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My Heart Twinkle Twinkle



Title: 내 마음 반짝반짝 / My Heart Twinkle Twinkle / 我的心一閃一閃
Also known as: My Heart Shines / My Heart is Twinkling
Previously known as: 장사의 신 이순정 / Lee Soon Jung, the Goddess of Sales
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-17 to 2015-April-12
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55

Soon-Jin (Jang Shin-Young) works as a school teacher. Her father owns a modest chicken restaurant Jinsim. She has two younger sisters: Soon-Soo (Lee Tae-Im) and Soon-Jung (Nam Bo-Ra). Since her mother died, Soon-Jin has taken care of her father and her sisters. Woon-Tak (Bae Soo-Bin) owns chicken restaurant franchise company. He has a secret crush on Soon-Jin, but he can't display his feelings due to a conflict between his father and Soon-Jin's father. Then, Soon-Jin's father passes away and Woon-Tak approaches Soon-Jin. Without knowing Woon-Tak is connected to her father's death, she marries Woon-Tak. Attempting to rebuild the fried chicken business, Soo Jung tries open her own fried chicken restaurant. She has little money, and approaches renovation company boss, Jang Soon-Cheol (Lee Pil Mo) for help. Soon Cheol is a single father with a elementary kid and who has lost confidence in love. He develops a crash for Soon Jung.

Source: AsianWiki.com



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Who Are You School 2015


Foto Lee Pil Mo, Sungjae BTOB, Kim So Hyun dan Nam Joo Hyuk di Jumpa Pers Serial 'School 2015'


Title: 후아유- 학교 2015 / School 2015: Who Are You? / 学校 2015: 你是谁?
Also known as: 학교 6 / School Season 6
Genre: School, Youth, Mystery
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Apr-27 to 2015-June-16
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

Eun Bi and Eun Byul are twins and look exactly alike.

Lee Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun) lives at the orphanage Love’s House in Tongyeong, where younger residents look up to her as a sister. They don’t know that she’s friendless at her school and viciously bullied by a posse of mean girls led by Kang So Young (Jo Soo Hyang).

On the other hand, Go Eun Byul (Kim So Hyun) is the popular girl at Segang High School, the most prestigious private high school in Seoul’s Gangnam District. But Eun Byul has secrets, including one involving an old friend named Jung Soo In.

One day, on a school field trip to Tongyeong, Eun Byul mysteriously disappeared. When she was found 10 days later , she was injuired and suffered from amnesia. Eun Byul returns to Segang, where she meets her classmates, including Han Yi Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk), her childhood friend whom she shares a mutual attraction with, Gong Tae Kwang (Yook Sung Jae), a trouble maker in the class, and her teacher Kim Joon Suk (Lee Pil Mo).

Source: KoreanDrama.org

Lee Pil-mo is another addition to the cast, playing the school’s “elite math teacher” who was a longtime contract teacher before finally getting hired on as regular full-time faculty with a homeroom to manage. It sounds like he’ll be taking on the role Jang Nara and Daniel Choi played in the 2013 version, since he’ll be the one who struggles to get through to the kids, finding ways to communicate and relate to his young charges.

Which is great, because Lee Pil-mo has a great ability to mix the comedic and dramatic, with a combination of gruffness, humor, and heart to his acting. I fully expect the kids to make him tear out his hair in frustration, but I have faith his doggedness will be rewarded. Maybe just with more lines in his face and less hair on top when all’s said and done.

Source: DramaBeans


5min Trailer (before ep1)

Teaser 1 :






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Lee Pil Mo's SNS links and agency website


Facebook (Official FB page):


Twitter ( @leepillmo ) :


Weibo (website is in Chinese but his posts will be in English) :


Cafe Daum (in Korean) :

http://cafe.daum.net/pilmo (the old url cafe.daum.net/pillLover no longer works) 

DCinside / DC Gallery (in Korean) :



The above links are his official SNS and are usually updated by him personally. He updates the Korean pages more frequently, and for FB and twitter and weibo, not too frequently (in fact, it's once in a blue moon... :( ) .


Agency website:

to send mail, the agency address is as follows:

To. 이필모 (Lee Pil Mo)
케이스타 엔터테인먼트
서울특별시 강동구 천호동 43-60 백송 2층 05314
Republic of Korea

2F Baeksong, 43-60 Chunho-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea, 134-861  



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In 2014 June during Pil Mo's birthday, fans handed him a questionnaire (100 questions!!) and one of the questions was for him to write in english what he wanted to say to fans abroad. ^^ .


