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Anime/Manga/Manhwa recommendations thread

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EVENT: Quick Poll: Animate your life!   Chingus, a new Quick Poll is up. This time the questions focus on anime. Please vote! The poll is only open for 48 hours.     Your E

Not sure if anyone posted this already, but highly recommend Akatsuki no Yona. Not many people know of it, but it's an amazing shojo. And not manga or manhwa, but if anyone's interested in dark h

I did a brief search and found no one talks about My Hero Academia in this thread. The story has decent and logical progression as to how the main lead and his classmates grow to become a true "hero".

Guest Eddokun

I am undergoing some bleach withdrawal right now and is in need of some good anime to watch. I forced myself not to watch bleach for half a year, so that I can pull a marathon for it. Finally, I caught up with the latest eps (on eps 150); thus, I am probably going to wait and pull another marathon. So in the meantime, I need some recommendations to distract me from it. Here are what I like in an anime: at least 20+ eps, the main character is strong not those wimpy weak boy (and if he is hot, that is a bonus), a little subtle romance is nice (not too cheesey though), some action, adventure, and comedy is a plus, character development would be nice. (I also like detective type of anime)

Some anime I have seen and liked:

Shonen: Bleach, Death Note, Code Geass, Gintama, Detective Conan, Detective Academy Q, Ayatsuri Sakon, Darker than Black, Kaze no Stigma, Escaflowne, GetBackers, Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Prince of Tennis

Shoujo: Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi yuugi, Ghost Hunt, Fruit Basket, His and Her Circumstances, School Rumble, Nodame Cantibile, and Legend of Basara

Thanks in advance!

I know someone said this already but Definately


its awesome ^-^ youd have to watch it for yourself and find out and also

Full Metal Alchemist!

also awesome O_O!

those are about the only two series that i don't really have a character i hate and all the characters are unique and truely lovable? i don't think thats the right word for it but i think you will like it hopefully xP

I mega recommend on TOP of the HIGHly recommend Just 1 ManHWA, and one ANIME!!

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword (REAAALLYYY not known for some reason T_T)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(OMGOMGOMG MOST EPIC ANIME EVER, first like...7 episodes are just OK, but after a certain HUUUGE plot event, it gets amazing from there.

If you could only see one anime in your life. This would be it. Amazing story. Amazing Animation. Amazing Sound. Amazing...lol

chronicles of the cursed sword im reading it and i like it but its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO confusing... unless you reread and keep up with all the characters and what not you are going to get so lost >< hahaha but i like it fighting and all xD

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Guest raspberylotion22

are there any really good horror mangas?

i'm usually not a manga reader, but i stumbled upon a horror series by Junji Ito and it's got me hooked...

it's actually pretty scary, not just some silly comedy-horror genre.

so yea, any good recommendations? i'm a noob to manga so i'm not really looking for ones with 500+ volumes, just something simple and scary ^^


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Guest -randomness-

I just finished Tokyo Crazy Paradise and I really recommend it.

Here's the synopsis from onemanga.com:

Set in a futuristic Japan where crime has elevated and apathy prevails, Tsukasa is brought up as a boy in order to protect her from the crime-ridden Japan.

When the murder of Tsukasa's parents leaves her and her brothers homeless, she finds herself turning to the same people responsible for the deaths of her parents - the yakuza and fellow classmate/Yakuzi head, Ryuji. From their very first meeting, Tsukasa finds herself in debt to Ryuji, and the only way to pay it off is to become his bodyguard. Yet, the incurring debt seems to greatly increase, regardless of how much Tsukasa works. Perhaps Ryuji has other reasons for keeping her by his side?

Personal opinion: It's a really enjoyable manga with action, comedy and romance. It's not completely full of romance, but more of action in my opinion. It offers A LOT of comical relief in those tense scenes, but the comedy is just hilarious. Tsukasa is so lovable and strong as well.


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Guest yukumushio

EDDOKUN! You're another reader of it? I rarely find any people who know of it T_T

What part do you find confusing? Are you on the latest volume? (volume 18 I think)

URGH waiting for the next volume to come out huuurts

Is Genshiken anime or Manga better?

