition webpage. The production still has a ways to go because there were 200 hopefuls who survived the first round; that number was pared down from an overwhelming number of overall aspirants more than 10,000 showed up and participated.

The drama takes place in the musical department of a university and will begin filming in March. The main cast has already been selected; see initial group photos below.


Audition's schedule.


The second round start now. 50 hopeful will be survive for 2nd round.

Cr:dramabeans.com & me2day[what'sup]

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Guest charis89

hahha I know. Is Daesung like the lead cast in the drama? if he is, then my guess Im Joo Hwan is like the 2nd guy here....

my guess too, but i don't really care if Im Joo Hwan is 2nd guy or not. XD I'm so glad he is in another drama after his last one. And having him and Daesung (both my favourite) together on a drama is enough to make me crack ^^ honestly can't wait for this drama to come!

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Guest erorgirl

What's up Update: 3rd round audition is finished [20 hopeful survived for 3nd round] final round will be survive for last 6 hopeful who will be appear in What's up .and they will starting to film on beginning of March.


Cr:me2day what's up

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Guest nisssr3

At the auditions for campus drama What’s Up


What’s Up — the upcoming campus drama set in a university musical department — has finished its open auditions with 10 new discoveries. These fresh faces will join the main cast, which features Im Joo-hwan (Tamra the Island), Im Joo-eun (Hon), Big Bang’s Daesung, Jeon Hye-jin (Smile), and model Lee Hyuk-soo.

The auditions for this drama have garnered a lot of interest for several reasons. For one, it’s one of a few university-set dramas in recent years, and as such it offers more opportunities than normal for newcomers to get small roles as supporting cast members or even as extras. Furthermore, this is a quasi-sequel to the 1999 campus series KAIST, which was the launching pad for many of this generation’s famous faces, including Chae Rim, Ji Sung, Lee Eun-joo, Lee Na-young, and Kim Min-jung. In addition, Song Ji-nah is one of the top writers of the industry with a number of top dramas to her name, such as Sandglass (also Story of a Man, Legend).

Hence the first round of the audition process attracted more than 10,000 hopefuls. Producers had originally planned to cast six out of the open auditions, but ended with ten. They range in age from 21 through 28.

Writer Song has had an active say in the casting from the start, and said, “Those who made it to the final round are all outstanding. The final decision wasn’t based on who did better or worse, but who fit the drama’s roles best.” She added that she would write every one of the 24 finalists into the scripts for Episodes 1 and 2, so they would at least appear once.




As 10 Asia describes the scene:

This is the scene of auditions for drama What’s Up by writer Song Ji-nah, set in a university musical department. Ten minutes before results are announced, the staff members walk with hurried steps. They ask their colleague to make a script so as to “not give hurt, and not disappoint,” and with concerned expressions the producers finally convey the news with unexpectedly shaking voices.

“Today we were going to pick 20 candidates, but we picked three more.” Even before the hall starts to fill with happiness and agitation, a larger hope bites its tail. “And if you don’t make the cut today, please don’t be too disappointed. Even if you aren’t right for our drama, you were friends we’d like to work with again another time.” A few auditionees with confidence in their singing start to smile in satisfaction, but alarmingly, another subtle explanation is tacked on: “Ah, but that doesn’t mean to keep waiting for a call, either.” At this extra consideration, stiffened shoulders eventually relax, and soft laughter fills the waiting area.

They are not weak of heart, and neither are the directors who are judging. Whether the applicant performs a song or a dance, there are disappointed reactions; at pleas of “Can I sing one more song?,” okay signs are freely given. There are constant renditions from the male applicants of Jekyll & Hyde’s “This Is the Moment” and Harmonium in My Memory’s love theme, just as there are multiple performances from the women of Kim Yang’s monologue from Radio Star and “Congratulations on the Wedding” from Singin’ in the Rain, but that’s not something you can change midway through. The assistant director even reads script lines with disappointed applicants who beg to be allowed to read. As a result, the auditions drag on and on for six hours, and when they are finished it seems even the assistant director’s acting skills have vastly improved.

However, no matter how generously chances are given to these applicants, they cannot all be judged at the same level. After a secret meeting, applicants are selected from this third round of three-day auditions to pass through to Round 4. And the final winners will take on roles with some importance alongside Im Joo-hwan, Daesung, Im Joo-eun, Jeon Hye-jin, Lee Hyuk-soo, and Jo Jung-seok. Let’s try foreseeing the future to see which new faces will ultimately join this dance-, song-, and youth-filled drama. The faces you look on today may become the stars of tomorrow.








cr: javabeans@dramabeans

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