"Hi, all my fans from abroad.

This is Lee Pill Mo.

I would like to meet and shake hands all of you, but not possible because we are far from each other as you know.

So. I am sending my heart from here like this ^^ . I wish all of you were happy and took a good care of yourself. And I hope we will be able to meet face to face someday. Take a good care again, hope your dreams come true!! ^^ . "

Source: Smurfesh's Blog

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Pil Mo has updated his Daum cafe: 

8 Jun 2015

Original text:

이필모 08:16
일요일아침입니다..담주면 또 한 드라마가 막을 내리네요..끝까지 준샘으로서 사명을 다하겠습니다..이리될줄몰랐는데 준샘도 쫌 안타까워지는거 같아 마음이 안좋습니다..어째 내가 손대면 캐릭이 그렇게 되가는지 원..ㅎㅎ 존하루되세요~ 메르슨지메리친지 걍 볶아드시고요~또봐요

source: Daum Cafe 

translated from Korean to Chinese, thanks to Baidu Tieba @nannan  , loosely translated in English as follows (please correct me if I'm wrong):

Sun morning. Next week, the shooting for this drama (School 2015) will come to an end. I'll complete the task as Teacher Joon. I've never expect things to turn out this way, it's a pity for Teacher Joon, and he can't be feeling good. I wonder why when I'm in action, the characters would always turn out that way. Whether it's Mers or fried anchovy, just fried and eat them. Have a good day. Fried and eat, bye!



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Lee Pil Mo (Teacher Joon) has updated his DC and Daum yesterday :) 

2015-06-15 13:04:07
아침부터 송도이름모를학원서 이것저것 찍고 이제 안성세트로 이번작품 준쌤으로의 마지막 씬을찍으러 넘어갑니다.. .. 먼가 흐뭇한기분도들고 뭐지??멀까?? 하는알듯모를듯한 기분도 듭니다.. 점심들 맛나게들 드시고 남은반나절도 화이팅하길~ ..글고 모든것을 뒷받침해준 짱돌들~ 무한감쟈입니다~고맙구려.. 

The last shoots 
2015-06-15 13:04:07 
Was filming in a school in Songdo since this morning, and going off to Anseong filming set to wrap up my last shoots as Teaher Joon in this drama. Hmm... feeling sweet, why is that so? Having all sorts of mixed feelings too... had delicious food for lunch today, must continue to work hard for the rest of the day! For the (stone) fans who have been suporting me, many thanks! Thank you...

이필모 13:18 
준쌤 막촬하러갑니다..비좀더왔어야했는데 가뭄에 증말 큰일이네요~ 덥습니다..기운들내시요~ 준샘은 이제 갑니다~ 고마웠습니다ㅎㅎ

Teacher Joon is going to do the last film shoots now..... it better rain or else it'll really be too dry~ the weather is so hot..... please cheer up~ ha. Teacher Joon is all set to go~ thank you everyone.

cr: translation from kor to chi by 南南oo in Baidu TieBa 

Loosely translated from chi to eng by me (please correct me if there are errors :)  ) 

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oppa's updates on his DC and Daum Cafe. :);):P

2015-06-23 18:50:05
대충보니 선물들사니라고생많구만ㅎㅎㅎ
난새로재미난거하나해볼까 해서 첫촬중이고 다행히 내생일날은 전체촬영이 없는관계로 그대들을 볼수있을듯하오ㅎㅎ 물론 그리 오래 있진 못하겠지만ㅎ이번작품은 2부작짜리 짧은건데 매우 실험적이 될것같고 여러가지 않좋은여건을 뚫고 제발 좋은 작품이 탄생하길 바래봅니다.. 날이 무지 덥구려,,, 26일 오후에 봅시다
source : http://gall.dcinside.com/leepillmo/24049

2015-06-23 18:50:05
I’ve looked through briefly, everybody (the fans) thank you for working hard to get the presents hahaha.
I would like to try out something new and interesting. Although it would be the first shoot, it’s fortunate that the actual day of my birthday does not crash with the shooting schedule, so I can meet you all (the fans). Of course, I can’t stay for too long haha.
The latest project is a 2-episode short drama, but this is really an experimental experience for me, overcoming all sorts of bad causes, praying that this would turn out to be a good piece of work! The weather is too hot, see you on 26th (June) afternoon.
Credit: translation kor to chi credit to 南南oo at Baidu Lee Pil Mo bar

