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[Variety] Hello Baby Season 2 - 샤이니의 Hello Baby


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[KBSjoy] SHINee becomes young dads!

KBSjoy SHINee's Hello Baby



Name of program: 샤이니의 Hello Baby (SHINee's Hello Baby)

Station: KBS Joy (cable)

Broadcast Time: Every Tuesday Night @ 12:00AM KST (Technically Wed @ 12AM)

Summary: This is season 2 of KBSjoy Hello Baby. Season 1 had SNSD, but now SHINee becomes young dads and takes care of a baby. The baby is Jung Yoo Geun, who is 4 years old.



100120 Episode 1

Download: MF: 001 002 003 004 005 | SS 001 002 003 | MU


All episodes are hardsubbed & credits go to SHINee Forums International. Visit www.shineee.net for more subbed video downloads and SHINee goodies.

100120 Episode 1

DL: DL EP1 subbed @ SFI


Watch subbed episodes @ SHINee Subs YT Channel

EP 1 Playlist

Credits: KBSjoy + shineee.net

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Guest heaven's chaos

Thanks for posting this information!

I'm anticipating watching S2

hope I'll be able to find English subs for the 1st episode ^.^

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Guest kurooha

That was such an episode full of cuteness~~!!!

The kid is just too cute and the boys are just too funny!

Although I can understand Jonghyun and Onew (but I wonder how Jonghyun ended being near the kid while Onew tried to get far away from him xDD)

I can't wait for the next episode!

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