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Lee Pil Mo 이필모

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Agency website:

to send mail, the agency address is as follows:

To. 이필모 (Lee Pil Mo)
케이스타 엔터테인먼트
서울특별시 강동구 천호동 43-60 백송 2층 05314
Republic of Korea

2F Baeksong, 43-60 Chunho-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea, 134-861  

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Pil Mo oppa's message in DC:

2016-01-28 18:08:15

첫촬나왔습니다..촬영장은여전히춥네.. 내가그동안많이쉬긴했는가봄..이제시작인가??ㅎㅎ장장7개월동안 유현기라는녀석으로 첫발을 띄엇네요.. 2016년.. 조심히 내딧어 봅니다~ 즐밤^^(머리는 조금힘들지만 깐걸로나옵니다..너무머라하지말길~ 어쩔수없었ㅋ)

source: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=leepillmo&no=27187&page=1


The first part of the filming schedule is set.. But it's still freezing.. I must have rested for too long, and it's the beginning now? I'm going to spend the next 7 months as Yoo Hyun Ki... 2016, taking my first steps with care. hope you have a wonderful evening^^ (the beginning will be tough, but hard work always pays off, hope I don't grumble, can't help it haa)

translation by nannan: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4327690636

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throwback~ some updates on oppa's dc and daum cafe:

2016.02.18. 15:27

든든한우리카페식구들ㅎㅎ늘 생각하면 흐뭇하고 고맙고 힘이됩니다.. 이번주는 첫 세트녹화가있어요..오늘 고사지내고 낼부턴 새로 하발 내딛어야지요ㅎㅎ그 어느때보다 조심스럽습니다.. 많이 응원하고 도와주세요~ 그립습니다^^

Source: http://cafe.daum.net/pilmo/X2Lv/172

Yoo Hyun-Ki ㅎ
My reliable café familyㅎㅎ I feel grateful and motivated when I think of you guys! I’m starting the filming this week, after the ritual today we will be getting on to the new challengeㅎㅎ I have to be more conscientious than ever. Please support me ~ I miss you guys. 

Translation from kor to chi by nannan from http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4360385722


이필모2016.02.16 23:48조회235댓글84

날 씨가오락가락하네요.. 촬영은 꾸준히 하고 있습니다.. 나자신도 이런저런..참 두렵고 힘든 모험입니다..여러분들이 좋아하는 모습으로 못나올수도 있겠다싶고 한편으론 나이도 적잖이 되어가는데 이런 모습과 정서를 가진 인물.. 한번쯤 해봄직하기도합니다..분명한건 보여지는 모습도 많이 파격적이지만 인물의 캐릭또한 매우표현하기어려운 녀석이라는겁니다.. 사실 짱돌들은 잘 모르겠지만 난 이 드라마에서 하고싶은 역할이 유현기말곤 없었다오~ㅎㅎ 뭐든 새로운것들을 가는게 내가 의미있고 보람된 연기자의 길이라고 생각되어 결정한것이니 간혹 다소 구미에맞지않더라도이해주기바라오~ 분명한건 길고짧은건 대봐야아는거라는거ㅎ 드라마도 끝이 나봐야 알수있습니다..천천히 한계단을 올라섭니다.. 그끝에서 함께해준사람들과 즐거운 쏘주한잔할수있길 바래봅니다.. 참... 사진은 난 개인적으로 흑백사진 머리짧은거가 좋은거같으요ㅋ
Source: http://m.dcinside.com/view.php?id=leepillmo&no=27380&page=1

This weather is changing back and forth … I am now wholeheartedly engaged in filming… this is indeed a challenging experience... I'm worried that I can't portray a likeable character... age is catching up with me.. I feel that it is a worthwhile experience trying to portray such a complicated character.. although I've try unconventional roles in the past, the character now has a complicated personality and it'll be quite trying to depict this character. Stone (fans) may not know this, but in this drama, I don't want to play any other character besides Yoo Hyun Ki. ㅎㅎ I believe taking up new challenges will be rewarding for an actor. Even though it might not be a likeable character, I hope you will understand. We don't know the ending yet, let's take it step by step... hopefully, I can celebrate with a cup of soju at the end of it.. by the way, for the photo, I like the black and white one with short hair...

Translation from kor to chi by nannan from http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4357656479


|2016.01.31. 16:27
가 화만사성촬영에들어갔습니다..매우 힘든 나날이 될것으로 예상됩니다..초반에 너무 많이 욕먹진않았으면.. 먼가 이해될수있는 인물이길 바래봅니다..조금 넉넉한마음으로 인물을 봐준다면 좋겠네요..날씨는 여전히 춥습니다~ 모두 화이팅하시길~^^


After the first day of filming
We have started the filming for Happy Home. It's intense. I hope there won't be too many negative comments.. I hope this character can be understood.. The weather is cold. Fighting~ ^^
Translation from kor to chi by nannan from http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4333525980


this is the photo he mentioned:


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