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[Movie 2010] Camellia 카멜리아

Guest Bradamante

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Guest Bradamante

Sol Kyung-gu, Kim Min Joon, Kang Dong-won, Song Hye-kyo




Movie: Camellia

Hangul: 카멜리아

Producer: Pran TADAVEERAWAT, LEE Hyangcheol

/ Shion YANG, RYU Sucheol / LEE Seungjin

Screenwrite: Wisit SASANATIENG, Michel SHAOWANASAI /

YUKISADA Isao, ITO Chihiro / JANG Joonhwan

Cinematography: Naruphol CHOKANAPITAK /

FUKUMATO Jun / HONG Kyung-pyo

Art Director: GONG Yuntaek /KIM Jun /JANG Geunyeong

Editor: KIM Seonmin

Music: BANG Junseok / / LEE Seonghyeon

Production Company: BALCON

Executive Producer: Dong-ho Kim

Sales Agent: Sidus FNH

Release Date: "World Premiere": October 15, 2010 (Pusan International Film Festival)

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

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Iron lion king

아이언 푸시


Wisit Sasanatieng


Kim Min Joon

Michael Shaowanasai


Based in Korea during the 1970s, the first segment, titled Iron lion king will be directed by Thailand's Wisit Sasanatieng and star Korean actor Kim Min-jun and Thai-American actor Michael Shaowanasai. Shawananasai will play the role of a male secret agent from Thailand in disguise of a woman who later falls in love with an unidentifiable Korean man, played by Kim.




Yukisada Isao


Sol Kyung-gu

Yuriko Yositaka

Jo Dong Hyuk

Hong Su Hyeon


Korean actor Sul Kyung-gu and Japan's Yositaka Yuriko will appear in the second segment set in modern day Korea. A film director and a young woman who fall into a love that transcends time and space in the pic named Kamome by Japanese director Yukisada Isao.

Love for Sale

러브 포 세일


Jang Joon-hwan


Kang Dong-won

Song Hye-kyo

Park Seong-Taek


The final episode, set in the near future, will be helmed by Korean director Jang Joon-hwan. In the film titled Love for Sale Song and Gang will play lovers who forget their memories about each other which later leads them to a fatal destiny.

Film Festivals

*2010 (15th) Pusan International Film Festival - October 7-15 *World Premiere

*2010 (23rd) Tokyo International Film Festival - October 23-31 - Film Panorama of Middle Asia-East

*2010 (12th) Cinemanila International Film Festival - December 1-5

*2011 (4th) Off Plus Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema - April 8-17, 2011 - Busan IFF Presents: New Asian Cinema

*2011 (13th) Taipei Film Festival - June 24 - July 16, 2011 - Panorama: Voices from Asia


Released 2012-03-30



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Guest Bradamante

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?sec=e...011213063911684

Song Hye-kyo, Gang Dong-won to star in Asian omnibus pic

Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

기사입력2010.01.12 15:15최종수정2010.01.12 15:15


Several of South Korea's top actors including actress Song Hye-kyo and actor Gang Dong-won have been cast in a multinational omnibus film by directors from Korea, Japan and Thailand, according to the film's production company on Tuesday.

BAL CON announced in a statement that the film, tentatively titled "Busan Project," will be composed of three episodes each set in the past, present and future of the city of Busan in Korea.

Based in Korea during the 1970s, the first segment, titled "Iron lion king," will be directed by Thailand's Wisit Sasanatieng and star Korean actor Kim Min-jun and Thai-American actor Michael Shaowanasai. Shawananasai will play the role of a male secret agent from Thailand in disguise of a woman who later falls in love with an unidentifiable Korean man, played by Kim.

Korean actor Sul Kyung-gu and Japan's Yositaka Yuriko will appear in the second segment set in modern day Korea. A film director and a young woman who fall into a love that transcends time and space in the pic named "Kamome" by Japanese director Yukisada Isao.

The final episode, set in the near future, will be helmed by Korean director Jang Joon-hwan. In the film titled "Love for Sale," Song and Gang will play lovers who forget their memories about each other which later leads them to a fatal destiny.

Filming for the episodes will take place for about a month starting mid-January starting with "Love for Sale." Creators of the film plan to submit the pic to the Cannes film festival this year.

Kim has been a popular actor in Korea since his debut in 2003. He has appeared in several TV series and films including his most recent drama "Friend, Our Legend" alongside Hallyu star Hyun Bin.

Sul is a critically-acclaimed actor who has numerous awards under his belt including the title for best actor at the Grand Bell Awards, Golden Needle Space Awards and Bratislava International Film Festival. He made headlines last year after marrying top Korean actress Song Yuna.

Actress Song shot to fame in hit KBS TV series "Autumn Fairy Tale" co-starring Hallyu stars Won Bin and Song Seung-hun, gaining increasing popularity throughout Asia with her roles in several successful TV shows thereafter including "All In" opposite Lee Byung-hun and "Full House" alongside Asian pop sensation Rain.

