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[Drama 2010] Life is Beautiful 인생은 아름다워

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[sBS] Song ChangEui,Lee SangWoo,Kim HaeSook,Kim SangJoong,Nam SangMi

Date of airing : Saturday & Sunday 21:45 / 20th March'10

Official site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/beautifullife

Eps: 63

Scriptwriter: Kim Soo Hyun

Producer: Jung Eul Young

Cast : Song Chang Eui, Kim Hae Sook, Kim Sang Joong, Jang Mi Hee,Yoon Da Hoon, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Sang Yoon, Yoo Min

Kim Young Chul, Lee Min Woo, Woo Hee Jin, Nam Sang Mi, Lee Sang Woo, Jung Da Bin, Kim Yong Rim

Story : The daily lives of a family living in Jeju Isalnd. Yang Byung Tae's mother is a stubborn and tough family-head who holds the Yang family together despite of going through the heart-break of being betrayed by her husband. Byung Tae who married Kim Min Jae in his second marriage after the death of his first wife, brought in more people into his side of the family. His seemingly prefect elder son, Yang Tae Sub is actually having a love relation with another man which will be threatening to their family relations if he was discovered. His second son, Ho Sub who is their family's trouble-maker, wants to be in tourist submarine business after failing in his studies while his youngest daughter, Cho Rong is after fame after being scouted as the resort model.



01.jpg - Yang Tae Sub (Song Chang Eui)

He is the eldest son of Yang Byung Tae who has an extraordinary good physician skills along with good looks and manners. He takes after his father's soft and friendly nature and have a promising future as a doctor. Since Tae Sub is five days older than Ji Hye, his step-sister of the same age, he naturally became the eldest of the four Yang siblings.

He is actually having a love relation with Kyung Soo (Lee Sang Woo), another man despite of gaining the attraction of a Korean girl, Chae Young (Yoo Min) who was born in Japan.

01.jpg - Bu Yeon Joo (Nam Sang Mi)

She is a Food Research assistant who works under Kim Min Jae. She lives with her grandmother after her mother remarries. Min Jae depends on Yeon Joo for all her schedules even down to the last details and that makes Yeon Joo an apple in her eyes and she trusts Yeon Joo a lot more than her other employees. Yeon Joo looks down on Ho Sub a lot and it makes Ho Sub extremely frustrated about it as he has fallen for her. Yeon Joo is not a person that Ho Sub can easily trifle with due to her tough personality which makes her a winner in everything she does.

01.jpg - Yang Ho Sub (Lee Sang Yoon)

Being the second son of Yang Byung Tae, Ho Sub is not the perfect kind of guy like his brother "Tae Sub".

He works as a scuba diver instructor in Jeju Island and hopes to be the owner of a major tourist submarine business.

Being a notorious playboy, he is constantly flitting with other women although he has already set his eyes and heart on Yeon Joo, the assistant of his mom.

01.jpg - Yang Byung Tae (Kim Young Chul)

The head of the Yang family that's living in Jeju Island along with his two sons, second wife, daughter, step-daughter and step-son in-law. He used to work at a governmental position until his health worsen, making him retire to Jeju Island as an owner of a farm.

01.jpg - Kim Min Jae (Kim Hae Sook)

Min Jae is the second wife of Yang Byung Tae. She brought her daughter, Yang Ji Hye into the Yang family after her failed first marriage with a rascally man who happened to bear the same surname as her second husband. She gave birth to Ho Sub when Ji Hye and Tae Sub were six years old and then Cho Rong came along as well a few years later.

She works as a food researcher with Hyun Joo as her most trusted assistant. She has to deal with a grouchy mother in-law who is fast losing her hearing but she already knew that she is getting acknowledged by her although her mother in-law may be always scolding her.

01.jpg - Yang Ji Hye (Woo Hee Jin)

She is Yang Byung Tae's step-daughter and Kim Min Jae's real daughter. She works as an employee at a Jeju resort and has a seven year old daughter. Believing that she will get whatever she sows, Ji Hye is a jealous woman who keeps her husband under her watchful eyes while trying to do her best to cultivate her daughter, Ji Na.

01.jpg - Lee Su Il (Lee Min Woo)

He is Yang Ji Hye's husband and is currently holding a high post at the resort where Ji Hye works as well. He has gotten his sister in-law, Cho Rong a job as the poster girl of the resort and this prompted Cho Rong to dream of being becoming a famous model.

01.jpg - Yang Cho Rong (Nam Gyu Ri)

As she is the youngest in the family, 20 something Yang Cho Rong has always been the favorite of her parents and older siblings. She has her heart set on being famous after being selected as a resort model with the help of her brother in-law. She knows she's cute and there are lots of guys chasing after her but nothing beats her desire for fame.


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01.My forever love - Min Kyung Hoon

02.Life is beautiful (INST.)

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Guest antinh85

OMG SOng Chang Ui and NAM sang mi>>>>>>>>MY two favs.....I'm definitely watching this.

I just saw Nam Sang MI in "invincible"..she was so cute!!!!!!! too bad that drama is so underrated.....

HOpefully this will be better...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm sort of afraid that the lack of a "big name" other than the production crew will have this drama slide into the single digit ratings - though I'm glad this is not broadcast by MBC otherwise there'd be this huge episode cut again!

But I'm seriously looking forward to see NSM is a less bubbly character! Hwaiting!

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Guest crazeebubbles

yay nam sang mi! i really like her in lee pyung gang though her cheerful, bubbly voice sometimes annoy me O.o

looking forward to this drama! :)

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Guest jobogae

Oh no!!! That's terrible. I was so looking forward to seeing her again in March! :(

hmm...I'll check the first episode to see what made her decide to back out.

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Guest celena8899

dang, she dropped out? hmmm...i wonder who will be the new leading lady? i kind of want to see han ji min, she's been gone for a while...i know it's kind of random, but i can't think of other actresses ...

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Guest eucharis

nooooo, pliz tell me it's not truth ! I want to see her again in March but why ?????

I hope problem between her and the writer would be solved soon. Her career would be difficult if she withdrew casting from the first ep.

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Nam Sang Mi confirms that she is coming back as the lead of 'Life is beautiful'.

Rumors: She refused to act in this drama before because of her pay.

paf! :lol: ... well ... false alarm

Nam Sang Mi & Song Chan Ui = most watched! :rolleyes:

thanks so much for the info, yeohweping

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Guest jobogae

Nam Sang Mi confirms that she is coming back as the lead of 'Life is beautiful'.

Rumors: She refused to act in this drama before because of her pay.

OMG! Serious?! I am going to cry if she backs out again! I guess she can demand more now that she has quite a filmography under her belt.

Thanks yeohweping for the great news!

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