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[Drama 2010] Still, Marry Me / The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여ì

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Source: The Korea Times 01-19-2010 17:25

New Romantic Drama Aiming to Top Period Piece

By Han Sang-hee

Staff Reporter


A poster for the upcoming drama "Still Marry Me.'' The MBC television series features three independent women who are looking for true love. It starts airing tonight at 9:55 p.m. / Courtesy of MBC

The upcoming drama "Still Marry Me'' on MBC is gearing up for a fierce competition against "Slave Hunters'' (KBS), which holds the top position in ratings for the Wednesday and Thursday drama slot.

"Still Marry Me'' is the sequel to the popular drama "Marry Me'' that aired six years ago. Created by Kim Min-sik, the producer of the hit drama "My Wife is a Superwoman'' last year, the drama is aiming to recreate the stylish and confident women from the American television series "Sex and the City'' in Seoul.

The period drama "Slave Hunters,'' on the other hand, has captivated fans with not only its catchy storyline of the charismatic slaves and hunters, but also the chiseled and handsome characters. Marking 30 percent in ratings after airing only four episodes, the series starring Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho will be hard to beat.

Yet, "Still Marry Me'' is targeting young, determined females who are in need of a trendy drama they can connect with.

"There are so many successful and professional women in our workplace, but these 20 to 30 somethings don't have the chance to love. This drama is particularly for them,'' Park Jin-hee, who will appear as broadcast reporter Lee Sin-young, said during a press conference last week.

The series features three independent women _ Lee, interpreter Jeong Da-jeong played by actress Uhm Ji-won and restaurant consultant Kim Bu-gi portrayed by Wang Bit-na _ and their quest for true love.

Lee breaks up with her boyfriend of 10 years, and meets a troubled musician, Ha Min-jae, played by Kim Bum, the former F4 member from "Boys Over Flowers.'' While Lee and Ha start pushing and pulling on each other's emotions, Jeong gets married to the almost perfect husband, Na Ban-seok, but realizes that tying the knot does not mean finding true love. Na will be played by "My Wife is a Superwoman'' co-star Choi Cheol-ho. Meanwhile, Kim is done with love and focuses on her career, but when she finds a baby on her doorstep, she struggles to cope with the nostalgia of her glory days.

"We are having so much fun shooting the show and I hope the viewers will get to feel our excitement. (The drama) is filled with humor and the problems of everyday women,'' said Uhm, who is returning to the small screen after seven years.

Having three independent and distinctive female characters may work as a burden for the show's male actors, but Kim Bum equally expressed his excitement of being on the show.

"My character from 'Boys Over Flowers' enjoyed being in love; he was romantic and smooth. But Ha is someone who doesn't show his feelings. He's open to possibilities yet mysterious when it comes to revealing his emotions.''

The story may be fictional, but meeting the love of your life is not easy even for the glamorous actresses.

"Of course, I wonder why it's so hard to date!" the currently single Park said. "My first answer would be because we pursue the life of an actress, which makes it hard to meet people. The biggest problem for us is that our chances of meeting new people are very restricted. The second reason would be the stereotypes. People think actresses are snobby and difficult, and this is an obstacle.'' She added that she was afraid to date when she was younger.

"I sympathize with the lines. I find myself in tears just saying them.

"One of the lines that I remember the most was 'useless expectations bring hope and with hope you easily get hurt. If he is not the one for me, take my yearning heart away with him.' I just broke into tears.''

Despite the ongoing speculation regarding the two dramas, viewers will get to enjoy the overall competition as the two are drastically different: One masculine and rough, the other trendy and romantic.

"My knees shook when I saw the ratings for 'Slave Hunters.' If slave hunters hunt for slaves, I guess that leaves us with no choice. We will be hunting for slave hunters this year,'' the producer Kim said.

"Still Marry Me'' starts airing tonight at 9:55 p.m. on MBC.


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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: MBC Global Media [Korean | English]

Still, Marry Me


Starring Park Jin-hui, Um Ji-won, Whang Bin-na, Lee Pil-mo, Kim Beom

Director Kim Min-sik

Writer Kim In-yeong

Episode 16 Eps


She has returned!

Lee Shin-young couldn't wait to get married when she was 32. But she's still single at the age of 36!

She hasn't found a soul mate yet nor has she found success in her career. Her unforgiving personality is worse than ever.

Now she's about to learn some hard lessons about life at the age of 36!