Gang has been considered one of Korea's top heartthrobs since his appearance in film "Romance of their Own" in 2004. He most recently starred in "WOOCHI" which has been faring well on the currently Hollywood-dominated domestic box office. The film set a record for attracting the most number of viewers on its opening day and has maintained its position at No.2 after "Avatar" since its release in late December.


Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Thanks a lot, kdramafanusa for these old articles. :)

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/conten...9ea34a62a0892f4

Directing trio unites for 'Busan Project'

Project expected to debut in May 2010

By Patrick Frater

October 9, 2009, 02:56 PM ET

A trio of Asia's top directors will flaunt their love for the city of Busan with their upcoming three-part "Busan Project."

Korean studio Sidus FNH will unveil on Saturday details of the three-hander involving Japan's Isao Yukisada, Thailand's Wisit Sasanatieng and "Save the Green Planet" director Joon-hwan Jang from Korea.

Sidus is selling international rights to the pic which will be produced by local outfit Balcon and taps into funding from the Pusan festival and the Sidus FNH-Benex Cinema Fund 1. Festival head Kim Dong-ho serves as executive producer.

Each of the directors will tell a love story in their own unique way. Sasanatieng ("Tears of the Black Tiger") will pair up a drag-queen secret agent with a terrorist. Yukisada ("Crying Out Love In the Center of the World") will match a cinematographer with an eligible bachelorette, while Jang's segment aims to hit the bull's eye with a former archery athlete who now wants to play Cupid.

Production is scheduled to start before the end of the year and be completed in time for a festival debut next May.

"It's been a long-time dream for me to show the world the beauty of Pusan through the eyes of such talented artists as Yukisada, Wisit, and Jang," Balcon's president and producer Oh Seok-geun said. "We are very excited that we can finally make our dream come true."

Other movies previously set in the city include the recent disaster pic "Haeundae," K.T. Kwak's coming of ager "Friend" and stylish crime flick "Bloody Tie."

Source: http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/culturespo...0002400315.HTML

Korea, Japan, Thailand to create omnibus film based on Busan

2009/10/10 13:49 KST

By Shin Hae-in

BUSAN, South Korea, Oct. 10 (Yonhap) -- Top filmmakers from South Korea, Japan and Thailand will create an omnibus film based on the South Korean port city of Busan, hoping to present it to next year's Cannes film fest, producers said Saturday.

The 1.5 billion won (US$1.3 million)-project will be produced by Kim Dong-ho, executive chairman of South Korea's Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), and joined by Korean director Jang Jun-hwan, Japan's Isao Yukisada and Thailand's Wisit Sasanatieng.


The project was announced during the ongoing Pusan film festival, one of Asia's most influential film fests, titled using the old Romanization of Busan city's name. The event runs through Oct. 16, featuring 355 films from 70 countries as the largest of the annual event to date.

Source: http://www.screendaily.com/news/production...5006631.article

PIFF lines up Asian auteurs for omnibus project

11 October, 2009 | By Jean Noh

The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) has announced the production of an omnibus film about people falling in love in the city of Busan, to be executive produced by festival head Kim Dong-ho.

Korea’s Jang Joon-hwan (Save The Green Planet!), Thailand’s Wisit Sasanatieng (Tears Of The Black Tiger) and Japan’s Isao Yukisada (Crying Out Love In The Center Of The World) will each direct a short film segment for the omnibus Busan Project (working title).

Korean production company and distributor Sidus FNH has picked up worldwide rights to the film, with a first-look option for local distribution.

Busan Project will be produced by BALCON, a Busan-based production and distribution company founded and financed by PIFF in 2007.

Sidus FNH-BENEX Cinema Fund I and Busan City will each be investing a third of the total budget of $1.28m (KW1.5bn), and are looking to make up the third tranche from overseas investors.

BALCON president Oh Seok-geun said: “There have been city-based omnibus films before like New York and Paris Je T’aime, but this is the first time in Korea for an omnibus with international directors making shorts set in a certain city. Busan itself is very interested in becoming a cinema hub and this should also highlight the beauty of the city.”

Yukisada Isao, whose 2001 film Go! previously screened in PIFF said: “I feel like Busan is a second hometown to me. It was here that I learned about filmmaking beyond borders and started dreaming of making films like that. This project should be a realisation of that, and I am honoured to be part of it.”

Yukisada’s short will revolved around a cinematographer and an eligible bachelorette; Jang’s around a former archery athlete who feels compelled to play Cupid, and Wisit’s will be a karaoke musical featuring a Thai agent sent to kill someone in Busan, but who ends up falling in love.

The films will be shot this winter, aiming for a premiere in Cannes or Venice. The casts and crews will be pan-Asian, with post-production to be done at the recently opened AZWorks facilities in Busan.

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Kang Dong Won-SHK Meet as Lovers...'Busan Project' Casting


As confirmed on January 12th, actors Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo are set to star in Busan Project (tentative title).