이필모 19:00
작 년에는 생일로 다같이 밥도 먹고 했었는데 올해는 뭐 유행병도 돌고하니 그냥 패스하는분위기네요....그래요 무리하지말고 조심들해야지요ㅎㅎ 근데 요새 제가 뭐좀 재미난걸하니라 촬영다녀보면 정말 외곽지역에 사람,차 미어터집니다ㅋ 어디들그렇게놀러다니시는건지 메르슨지메르친지 그런게 있기나한건지 의심스러울만큼 정말 많아요ㅎ 이건 대체 뭔 시츄에이션인지ㅎ 암튼 둘러보니 매니져통해서 여기저기 생파준비하는곳도있고 조용한 곳도 있는듯하여 글 남겨봅니다..올해못봐도상처받지말고또기회가있겠지요..어차피난그대들의것이니ㅎㅎ
Source: http://cafe.daum.net/pillLover

Lee Pil Mo 19:00
I had a meal with everybody (fans) last year during my birthday. This year, due to the virus going around, might just give it a pass… don’t be tough and do be careful! Haha but recently I’m interested in something. After shooting, there was a lot of people outside, and cars are everwhere. Where is everybody going ha. I’m beginning to doubt mers or fried anchovy is really around keke. What’s happening? By the way, I’ve asked around, though my manager, have prepared a venue for the birthday party, seems like there is a quiet place keke. Leave some messages.
If we don’t get to meet this year don’t be sad, there will definitely be a chance. Anyway I belong to you all haha.
Credit: translation kor to chi credit to 南南oo at Baidu Lee Pil Mo bar

오늘은 내가 셔터를 올려볼끄나ㅎㅎ
새벽부터나와서 준비하고 현장갑니다.. 잠을 잘 못자서 개피곤ㅋ 오늘 내일 잘버틸수있을까... 흠~ 체력은 원래좋으니까 일단 달려봅니다..짱돌들 푹 자고 오늘하루도 화이팅하세^^ 비가와야할텐데 올림픽오다보니 한강이 이상혀..
일단 나 야외촬영만 끝내고 비좀 오니라 지발~
Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/leepillmo/24432

dawn shutter (the first post of the day) hahaha
I was out at dawn today and went to the set for shooting. Didn't sleep well and I'm so sleepy now haha. Can I really survive these two days? My energy level is good, so let's see. Stone (fans), have a good sleep and go on fighting today! It should still rain, I'm at Olympic Stadium and the Han River looks strange today.. let my outdoor shoots be done first before it rains, please. Fighting.
Credit: translation kor to chi credit to 南南oo at Baidu Lee Pil Mo bar

2015-07-07 16:45:37
오늘ㄱㄹㅈㅇsw를 촬영했으요.. 현장사진을투척했어야했는데 갑자기 죄없는 낙타생각에 뜬금포짤투척ㅎㅎ 즐건저녁되시길 짱돌들^^~
Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/leepillmo/24600

What wrong has the camels
2015-07-07 16:45:37
I did the shooting for GreenJoy today.. I should have uploaded the photo from the set, but suddenly thought of the poor innocent camels, so I'm uploading this photo. Stone (fans), have a good evening ^^~
Credit: translation kor to chi credit to 南南oo at Baidu Lee Pil Mo bar



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new drama will be coming up in Aug 2015, a 2-episode short drama by SBS titled: "The Ace".



credit: instagram @vivianlivivian Shooting with #이필모 #드라마 #sbs #shooting #drama #koreandrama #leepilmo #model #actor #koreanactor #모델 @lee_pil_mo 


Credit: Instagram @dadyhope : Shooting drama with 이필모 ~ beautifull experience, thank you • I did a little appearence for 'The Ace' Drama. I'm so happy ~ We was in M2 Club in Hongdae |||| *이필모씨와 함께 드라마를 촤영할 경험은 정말 아름드운 경험였습니다, 감사해요 ~ 우리가 홍대 클럽 M2에서 제가 드라마 'The Ace'에 잠시나마 출연한 것에 행복해요.* 20150625
 Credit: Instagram @nunaya
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Mini music concert held by Shinsegae Departmental Store on 16 Jul 2015, apparently there's a photograph and autograph session with the audience too as many photos surfaced on ig these few days...