1_1.jpgLee Shin-young (age: 36) actress Park Jin-hee (A woman who can't wait to get married)

She's a media journalist. She's single and doesn't have a boyfriend but she keeps a positive outlook on life. As a senior journalist, she's on the top of the list of people to be fired in the next round of layoffs and so she's under a lot of pressure at work. She was on the verge of marrying her last boyfriend but that relationship abruptly ended. She later meets a cute doctor but things fall apart before she can even go out on a date with him. Just when she thinks that her marriage prospects are over, she meets a young guy who is 12 years her junior. They promptly fall passionately in love.

1_2.jpgJung Da-jung (age: 36) actress Uhm Ji-won (A woman looking for the perfect man)

She's an interpreter. She's got it all beauty and intelligence. She is seeking a handsome guy with a high-paying job. Her goal is to get married within a year and she's looking around for a handsome, tall guy who has a salary in the six figures. She finds a doctor who fits the bill and they get married. But things don't turn out the way she expects them to.

1_3.jpgKim Bu-gi (age: 36) actress Wang Bit-na (An attractive single woman who's past her prime)

Her occupation is a restaurant consultant. She provides consulting services to trendy restaurants that target female patrons. She broke off her engagement with her fiancé whom she dated for 10 years and because of that, people think she's a mean chick. So she decides to use the money she saved up for her wedding dowry to finance her overseas studies at a Swiss hotel management school. After she gets her degree, she becomes a highly-sought restaurant consultant. Then one day, a baby is abandoned at her doorsteps...

1_4.jpgYoon Sang-woo (age: 36) actor Lee Pil-mo (last romanticist)

He's a junior airline pilot and Shin-young former fiancé. As a romantic guy with a charming personality, he also enjoys sports. Although he still loves Shin-young, she's currently dating a guy who is 12 years her junior. He tries to rekindle his relationship with Shin-young to no avail. Then one day, he meets his female landlord who is married and 8 years his senior and they have a torrid affair. She also turns out to be the mother of Shin-young's current boyfriend.

5.jpgHa Min-jae (age: 24) actor Kim Beom (Homme fatale)

He's a talented musician who is enrolled at an elite university where he is a business major. He's a typical bad boy. He also gives dating tips to Ban-seok. When Ban-seok is spurned by Shin-young after using the dating tactics taught to him Min-jae, Min-jae takes things into his own hands and bets that he can make her his girlfriend. After wooing Shin-young with his smooth skills, he gradually develops intense feelings for her and confesses his love.

1_6.jpg나반석(36세) 최철호

“난 진정한 인생의 짝을 찾는데 여자들은 자꾸 내 연봉만 봅니다. 여자는 딱 두 부류, 속물이거나 안 이쁘거나 ” 반듯하고 정석적인 청정남. 한국 최고 한방병원에 근무하는 얼짱 한의사. 외모, 학벌, 능력 출중한 일등 신랑감이나 너무 반듯하고 순수해 연애에 서툴다. 한의대 시절 방학 때 마다 의료봉사를 가는 걸 싫어하던 여자친구와 크게 다투고 헤어진 후 제대로 된 연애를 해보지 못했다. 여자들은 너무 내숭이고 속물근성이 있다고 생각한다. 자신과 영혼이 통하는 여자면 연상이건 이혼녀건 상관없다고 생각하는 열린 마음의 소유자. 문제아 민재를 바로 잡고 인생의 멘토로 불리고 있다는 데 큰 자부심을 느끼며 누군가에게 도움이 되고 싶어 하는 좋은 한의사. 이신영과 소개팅을 하고 기대했으나 연락 없는 그녀에게 상처를 받고 잠시 힘들어하다 미모의 동시통역사에게 반해 청혼을 하게 되는데..... 나중에 그녀가 신영의 친구임을 알고 어색해 한다. 오랜 세월 간직하고 있던 결혼에 대한 꿈과 이상 (온 가족이 함께 가는 주말여행, 결혼 후 1년은 부모님 모시고 살기, 아내와 어머니 함께 요리학원 보내기 등등....) 을 실천하려 하면서 파혼 위기를 맞게 되는데....

Copyright© Since 2005, MBC & iMBC All Rights Reserved.

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thank you, cute girl, for the torrents. you're a lifesaver.

I'm interested in watching this drama, not because of any particular actor (since i don't know most of them in here), but because it's, hopefully, something light. and the need for a woman to get married before a certain age is so cliched, that I want to see how the drama handles this topic. I'm hoping for something fresh and new. I'll even settle for something not so melodramatic (currently watching Will it Snow?, so getting my full dose of that in that drama :D ).

I probably won't get to see the first subtitles come out. well, happy watching to all of us.

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