Busan Project is an omnibus film centered around the city of Busan and is headed by Korean director Jang Joon Hwan of Save the Green Planet, director Yukisada Isao of Crying out Love in the Center of the World, and director Wisit Sasanatieng of Tears of the Black Tiger.

Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo are starring in director Jang Joon Hwang's Love For Sale. Love for Sale is a project about two lovers who are drawn together by lost memories set in the near future of Busan. Shooting will begin later this month in Busan.

In addition, Kim Min Joon has been cast in Thai director Isit Sasanatieng's Iron lion king, while Seol Gyeong Gu has been cast in Japanese director Yukisada Isao's fantasy mellowdrama production, Kamome.


Thanks Helena

Source: Screen

Sidus to launch sales for Busan omnibus at Berlin

12 January, 2010 | By Jean Noh

Korea-based Sidus FNH will launch sales for the Pusan International Film Festival’s omnibus Busan Project (working title) at next month’s European Film Market in Berlin.

It has also been revealed that Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Dong-won and Song Hye-kyo (pictured) will star in the project, which was revealed at the festival last October. Festival chief Kim Dong-ho is executive producing.

Thailand’s Wisit Sasanatieng, Japan’s Isao Yukisada and Korea’s Jang Joon-hwan will each direct a short about people falling in love in Busan.

Sasanatieng’s Iron lion king will follow a 1970s transvestite spy and will star Kim Min Jun and Michael Shaowanasai; while Yukisada’s fantasy melodrama Kamome will star Sol and Yomini cooperaka Yuriko. Jang’s Love For Sale will feature Kang and Song as a couple in a society where love is industrialized.

Jang starts shooting on January 15, with all production to be completed by the end of February.

The Busan Project is aiming for a premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

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This is a google trans report , please bear with me

< news general idea >

Pusan Film Festival In addition to presentations, explore, recommend a good addition to announced the start of the film into film production

In 2009 the morning of October 10, in the new era of cultural centers organized by the film "Busan Plan" (tentative) in the press conference announcing the implementation of this festival chairman Kim Dong-ho announced that the film "Busan Plan" will create their own Pusan Film Festival Balcon of Film Distribution Company as a production,

He himself served as chief planner from sidus responsible for overseas promotion. At the same time said that the festival will be produced a year or more of the Ministry of HD Omnibus film.

As the program's first selection of works by Japanese director Isao Yukisada Thailand, Vaisey - Sha Zana Appeal, South Korea's Jun-hwan.

Yukisada Isao director's "Sunflowers" in 2000 Pusan International Film Festival, won the critics League Award, he also directed "Go", "standing in the center of the world calls love" and other excellent works.

Busan, said the director Isao Yukisada is his second home is his benefactor, entrusted with the task of directing the "Busan Plan," he was deeply honored to think that pressure.

Thai director Vaisey - Sha Zana tribunal works include "Black Tears of a lion", "Citizen Dog", has just released in Korea the film "Karma" is also from the director's hands.

South Korean director Zhang Jun-hwan's "Save the Earth" is shocked by the 2003 South Korean film festival industry, this is the most worth looking forward to the director.

The budget of each and every director is 5 billion won in December plans to start shooting in March to conclude all of the shooting (old plan), Kim Dong-ho said, "This three circles can be said to ensure that today's movie box office, ensuring the quality of work an amount not to number of outstanding directors, believe that this works whether in Cannes or Venice will get good word of mouth, while creating a good box office. "

The three directors of different styles to create what kind of miracle? Zhang Huan said that because he is the most finished into the program director, he is also very curious about the contents of the script.

Yukisada Isao referred to as "the other two directors excel at producing" fantastic "films, the opposite this time I want to make the classic love story", this film festival of works on display at two lines set Isao plan time to head for Busan election scene for the film.

Balcon, Wu representatives said "local film production companies can invest in producing large-scale works by targeting the Asian market, its significance, but also to Busan into" film and television production city "a good opportunity."

@tinazhu7 via Baidu

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Guest Bradamante

Camellia is the definitive title of the movie. :)

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100114n03819

강동원 '부산 프로젝트'→'카멜리아' 제목확정

스타뉴스 원문 기사전송 2010-01-14 08:51

[머니투데이 스타뉴스 김현록 기자]


설경구, 강동원, 송혜교, 김민준 등이 참여하는 아시아 3개국 옴니버스 장편 프로젝트 '부산 프로젝트'가 '카멜리아'(camellia)로 제목을 확정했다.

14일 제작사 측에 따르면 부산을 배경으로 펼쳐지는 사랑에 대한 스토리가 담길 '부산 프로젝트'(가제)의 제목이 '카멜리아'로 최종 결정됐다.

카 멜리아는 동백의 영문표기로, 동백꽃은 시공간을 초월한 영원한 사랑, 굳은 약속의 기다림의 꽃말을 갖고 있다. 뿐만 아니라 부산의 시화(市花)이자 시목(市木)으로 동백섬, 동백꽃, 동백숲 등 부산을 상징하는 말로도 널리 알려져 있다.