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just love to hear him sing... mesmerizing... :)
Lee Pil Mo's mini music concert at Shinsegae Department Store Busan , 16 Jul 2015 , with Son Hyun-joo and Go Myung-hwan.





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oppa has finished filming <The Ace>, he updated his DC on 20 Jul 2015:

Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=leepillmo&no=24912
2015-07-20 16:21:25
에이스를 끝내면서~
2부작드라마치곤 꽤나 오래걸리고 힘들었던 드라마...
강원 삼척항에서 방금 끝났습니다..
글쎄...잘 나와야 보람이 있을텐데..흠......ㅋㅋ
나도 언제인지는 모르지만 아마도 내달에는 방송할듯하니
부디 짱돌들도 가엽게 눈여겨봐주시구려~
날씨 꾸물합니다~ 한잔씩들하고 얼큰한 저녁맞으시길~
난 누구랑 먹나 지미...

As the shooting of the The Ace wraps up~
(I) played in the 2-episode TV drama and have spent quite a bit of time and energy in the drama…
Just wrapped up the filming in Gangwon Samcheok… I hope the end-result would be good… haha
I’m not too sure of the actual premiere date, it should be some time next month
I hope the (stone) fans would watch and support the drama~
The weather is so hot~ (I’m) going to have a drink, and a tipsy dinner~
Who am I eating with, that’s a secret…  
Credit: Baidu Lee Pil Mo bar , kor to chi translation by @NanNan .


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came across some old articles from Hanyang University's (Pil Mo graduated from Hanyang University in 2014) websites, just to share :);):P :


Internet Hanyang News 2012.06.01

An Interview with the Rising Star Actor, PilMo Lee

A fresh student on campus, a veteran actor on screen.

"Be passionate and fill every moment of life with values. "

“I won't stop acting until the day I die.”
He officially made a debut on TV in 2005 with a minor role. Since then, he has gradually grown into an actor performing main characters of TV dramas. In 2009, he received the spotlight from the media by playing a role in the Sons of Sol Pharmacy House. Now, he is stirring up hundreds of viewers’ emotions as Soohyuk, one of the four main characters in Lights and Shadows.


Q. What do you like about acting?

A. I don’t know exactly; I have done nothing except acting. It just feels good when I do acting. I began my acting career by appearing in musicals in theaters. Before the performance starts, it is so dark that nothing is visible. Then, a stage manager gives a sign; the light follows. That moment is like a drug. Acting makes my heart leap. Now, I act in front of a camera, but the essence of the experience remains the same. It is not for money or for fame; I just love acting insanely!

Q. Where do you think good acting comes from?

A. First, I do not keep the emotions inside myself. Acting is bringing out of the hidden emotions and maximizing the feelings. It seems that most of the good actors’ performances are based on their own emotional experiences. Experiencing various emotions as much as possible is the key, I think.

Second, I constantly challenge myself with new types of roles even though I am not familiar with or have no sufficient emotional experiences that the character has to reveal. This could be a personal choice, but I do not play a similar character. I think actors who perform similar roles over and over may not be called artists, but employees. Although I am not sure of how successfully I can act out a new character, I keep challenging with my imagination and constant learning.

Third, prior to acting in front of a camera, I try to communicate with the writer as much as possible. The writer is the creator of the character. The character’s personality, tone, dialect, goal in life: everything about him comes from the writer. Therefore, I understand more about the character through the conversations with the writer. They help me to understand and create the whole world around the character.

Lastly, when acting, I act as if I were to die. There is nothing natural in acting; every expression is calculated and designed to look natural and real. However, anything that looks natural on the screen is carried out naturally. Even in a scene where I am chatting with another character, all the details such as the path of my eyes, the length of my laughter or the time I cry are carefully calculated.


Q. What is the hardest part of being an actor?

A. Emptiness follows after finishing a drama or a movie. Then, I start to wonder what it means to live, and who I am in this real world. Suddenly, it feels like I am nothing more than a depressed actor. This is actually what most actors commonly feel. In addition, when under the unbearable amount of stress, gaining too much attention from the public and the media increases the emotional burden.

Getting over such a depressing feeling and stress have been problems for all actors. As for me, I try to think positively. In that aspect, such attention is very much to thank about, because that shows how popular I am as an actor. Exercising also helps. I work out until my socks get soaked in sweat and I nearly go exhausted. I do just about everything that can help me get rid of the depression. After all, how successfully and quickly I get rid of such feeling determines my next step.