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Guest Eddokun

^ ya i thought it was interesting so i started reading it and thought it was good ^-^ its just i gotta reread it to completely understand i think its more because i took a long break from reading manga and went back to read i might have forgotten some of the characters and what happened ><... but hasnt it been at 18 FOREVER? i swear last time i read that was WAYYYYYYY long time ago haha

genshiken anime and manga are almost identical xP

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can someone recommend me an anime with an old english setting?

something like in romeo x juliet...

><...i need it for this project T_T pretty urgent

any anime is fine ^^

thanks in advance

I would say Rose of Versailles


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Guest k a r e n

First Time posting here :]

Anyways, can anyone recommend me a manga similar to Fruits Basket and MARS?

Those two are my favourite mangas so yeah....

I'm just looking for mangas that are emotional (?).

Could somebody recommend me a good anime that's somewhat similar to AIR?

You can try SOLA and what Eddokun suggested as well. :]

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Guest toxic-apple

Can someone please recommend me something for manga that similar to Absolute Boyfriend/ paradise kiss?

I have already read Mars, Boys over flowers, hot gimmick and Fruitbasket!!

and similar to D Gray man/ Bleach/ Claymore for anime!! Adult like fighting not little kid fighting.

I have already watch blackcat, Devil May Cry.


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Guest j3n1f3r

Can someone please recommend me something for manga that similar to Absolute Boyfriend/ paradise kiss?

I have already read Mars, Boys over flowers, hot gimmick and Fruitbasket!!

and similar to D Gray man/ Bleach/ Claymore for anime!! Adult like fighting not little kid fighting.

I have already watch blackcat, Devil May Cry.


I think



theres one more but I forgot the name

cuz the name is really long.....

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Guest stoked!

can anyone recommend me something worth-while to read?. but as for now, i`d like to read something similar to the bride of the water god though. or maybe something with vampires in it just like vampire knight. or maybe something along the genre of romance, mystery, action. LOL. and with good art too. thank you.

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- It started my whole otaku marathon. Haha! Blood+ is a great anime with a promising plot and bloody scenes that feeds the psycho inside you. Its got just the right amount of romance, action and drama that would keep you on your seat 'til the very last episode. Sadly, I couldn't do that since it has 50 episodes and all. Anyway, moving on to the story..

Saya is a seemingly normal girl who lives a happy life with her friends and family. Later, she finds out that she's more than just the ordinary.

Lovely Complex

- I still haven't finished this but I'm lovin' it. Their expressions are absolutely priceless and adorable when something happens. Very funny and light-hearted anime with quite an odd couple. A girl whose taller than the usual female and a boy whose smaller then the usual male.. lol..

Ouran High School Host Club

- This was an unexpectedly good one. I tried watching it a year ago and gave up after the first episode. The whole concept seemed to be too .. too much for me. I mean.. the hell.. when someone mentions a host club, I could only think of .... *shivers* Lol! So I tried watching it again and got hooked .. totally.. Tamaki's overly dramatic lines and princely attitude was so adorkable and silly that you couldn't help but love him.. and there are even more guys in the host club that's totally lovable.. Kyouya, the intelligent and cool guy.. Honey, the totally cute, adorable and huggable senpai with deadly fighting skills.. Mori, the quite yet wild type.. or the twins.. the little devil types that totally feeds your yaoi fantasies...

Which do you fancy?


666 Satan

- If you're a fan of Naruto or Dragonball, you'd definitely love this. Its quite a nice read..

Anyway, its about the O-Parts and the leads' search for it. O-Parts are things that emit great power and only special people could use it.. I won't go into detail with this since I haven't continued reading it in a long time .. but yeah, check it out..

Skip Beat

- Kyoko, once was a pure and loving girl who was all-smiles and love. She gave up everything for her boyfriend, Shou, and went to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. One day, she finds out about the cruel truth and plots a revenge plan that Shou would totally regret.

I wouldn't give much of the plot away. This manga was pretty nice. It reminds me of the animes back in the 90's.. I just don't know why.. I guess its because of their fashion.. The mangaka told that he/she is not that updated with fashion so I guess that's it.. Lol.. but the way she draws the scenes is nostalgic of the old animes.. Anyway, this manga is super super recommended.. Lmao.. I totally love Kyoko and her evil aura.. Hahaha.. her face when it gets dark is just hilarious.. haha especially when she dressed up as a chicken XDDD oh god.. lool

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Guest x SaRaNg HaE x


Aishiteruze Baby

Bokura ga Ita

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu*

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Fushigi Yuugi*

I Love My Little Sister

I"S Pure

Kare Kano

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

Lovely Complex*

Midori no Hibi

Onegai Twins

Ouran High School Host Club*

Peach Girl*


Death Note*

Great Teacher Onizuka

Elfen Lied*

Full Metal Alchemist*

Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

The Prince of Tennis

[*Starred ones I really recommend.]