'카멜리아 '는 위싯 사사나티엥 감독의 '아이언 푸쉬(Iron lion king)', 유키사다 이사오 감독이 연출하는 판타지 멜로 '카모메(kamome)', '지구를 지켜라'의 장준환 감독의 차기작으로 화제를 모은 작품 '러브 포 세일(love for sale)' 등 3편의 단편으로 이뤄진 옴니버스 영화다.


Google Translation

Kang Dong Busan Project '→' Camellia 'title confirmed

Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Dong-won, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Min-joon and three Asian countries to participate full-length omnibus project, 'New York project,' the 'Camellia' (camellia) was confirmed as a title.

According to Publisher 14 days against the backdrop of Busan spread the love story about damgil Busan Project '(working title) of the title' Camellia 'has the final decision.

Melia car in the U.S. notation camellia, Camellia of eternal love beyond time and space, has a firm commitment of gidarimui flowers. As well as the Pusan Sihwa (市花) and simok (市 木) the Dongbaek Island, camellias, a symbol of Busan dongbaeksup such words are also known.

'Camellia' wisit sasanatieng the Director of the 'push-iron (Iron lion king)', 245 Yuki buy a fantasy melodrama directed by directing 'Yurikamome (kamome)', 'Save Earth' directed by Jang Jun-hwan's next book collection of the works the subject ' Love bubble sale (love for sale) 'as short as 3 Room yirwojin Omnibus cinema.

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^hi bradamante, thanks for the news :)

yeay, they've confirmed the title... i like it, so nice.... "camellia" :wub:


more news confirmation :)

google trans :D


Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Dong-won, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Min-joon starring film titled "Camellia (camellia)"

[Today Korea = jeonhyuseong News] Busan, spread the love in the background filled with stories about Thailand, Japan, Korea, Asian countries to join three full-length omnibus project, a global sensibility and Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Dong-won, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Min-joon starring Busan Project ( gauze), finally the title 'Camellia (camellia)' scored as confirmed.

'Camellia (camellia)' a 'Camellia' is written in English, 'Camellia' the 'eternal love transcending time and space', 'Waiting for a firm commitment, and the flowers are known to pose.

1970 Iron Man dressed as a background push (syawanasayi [Michael Shaowanasai] min) is a spy and an unidentified man (June, am) of the space-time cross-unconventional love story 'iron lion king (push-irons), the current Background Pusan film are cinematographer (Sol Kyung-gu min), the mystery woman (Yuriko Yomini cooperaka [Yositaka yuriko]) falling in love with fantasy melodrama 'kamome (Yurikamome), geunmirae industrialization of love memories of lost love Kang Dong-looking , fatal love story starring Song Hye Kyo 'love for sale (Love Po sale), is meant to embrace a blanket.

Additionally, the camellia, Camellia is a means to 'Dongbaek Island', 'Camellia', 'dongbaeksup' as a symbol of Busan, the word is popularly known as 'Camellia' and 'Camellia' an official in Busan Sihwa (市花) and simok (市木) is also.

Already Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Dong-won, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Min-joon's top stars, etc., as well as Korea, Japan, Thailand, the luxury of learning to cast a big impact on domestic savings, Camellia (camellia) 'Busan in the past, present and future, to penetrate Story of Love, January 15 directed by Jang Jun-hwan of South Korea 'love for sale (Love Po sale) of keuraengkeuin started to plunge into full-fledged shooting.

전휴성 기자 Jeonhyuseong News huei@todaykorea.co.kr huei@todaykorea.co.kr


[= Park Jung Min, Max Movie News] Thailand, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries to join three global projects omnibus feature "Busan Project (working title)," a movie title "Camellia" scored as confirmed.

Movie "Camellia" wisit sasanatieng of Thailand and Japan's Yuki buy a 245, three-member Asia, including South Korea's Jang Jun-hwan three countries met representatives showcasing their work as directors, include actor Sol Kyung-gu South Korea, Kang Dong-won, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Min-joon and film appearances is.

"Camellia" the 'Camellia' written in English, and the camellias 'eternal love transcending time and space' and 'Waiting for a firm commitment such as' flowers are said to pose.

Additionally, the camellia, Camellia is a means to 'Dongbaek Island', 'Camellia', 'dongbaeksup' as a symbol of Busan, is widely recognized as a word. ' 'Camellia' and 'Camellia' an official in Busan Sihwa (市花) and simok (市木) is also.

The backdrop of the 1970s, a man dressed as a spy Iron Push (syawanasayi) and an unidentified man (Kim Min-joon), the space-time cross-unconventional love story "Iron Push", the current director of the Pusan film against the backdrop of (Sol Kyung-gu) 2 mystery woman (Yuriko Yomini cooperaka), falling in love with fantasy melodrama "Kamome", in the background near future to find the memories of lost love Kang Dong-won, Song Hye-kyo starred love story of the fatal "bubble sale Love" is also meant embracing blanket.

Camellia" is January 15 directed by Jang Jun-hwan of South Korea "Love Four Sale" beginning of a full-fledged recording keuraengkeuin goes on.

