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Anime/Manga/Manhwa recommendations thread


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Guest babossagaji

can anyone recommend me a good yaoi/shounen ai anime? Some other than Loveless, Gravitation, and Gakuen Heaven. Thanks, i been into them lately.. -__- Also, some nice shoujo as well, there seem to be a shortage of the good ones <_<

There are a bunch of really good one at strawberryvanilla.net forums but you’ll have to register.

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Guest yumi-chan


* Blood+

* Naruto

* Wolf's Rain


* PGE (Perfect Girl Evolution or Wallflower)

* The devil does exist (Akuma de Souro)

* Koukou Debut

* Beauty is the Beast

* Chocolat (actually a Manhwa, but very nice to read)

* NANA (it's a very touching story about friendship)

* Death Note

* Hana Kimi

* B.O.D.Y

* Beauty Pop

* Cherry Juice

* Sold Out!

* Devil May Cry (hahaha, Dante in black&white form!!!)

* Fairies Landing

* Vampire Knight

* Parfait Tic

* Ichigo Channel

* Fruits Basket

* Ouran host club (funny!)

Actually I have a lot more manga reccomendations, but I cannot remember them all. :mellow:


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Guest lilbabie168

tokyopop (manga)

kare kano


peach girl

peach girl: change of heart

girl got game

neck and neck

paradise kiss

viz (manga)


Ultra Maniac

Hot Gimmick

Boys Over Flowers



Happy Hustle High


Kare First Love

Crimson Hero

Full Moon

Socrates In Love (Manga)

Tokyo Boys & Girls

cmx (manga)





prince of tennis

peach girl

paradise kiss

kare kano

most of them are kind of romance

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Guest jin-chan


Kare Kano

Happy Hustle High

both really cute and funny at times, and Kare Kano has a reallyyy deep story too.

I like manga better than anime, anime sometimes doesn't give a full ending or whole story or just stretches on wayyy too long. >.<

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Guest kimchi

Can anyone suggest a good action anime (that still has at least hints of romance)?

something similar to Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, or Samurai Champloo..


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Guest **ThatGirlPhuong

Aw I need someone to help me too with anime recommendations too.

I'm currently watching Ouran High School Host Club. This anime is so weird... in a good way I guess.

I've already finished watching Fruits Basket and Prince of Tennis.

So I'd like to find some anime that are similar to those above ^^

Something that's realistic in a manner... like no ghosts, demons, monsters, blahblahblah please or shojos

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Guest goodvibrations


Bara no Tameni

Beniiro Hero

Bokura ga Ita

Candy Life

Cat Street



Hana Yori Dango

I'm With Her

Kagen no Tsuki

Kare First Love

Lovely Complex

Mekakushi no Kuni

NHK ni Youkoso

Nousatsu Rock Shounen

Parfait Tic



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Guest VioletSauce

I'd recommend:

Mars (My all Time Favorite. It's basically bad boy meets shy good girl)

Snow Drop (Like Rome & Juliet)

Red River (Hard to describe. Basically girl gets sucked back in time. Falls for the prince and tries to save his country before she leaves to go back home?!?!)

Sensual Phrase (Imagine dating your favorite musician and then having to deal with people trying to break you up all the time)

Nana (Needs no introduction just read it!)

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Guest bijon

Recommended Anime:


One Piece

Recommended Manhwa:


Hot Blooded Woman

Recommended Manga:

Nina, Time Limit ---> i really love this manga, so funny....

here's some pict from Nina, Time limit


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Guest babyySOUL


-ayashi no ceres


-aishiteruze baby

-prince of tennis

and that's all i can think of for now... ^^;;

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Guest .moony.

Really really good mangas that I'd recommend:

Hana Yori Dango - fun, light story, keep u entertained thruout the series

Monster - intense, very intense story...will keep u readin till the end

Death Note - ....the ending is bad, but the story starts great

Glass Mask - most romantic love story u'd see in a manga, this is all u'd dream of in a guy...lol

Dragon ball...

I've read a lot so just ask bout the genre ur interested in and i can give u sm recommendations xD

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Guest lido-dork


I reccomend these:


Bring it on

Moon Boy


The law of Ueki

Eerie Queerie

Buso Renkin

Absolute Boyfriend

Midori Days

Meru Puri



Baby & Me

Sakura Taisen... and many more!

I suggest you check them all out if you haven't yet!! I only read and buy good manga after all. ;)

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