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[Drama 2010] Still, Marry Me / The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여ì

Guest purpleZ

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why can't i view the subs on Ep 12-14?? I downloaded both the episodes 12-14 from am-addition.com and palikero/viikii's subs to match but i still dont see the subs? please someone help me from going crazy, the wait was long enough but now i can't even watch it with subs! sorry for any annoyance or bother, i'm just too addicted to this drama and to our MJ and SY couple :wub:

Hi! :)

All I can think of is:

1. Are the subs and video files with the same names? All the letters and words before the final dot (xxxxx.avi for example) must be the same or your player won't read the subs together with the video file.

2. Are the sub files in the same folder as the videofiles? If not, your player won't read them.

3. Can your player read the type of files that palikero produces? Some video players only read certain types of subtitle files. Check what types of sub files are supported by your player.

4. Some players have a default option no to show subtitles even if they are available. Check if your player is like that and fix it.

5. Files sometimes get corrupted during the download. You might want to download again and try with the new files.

I hope I helped. :)

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A BOF reunion in Still with Gook Ji Yun


Remember Ginger from Boys Over Flowers? One of the annoying 3 girls who always picked on Jan Di? Well I didn’t remember which one of the three she was until I looked her up.

It looks like she will make a special appearance on “The Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married”.

She will be playing Se Na, Ha Min Jae (Kim Bum)’s hoobae (junior). She will make an appearance on the 10th.

Se Na is the lead vocalist in the girl group Orange Road with a bright personality and sophisticated style. She will stir up jealousy in Ha Min Jae’s lover, Lee Shin Young (Park Jin hee).

It’s a coincidence that she was F4’s junior in Boys Over Flowers, and then Kim Bum’s junior in this drama.

(Via Newsen)

credit: Bumsso

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Guest purpleZ

A BOF reunion in Still with Gook Ji Yun

Yah, I remember her. She's that annoying brat in BOF.

Sharing some pics from supposedly the last scenes.




Source: DC

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Guest purpleZ

Thanks Luv! I can see you wrote a spoiler. I don't want to read it yet! Don't tell me...! MJ-SY looked sad...

I ask you guys out of respect, if you have watched it, please do not write spoilers openly. Please choose font color white for instance. Thank you!

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Guest upamak

we were all waiting for episode 15, seeing that there will be some jealousy moments, but looking at the ep 15 pictures...it might be depressing...the jealousy looks like it went too far... i am scared errrrr!!

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Guest purpleZ

we were all waiting for episode 15, seeing that there will be some jealousy moments, but looking at the ep 15 pictures...it might be depressing...the jealousy looks like it went too far... i am scared errrrr!!

I know, I'm very scared to find out what it's about that I really don't want to read any spoilers before watching it myself! My heart already broke when I saw tears in MJ-SY's eyes.

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Ep 15 (spoiler):

Looks like they are playing the time-FF card afterall. VERY SAD :( - Min Jae looked so totally devastated. A

nd what a melancholic deja-vu irony of the hallway this time (and all those many other romantic hallway moments MJ-SY share. This last hallway one totally reminded me of their beautiful sarang hae moment, except this time instead of promising new confirmation to a budding romance .... it was a heartbreaking parting with SY. with her, also walking away..

That was a totally bonus fan-girl moment when they showed MJ biking on his black bike - I really hate bikers dangerously and irresponsibly weaving in and out of traffic, btw (even if it looks so darn cool). But perhaps we have been too convinced by their magical chemistry so far - they had to (wisely) insert this scene to show the more youthful side of Min Jae ... a MJ who hasn't sowed all his wild oats yet.

But it all makes a lot of rational sense.

A 3 year seperation that can go either way - highly possible it's a natural flow kinda of ending we will be getting .... a Dalja's Spring type ending. Since SY does not want any commitment or promises to tie anyone down.

by then, SY will only be 37 (totally in time for a baby at 38-39, if she ever wants one - hard to tell with work focused SY) and Min Jae would have had 3 years to grow, explore his own life, see other girls etc, and make up his mind what/who he really wants. at least also SM won't be worrying he hasn't experienced life yet. the time-gap will also allow any development or wounds re: SW-SM relationship to heal so SY + MJ won't feel burdened with guilt in their relationship shadow

Aunt Marne, SM in many ways is so calm and dignified. I love the way she gracefully handled SW and her own breakup - with a lot of quiet dignity.

And who wouldn't want a sweet thoughtful son like Min Jae? Despite all his misgivings about SW ---- he goes to confront SW when he hears about his mom's decision. WHOA!

And I loved how he actually calmed down after SY left, chewed over and digested what SY said ... and went back home to reconcile with SM. to me, that quiet scene alone shows a lot of mature promise for the future in the SY-MJ relationship.

This ep highlights the grass always looking greener on the other side. I actually enjoyed Da Jung's segment today. DJ's situation illustrates the fact:

~ Singles who wistfully wish for a potential soulmate think it's all good once they get hitched ...

~ Married or attached folk who when arriving there .... realise that the attachment they so craved can sometimes be more hyped up than it really is. Or that being free and single (without obligatory responsibilities and expectations) might sometimes be a way better, and less mundane option to living life.

~ And that happiness ... really lies in feeling/seeking it yourself. NOT in expecting someone or a relationship to magically elevate you there.

Despite today's sad note ... I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

Hopefully it is NOT the last one - if they stretch it out for 2 eppies more, I for one ain't complaining. B)

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Guest dreamgazer1985

AGH! Why are there no discussions/recaps/partial translations yet?!? Are you all emo b/c the end is near? :P

EDIT: oh just saw jusash's post. Thank you! You save the day yet again.


This is just from me watching it raw so I had no idea what's going on in the dialogue.

I have to say Min Jae severely dissappoints me in this one. In a way, he finally acts his age?...I kinda have this nagging feeling building up since 13, seeing the newer sides to him. So far we've only seen the cool persistence MJ who pursue SY but now that he got her, it's like where do they go from there?

Also, where the he.ll did he get the motorbike from? Yeah, I know it's a typical K-drama element that the guy has to do the dramatic zig--zagging thru the streets of Korea b/c he's cool like that, but seriously once again, where the heck did he get it from? I'm so dissappointed in the writing/directing of this ep. It's like they're finally using all the typical K-drama things that the show has been so good at avoiding so far.

And what the heck happen to MJ's character? We were led to believe that female attention is nothing new to him and 1 of the charming points of his character has been b/c he doesn't care about that and just intent on his one woman. But in this ep., he's behaving exactly how a guy behave when there's a fawning female. To be fair, I have no idea the exchanges b/t him and the new girl or the group and the power of peer pressure is strong. Still, I thought he was above all that b/c despite his age, he's older and wiser in character and thoughts and thus worthy of SY. Now, I'm just like " ugh!" at him.

Finally that scene when SY got back to an empty apt. and she imagines all these different scenarios was heart breaking. I wanted to cry for her and punch MJ (even tho he probably has some legit reason to be late like work but still...)

I was so excited/nervous for this ep. but now after watching it, I don't even want to finish the drama if this is how the directing/writing of it gonna go. I'm gonna go back to my j-drama! hmph! :angry:

Edit: To add onto what jusash said, SM was great in this episode. I love that moment when she put the food into SY's fridge and just by that gesture, accept them for what they are.

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