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Guest cintakyo

waaah new title know is 'CAMELIA' :rolleyes::wub: sounds like really romance movie

can wait... i read know all cast first shoot right??? waah so kyo know in KOREA

waaah fighting onnie B):) :)

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Guest Bradamante

Wisit Sasanatieng

วิศิษฏ์ ศาสนเที่ยง


Wisit Sasanatieng (Thai วิศิษฏ์ ศาสนเที่ยง, born June 28, 1963 in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai film director and screenwriter of Chinese descent. Best known for his colourful debut feature film, Tears of the Black Tiger, he is among a "New Wave" of Thai directors that include Nonzee Nimibutr, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.


Early career

Wisit studied at the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silpakorn University, where he was a classmate of Nonzee Nimibutr and set designer Ek Lemchuen.

He started out as an art director at the Film Factory, where he worked with Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. Among television commercials directed by Wisit was a colorful commercial for Wrangler Jeans that featured Black Tiger star Chartchai Ngamsuan. Wisit continues to work at Film Factory, making commercials (particularly for the MK Restaurants hot pot chain in Thailand) in order to supplement his income in between making feature films. He also is a cartoonist and illustrator.

Wisit entered the film industry as a screenwriter for two of Nonzee's films, 1997's Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters, set in 1950s Thailand, and the ghost thriller, Nang Nak in 1999. Critically, and at the box office, the films were successes and marked the beginning of a "new wave" movement in the Thai film industry.

Tears of the Black Tiger


Wisit's feature-film debut was in 2000 with the colorfully audacious Tears of the Black Tiger, a genre-blending western. With a romantic melodrama at its core, the story involves outlaws, gunfights, horseback riding, comedic bits and big explosions. The film was an homage to an earlier era of Thai film - the contemplative 1950s dramas of pioneering director Rattana Pestonji as well as the "bomb-the-mountains, burn-the-huts" action films of the 1960s that starred Mitr Chaibancha. One of the leading men from the 1960s and 1970s Thai action-film era, Sombat Metanee, lent his talents to Tears of the Black Tiger, portraying the outlaw leader, Fai.

Tears of the Black Tiger was the first Thai film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was in 2001's Un Certain Regard program. At the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2000, it won the Dragons & Tigers Award for best new director. Other awards include best art direction at the Gijón International Film Festival in 2001 and a jury prize at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. It was also screened at the 2006 Bangkok International Film Festival as part of a tribute to Sombat Metanee.

US distribution rights for the film were purchased by Miramax Films, which changed the ending and then shelved it indefinitely. In 2006, Magnolia Pictures acquired the US rights to the original version of the film, and gave it a limited theatrical run in US theaters in 2007 before releasing it on DVD.

Citizen Dog



Wisit Sasanatieng works with a teddy bear on the set of his 2004 film, Citizen Dog.

Wisit's next project, 2004's Citizen Dog, was a contemporary romantic comedy set in Bankgok that proved to be even more colourful than Tears of the Black Tiger. Based on a novel written by Koynuch (Siripan Techajindawong), Wisit's long-time collaborative partner and wife, and narrated by compatriot filmmaker Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, Citizen Dog tells the tale of two rural Thai people who come to Bangkok to find work and fall in love. Critics have compared it to Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amelie.

Distribution rights outside Asia were purchased by Luc Besson's EuropaCorp, and it played at several film festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. The film screened commercially in France in 2006.

The Unseeable

In 2006, while he was working to develop some future projects, Wisit directed a low-budget Thai horror film for Five Star Production called The Unseeable (Thai: เปนชู้กับผี).

The Unseeable marked a change for Wisit, who was restrained by budgetary concerns from the stylizations of his first two films. Additionally, The Unseeable was the first film that he directed but did not write, with the screenplay by Kongkiat Khomsiri, one of the "Ronin Team" credited with directing the hit Thai horror thriller, Art of the Devil 2.

While the color palette was considerably muted, compared to Tears of the Black Tiger and Citizen Dog, Wisit was still able to leave his nostalgic imprint on The Unseeable by making it an homage to films of the 1930s and the stars of that era, including Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Thai pop culture influences came from illustrator Hem Vejakorn, who wrote a series of 10-satang graphic novel ghost stories in the 1930s and '40s. The reference was so striking that the Barom Khru Foundation, which claims to supervise Hem's works, issued a statement warning Five Star Production to not violate the copyright of Hem's work. However, Wisit said the film was not an adaptation of any of Hem's works but was generally inspired by Hem's style., which completed shooting in August 2006 and was released on November 2, 2006.

In addition to a release in Thailand, The Unseeable also had wide theatrical releases in Malaysia and Singapore, and screened a several film festivals, including the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film, 2007 Bangkok International Film Festival (ASEAN competition) and the Cinemanila International Film Festival.

Also in 2006, Pen-Ek became the third recipient of the Silpathorn Award for Filmmaking, an honor given to contemporary Thai artists by the Ministry of Culture's Office of Contemporary Art and Culture.