I'm more into shoujos. I love romance stories too much. lol

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i'm requesting a "good" serious anime...i'm sorry that's so vague. I haven't seen anything really since Death Note (i still have to finish it). I don't even know what's new out there. hm.. I like something a little dark, a little psychological but not too weird (like lain). Themes about society is good...

like FMA (ok that's not that dark but it's not bad), Noir, witch hunter robin

I'm watching darker than black right now. Not bad.

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Guest i'kogimaruCHA

WARNING: i spill spoilers (even though i hate them) unconciously. i'm sorry :tears: i was about to highlight the entire thing as a spoiler, but uh.... that would look pretty ugly.

i discovered eyeshield 21. yummm..... hiruma is a heart breaker >O<

yep. read the manga (: it has more impact than the anime with all those hiruma scenesssssss... kyaaaa<3 and the football seems more sexy in the manga than in the anime.

ANYWAY. besides all that hiruma-stalker-talk, it's so passionate *0* the chapters are packed and addicting but not so addicting that you can't have a pee-pee break. but that's all the time it allows off your seat <_< it has everything i love about mangas: the characters are always active and it's not so cliche like prince of tennis where (spoiler:

all of the characters pop up all of a sudden to echizen's aid

). and it's REALISTIC and a SLAP IN THE FACE. and even though we know that 'oh yeah, they will eventually go to the christmas bowl and win, yadda yadda'--there's so much tensiona and climax that for a minute you forget about it all. and there's no crazy whirlpool dance and it's pretty realistic if you count the lightspeed as being perttty real D: ! a slow person like me can't really comprehend it--BUT OH WELL.

and there are enough of a variety of characters for you to fall in love with, and the main character is cowardly enough but also human enough for you to relate to

i like sarang it a lot.

i dunno. only u-no (;


ohhh, and i recommend the manga for ruroni kenshin. =DD i watched the anime when i was young on tv, so i remember how the american voices made me crack up. but the manga isn't so... slappyish.. in fact, it's MACHO ;D there are so many elements in it that you're never bored, and it's not just he dies, she dies, oh look--a new crazy technique but it's so deeeepppp. and the artwork is INNCREDIBLE. O_O better than shoujo manga art. and (another commentary) it deserves my praise to be one of the most best shounen mangas in the world. but that's my saying and i say that i didn't really mix well with death note. not that i couldn't stand the tension, but it got me annoyed. :crazy: i kept forgetting which chapter i was on

and people say that at the end the mangaka lost his guts and didn't have the ba-lls to create a deep, exhausting, incredibly sad ending--but i say that the mangaka left enough evidence beforehand that he planned it all out, so i'm okay with it. not to mention, everything before it was incredibly deep and horribly sad T_T (and exciting--don't forget exciting =O)



I like something a little dark, a little psychological

--how about liar game? (i forgot whether it's THE liar game.. or just liar game...)

there's only a few chapters out (at least when i last read it, which wasn't very long ago.. i think...) and the art didn't really fit me, but it's... physchological. T_T? it's about a girl... and a guy..... and... a game...

sorry for not being too enthusiastic, but i think you'll like it (:

i usually stick to comedies ;D the last thing i watched that made me cry was lovely complex.

..... @_< O_O =O >;? yeppp.


(wow. i have so much to say =DDDD)

fairytail!! it's a shounen manga >3< -end-. i didn't read it in a long time due to my eyeshield 21 (niijoo ichi!) phase/craze, but i remember liking it a lot. it reminded me of one piece a lot... so maybe one piece fans will enjoy it 9:

oh, does anyone have any shounen mangas to recommend to me? sports are okay. no wait. scratch that. sports are perrfecttt. =DD or anything you basically enjoyed reading?

nothing cardcapter please. TT_TT i've had enough of shoujo to last for a lifetime @__@ (unless it's really good :D like.. skip beat or... or... fruits basket... or.....................................................)


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