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[drama 2006] Queen Of The Game 게임의 여왕

Guest xosandy

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Guest atreyu112

OMG!!! my favourite hunk's drama is started already?? i tot it will be shown in Dec.. Oh shoot!! darn.. now i have to download this one too.. sooo many good drama to close the year 2006.. i haven't got time to download what's up fox...

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They just released the music video for this drama...

There are many scenes from future episodes that we haven't seen yet.

You can watch it here.

The soundtrack is out too...

Track list...

1 널 원해 적우 (Red Rain)

2 독한 사랑 브라운 아이드 걸스 (Brown Eyed Girls)

3 못할 짓 박기영

4 혼자 한 이별 BMK

5 Alone 제이엠 (JM)


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Guest cococrust

not sure. in order of preference, i usually go for yycaf, then tsks and then hjrx. tsks will probably release this drama quicker than krtv, so if you always want to watch this drama at the soonest possible time, then tsks will be the one.

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Guest monoceros

Yes, I also go by your order too, YYcaf > TSKS > HJRX.

I didn't know that TSKS is gonna sub this, thus I'm downloading Krtv's.

Guess I'll have to compare b/w the two. :)

well.. i dont thin it makes a difference unless they drop lines and stuff.. But if they do, tell us ^_^;

I usually prefer tsxz just cuz i dont think they've made any mistakes before on their subs.

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Guest Cuervo Gold

the pictures look interesting.. but please, can anyone give a synopsis of the series? the summary on the first page is quite short. hoping for some more details... if possible

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He's he on a revenge path, it seems like it, i think that was him as a kid they showed in epi one, he witness something about his dad and her dad.

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Guest shazvaz15

aww why looking forward to this...

its shot in my hometown NZ woo whooo!! what such beautiful scenery we'll see LOLOL!!

can't wait to watch it


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Is this a weekend drama(Sat/Sun)? And when will ep. 2 be aired?

yes.. this is a weekend ( sat/ sun) drama and episode 2 was aired yesterday. So far, 2 episodes are out.

On another note.. if anyone can help with the subbing progress of this drama.. please pm mily2 asap :)

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do u guys kno what was the ratings for the first 2 episodes?


11.5% (national)

11.9% (seoul)


10.9% (national)

11.0% (seoul)

credits: TNS

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