Norasinghavatar, Red Eagle

In 2007, Wisit participated in the Short Films Project in Commemoration of the Celebration on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday Anniversary, in which nine short films were made in honor of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Other directors participating the project included fellow Silpathorn Award winners Pen-Ek Ratanaruang and Apichatpong Weerasethakul and veteran filmmaker Bhandit Rittakol.

Wisit contributed Norasinghavatar, which featured his trademark colorful and highly-stylized imagery, with a blend of khon masked dance and Thai two-handed swordplay. Though the film appears to be 3D animation, it is actually live action, but completely stylized with super-saturated colors in post-production.

Wisit was given a budget of 400,000 baht (about US$10,000), but his project's cost ballooned to 3 million, due to the special effects and post-production costs. "It's a bad habit – I can't control the money," he said in an interview.

Also in 2007, at the American Film Market, it was announced that Wisit's next project for Five Star Production would be Red Eagle, a reboot of a 1960s Thai film series that starred Mitr Chaibancha as a masked superhero crimefighter. The film series ended in tragedy when Mitr was killed in 1970 during the making of Golden Eagle. The new film was reportedly to begin production in March 2008 and would star Ananda Everingham in the title role.

Projects in development

In 2005, when Luc Besson's EuropaCorp picked up Citizen Dog for distribution, the company also agreed to co-produce with Five Star Production a long-gestating project by Wisit called Nam Prix, which takes its name after red chilies used in Thai cooking. A historical fantasy about Thai pirates, the project began in 1998 as a one-page brief, but was shelved due to financial difficulties.

While Citizen Dog was told in the contemporary style of filmmaking, and Tears of the Black Tiger portrayed an old Thai film style, Wisit has said he will endeavor to go back even further with Nam Prix, capturing the tradition of Thai temple painting and bring it to life.

"It will be an antique Thai legend, with very traditional Thai pictures like the old wall painting. But we will animate them," he was quoted as saying on ThaiCinema.org. "We will make them move. It is not an epic, but a folklore in order to tell our roots, our culture."

As of 2007, pre-production work had been completed on Nam Prix, with Five Star Production awaiting Besson's EuropaCorp to provide its 50% of the budget needed to get filming under way.

In March 2006 another project was announced for Wisit: a Chinese-language martial arts film called Armful, which is a revenge tale about a man who loses his arm. A gifted illustrator and comic-book artist, Wisit produced conceptual poster art for the film, which he said would be influenced by Hong Kong action cinema of the 1960s and 1970s, particularly the One-Armed Swordsman films and Master of the Flying Guillotine featuring Jimmy Wang Yu as a one-armed fighter. Armful was initially announced by Singapore-based One Ton Cinema, which received a further pledge of backing from Hong Kong actor Andy Lau's Focus Films.

Regarding Armful, Wisit issued the following statement:

“ This will be the first time ever I’ll be directing a film from abroad. The film is in a language that I don’t speak so I am nervous but curious at the same time. However, there are a couple of things that engaged me about Armful. Firstly, the script presents, potentially, a new genre of martial arts and action – one that I think I’ve never seen before. It will allow me to create something new, very new! Armful also has elements and themes that will let me pay homage to classic wuxia films from the seventies era – which are amongst my all time favorites. Lastly and most importantly, it’s because of what the producer said to me: 'This is not a Thai, Chinese or Singaporean film. It is a Southeast Asian film. One that will show, collectively, who we are to the world.' ”

However, as of 2007, the project was on indefinite hold, awaiting more funding.


2000 – Dragons and Tigers Award, Vancouver International Film Festival, Tears of the Black Tiger.

2006 – Critics Prize, Deauville Asian Film Festival, Citizen Dog

2006 – Silver Prize for Most Groundbreaking Film, Bronze Prize for Best Asian Film, Fantasia Festival, Citizen Dog.

2006 – Silpathorn Award for Filmmaking, Office of Contemporary Arts and Culture, Thailand Ministry of Culture.


Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters (2499 Antapan Krong Muang) (1997) (screenwriter)

Nang Nak (1999) (screenwriter)

Tears of the Black Tiger (Fah Talai Jone) (2000)

Citizen Dog (Mah Nakhon) (2004)

The Unseeable (2006)

Norasinghavatar (Short Films Project in Commemoration of the Celebration on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday Anniversary, 2007)

Sawasdee Bangkok (2009)

Camellia (2010)

Source: wikipedia.org | AsianMediaWiki | imdb.com

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Guest Bradamante

Michael Shaowanasai

ไมเคิล เชาวนาศัย



Michael Shaowanasai in one of his performance art works.

Michael Shaowanasai, (Thai: ไมเคิล เชาวนาศัย, born in 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), is a Thai-American artist and actor who lives in Bangkok. His works includes performance art, photography, video, film and installations.

He graduated from School of Law at Chulalongkorn University in 1985, earned a bachelor's of fine arts degree at San Francisco Art Institute in 1994 and a master's of fine arts from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. He is a founding member of Project 304, a Bangkok-based contemporary art group.

