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100113 Junsu spotted at Starbucks

Guest mina12

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after or before Mozart Rehearsal



credit : znzltm11

shared by : dOgStAr




credits: as tagged



credit: as tagged+xiahbaidu

shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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Guest Jung Bae Eun

you could see his duck butt when he was looking what to buy..lol

i miss him....

he doesn't look happy...

he looks stressed...

i just miss the five of them....

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Guest SleepiiDreamer

lol just because he doesn't smile, people say he looks stressed xD

he looks mildly tired. lol, but yeah, i know what you mean. lol

hey junsu, looking good thurrr ;D

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duckbuttt! hahaha how cute, that's liek the first thing i noticed in that picture rofl XDD but aww, why does he looks so stress and like not happy): gosh i want five boys back pleaseee):

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