His solo shows include MS@OAS, a photography installation at Open Art Space in Bangkok; Thailand, as well as shows at the Fujikawa Gallery in Osaka, Japan, the 4A gallery in Sydney, Australia and Ottawa Art Gallery, Canada.

Among his more provocative works are Welcome to My Land ... Come and Taste the Paradise, an installation and performance by Project 304 in Bangkok and Fresh Young Boys' Semen for Sale, a performance on Patpong in Bangkok.

Among his film and video works is the 2003 feature film, The Adventure of Iron lion king, which he co-directed with Apichatpong Weerasethakul. A spoof of Thai movie musicals and melodramas of the 1960s and '70s (especially those of Petchara Chaowarat, Michael portrayed the title character, a transvestite Thai secret agent whose alter ego is a gay male 7-Eleven clerk. The film was screened at several festivals, including the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, as well as a limited commercial run in a Bangkok cinema and a DVD release in Thailand.

Shaowanasai, who is openly gay, had a featured role in the 2006 romantic-comedy, Metrosexual and portrays a soccer referee in Lucky Loser.

On 2008, Shaowanasai curated the exhibition 'Lifeboat #2551' as part of the Sydney Biennale Projects, in Gallery 4A, also known as the Asia-Australia Arts Centre. The exhibition screened video and film works by artists Wit Pimkanchanapong, Sakarin Krue-on, Tintin Cooper, [Momokomotion], Manit Sriwanichpoom and Michael Shaowanasai.


The Adventures of Iron lion king (2003)

Metrosexual (2006)

Lucky Loser (2006)

Camellia (2010)

Source: wikipedia.org | imdb.com

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Guest Bradamante

Kim Min Joon



Kim Min Joon (Hangul, 김민준) was born on July 24, 1976, in Pusan (South Korea) and he graduated from Dong-A University.

He started his professional career as a fashion model in 1995 and then, he debuted as an actor in the movie "A Man Who Went to Mars" (2003) becoming very popular with the drama "Damo" (2003). Followed over time many important roles in TV series (Into the Storm 2004, Ireland 2004, Lovers in Prague 2005, Someday 2006, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee 2007, In-Soon is Pretty 2007, On Air 2008, Tazza 2008, Friend, Our Legend 2009) and movies (Never To Lose 2005, No Mercy For The Rude 2006, A Love / Sarang 2007).


TV Dramas

Damo MBC 2003

Into the Storm SBS 2004

Ireland MBC 2004

Lovers in Prague SBS 2005

Someday OCN 2006

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee SBS 2007

In-Soon is Pretty KBS2 2007

On Air SBS 2008 (cameo, ep4)

Tazza SBS 2008

Friend, Our Legend MBC 2009

Short Drama

One Fine Day MBC 2005


A Man Who Went to Mars 2003

Never To Lose 2005

No Mercy For the Rude 2006

A Love / Sarang 2007

The Poem of Jeolla 2010

Camellia 2010

SIMDO (The depths) 2010

Music Videos

Kim Hyun Jung - Wild Beauty 2001

Il Jin - Because Of Me 2002

Park Hyo Shin - Standing Right There 2005

SeeYa - Scent Of A Women 2006

SeeYa - Because I Love You 2006

Lyn - We Were in Love (Part 2) 2007


Samsung Card

솔의눈 광고 2002

Dove chocolate 2002

KTF 2002

Mercedes Benz 2002

Giordano 2003

Kenox U-CA3 2003

KTF 2003

KTF 2004

Coax Jeans 2004

French Cafe 2004

Kenox U-CA3 2004

Kenox α5 2004

Mvio S-S Collection 2004

Mvio F-W Collection 2004

Mvio F-W Collection 2005

Mvio S-S Collection 2005

Olzen F-W Collection 2007

Olzen S-S Collection 2008

Hankook Tire 2008

AK Plaza Mall 2010


Korea Fashion Photo Award for Best Model (2001)

MBC Awards - Best New Actor for Damo (2003)

40nd Annual Baeksang Arts Awards - Best New Actor for Damo (2004)

17th Buil Film Awards - Best Supporting Actor for A Love / Sarang (2008)

Source: Kim Min Joon Soompi Thread | AsianMediaWiki | imdb.com

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: JoongAng Daily

Busan Project releases star-studded cast list

'The film was conceived with the hope that it would help Busan develop into a hub of cinema in Asia.'

January 15, 2010

The star-studded cast of the Busan Project, an omnibus film project by three directors from Korea, Japan and Thailand, has been released along with the official name of the film.

The film, which is to be called "Camellia," is being produced by the Pusan International Film Festival, which has become one of the biggest film events in Asia.

While the participating directors were determined when the project was announced, the official title and cast list were up in the air until they were finalized this week.

The cast will include Korean actors Gang Dong-won, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Min-jun and Sul Kyung-gu. They will appear alongside renowned actors from Japan and Thailand, the other two countries represented in the project.

"The name of the film is meaningful because the camellia tree and flower represent the city of Busan," a press release from the Pusan International Film Festival said yesterday.

The project, which has a budget of 1.5 billion won, is the film festival's first production. It drew attention last year when it was first announced that directors Jang Joon-hwan (Korea), Isao Yukisada (Japan) and Wisit Sasanatieng (Thailand) would come together to make the film, which will be shot in the southern port city of Busan. "The Busan Project was conceived with the hope that it would help Busan develop into a hub of cinema in Asia, and we thought that it would be great if notable Asian directors could collaborate to make an omnibus film set in Busan with the common theme of love," PIFF director Kim Dong-ho, who is also the producer of the project, told reporters at the 14th edition of the festival in October.

Gang and Song will star in Korean director Jang's film, "Love for Sale," which tells the story of a couple entwined in a fatal love affair in the midst of a highly industrialized society where even love is put up for sale.

Korean actor Sul Kyung-gu and Japanese actress Yuriko Yomini cooperaka will star in Japanese director Yukisada's film, "Kamome" ("Seagull"), a fantasy-melodrama depicting the love between a movie director and a young lady in present-day Busan.

Korean actor Kim Min-jun and Thai-American actor Michael Shaowanasai will star in the third segment, called "Iron lion king," by Thai director Sasanatieng. The movie, set in Busan in the 1970s, tells the story of a Thai secret agent, a man disguised as a woman, who slips into the seaside city on a mission and falls for a mysterious Korean guy.

Filming will begin today, starting with Jang's film, and producers hope to present the film at the Cannes film festival in May.

By Park Sun-young [spark0320@joongang.co.kr]

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Guest Bradamante

Isao Yukisada

行定 勲


Isao Yukisada (行定 勲, Yukisada Isao?, born August 3, 1968) from Kumamoto, Japan is a Japanese film director. He served as assistant director on Shunji Iwai's Love Letter, April Story, and Swallowtail Butterfly.




Himawari (ひまわり?) (Sunflower) (2000)

A Closing Day (閉じる日) (2000)

Luxurious Bone (贅沢な骨?) (2001)

Go! (2001)

Rock 'n' Roll Missing (2002)

Justice (2002)

Sinking into the Moon (月に沈む?) (2002)

Kanon (TV, 2003)

Seventh Anniversary (2003)

A day on the planet (きょうのできごと?) (2003)

Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World (世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ?) (2004)

Kita no zeronen (2005)

Haru no Yuki (Spring Snow) (2005)

Toku no sora ni kieta (2007)

Closed Note (2007)

Parade (2009)

A Good Husband (2009)

Camellia (2010)

Awards and nominations


2000: FIPRESCI Prize: Himawari

2001: Hochi Film Award: Best Film Go!

2001: Nikkan Sports Film Award: Best Director Go!

2002: Award of the Japanese Academy: Best Director for Go!

2002: Blue Ribbon Award: Best Director for Go!

2002: Kinema Junpo Award: Best Director and Film for Go!

2002: Golden Star: Go!

2002: FIPRESCI Prize: Go!

2002: Festival Prize: Best Director for Go!

Awards Nominated

2005: Award of the Japanese Academy: Best Director for Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World

2006: Award of the Japanese Academy: Best Director for Kita no zeronen

Source: wikipedia.org | AsianMediaWiki | imdb.com

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Guest Bradamante

Sol Kyung-gu



Sol Kyung-gu (born May 1, 1968) is a Grand Bell Award, Golden Space Needle Award, and Bratislava International Film Festival Best Actor winning South Korean actor. He studied film and theater at Hanyang University and upon graduation took part in mostly theatrical productions. After transitioning into film, Sol is best known for his roles in the popular Public Enemy and Silmido.

Films with Lee Chang-dong

He displayed his marvelous acting skills in Palme d'Or nominated and Silver Lion winning director Lee Chang-dong's Peppermint Candy, in which he is a suicidal man devastated by the two-decades of historical change his country undergoes and as a mildly mentally-retarded outcast with sociopathic inclinations in Oasis, two groundbreaking films that are part of the Korean New Wave film movement.


A Petal (1996)

Girls' Night Out (1998)

Phantom (1999)

The Bird That Stops in Air (1999)

Rainbow Trout (1999)

Peppermint Candy (2000)

The Legend of Gingko (2000)

I Wish I Had a Wife (2001)

Public Enemy (2002)

Oasis (2002)

Jail Breakers (2002)

Silmido (2003)

Rikidozan (2004)

Another Public Enemy (2005)

Cruel Winter Blues (2006)

Lost In Love (2006)

Voice Of A Murderer (2007)

Venus and Mars (2007)

Public Enemy Returns (2008)

Haeundae (2009)

A Brand New Life - cameo (2009)

Closer to Heaven - cameo (2009)

Iggi - cameo (2009)

No Mercy (2010)

Camellia (2010)


2000, 2002 : The Best Actor of this year in Blue Dragon Flim Festival.

Source: wikipedia.org | AsianMediaWiki | imdb.com

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