“There is no end in studying”
He comes to school twice a week, only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, yet taking 16 credits. He looked tired but his eyes were burning with passion.

Q. You have recently come back to school after a long career in the professional world. How do you feel to be a student again?

A. It feels great! The youth and passion are everywhere on campus, which brings back the forgotten feeling of my earlier days. Hanyang University (HYU) was the university I dreamed of attending since I was in middle school. At that time, not many universities taught theatre studies, and HYU was one of the most prominent schools. Now that I finally return to this university, I feel like starting from the very beginning. Despite the tight schedule, it gives me a strong motivation to do well in school”

Q. As a returning student, what do you think is a must-do as a university student?

A. Love; love life and people with all your heart. There are, of course, many other important things in life than studying. However, the feeling of love in one’s 20’s contains a certain emotion that cannot be experienced in other periods in life.

Similarly, try to find something that you can do only in college years, and never let go of your time with nothing in it. Spend a day like a year by filling each moment with your own values. Of course, I am not living my life like that, but I at least try to fill my every moment with meanings and passion, even when I am out to have a drink.


Q. In the future, what kind of person or an actor do you wish to be remembered as?

A. I want to be and be remembered as an actor that leaves a fragrance. Like a person that leaves a scent of perfume when walking by, I want to leave a long lasting fragrance as I leave the scene on the screen. At the end, I hope my footsteps leave a path of my life as a sincere actor. For that, I will never stop refining myself.

In fact, I think this mind set is essential for any person in any field. As a part of a certain field, the one who works sincerely to leave his or her personal fragrance will feel much sense of accomplishment. Do not just focus on finishing a task, but look forward and put more meaning into each task you confront. Your own fragrance will naturally be developed during the process.

Q. What is your plan from now on?

A. As a student, I want to do my best in studying and learn as much as possible. It is hard to work and study at the same time but the opportunity to learn will not come again; therefore, I appreciate the given time and try not to waste a single moment of this great time here on campus.

As an actor, I want to act until I die. Even as my hair turns grey, I hope to be an actor who can find a role that suits with my grey hair and wrinkles. My dream is to breathe, talk, and get old in the screen. I have no want in fame or money; acting itself is my passion.

By JaeHyun Lee

Source: http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/user/WeeklyUserList.action?command=print_view&work=pdf&weeklyId=2012-06-1-e


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Another old article, dated 2014 June.

Filmography Filled with His Passion- Lee Pill-mo, an Actor


Nowadays, many Korean women pick as their ideal man, someone who is Tsundere, a person who is initially cold and even hostile toward others, before gradually showing his warm side. Kook Cheon-soo, a key supporting character in the TV drama, Emergency Couple, is a typical Tsundere who loves the heroine of the program. Emergency Couple is about a divorced couple who met as interns at a hospital after 6 years of being divorced. They begin to love again by finding each other. In this drama, Kook Cheon-soo is the chief surgeon and two main characters’ boss. Actor Lee Pill-mo who plays the role of Doctor Kook gained a lot of popularity as “Tsundere Kook”, a thoughtful man but a callous doctor. Having built his acting career as an unknown actor for more than 10 years, today however, Lee has his own filmography and is one of Korea’s most famous actors. The Hanyang Journal (The HJ) met him to learn more.

Filmography as an Actor

Q. You have worked for a long time in the industry and finally made your popular debut at the age of 32. Can you tell us your story?

A. Since I was a middle school student, I had dreamed of being an actor after watching a Hong Kong noir film. I studied in order to become an actor and I started acting in a little theater in Daehangno. I tried to find advertising agencies to support me with my profile photos. When I failed to get the chance to show my passion because I was not a famous actor, I felt deeply frustrated. Also, as with most poor actors, acting was not a sufficient source of income. So because I was busy earning my living by doing miscellaneous work, I did not have a lot of time to think about my popularity and honor. However, on the stage, I devoted myself solely to acting.

Q. What is your view of acting?

A. As most actors have said, acting is an opportunity to experience the lives of others indirectly. In addition to this, I think it is one of the ways to live a worthy life. When acting, I feel catharsis and relaxation and acting helps me see the world as a more beautiful place. I also see acting as an opportunity to share my emotions with audiences, which can help them express any suppressed feelings vicariously.

Filmography as Kook Cheon-soo

Q. You gained popularity as the Tsundere character, Kook Cheon-soo in the drama Emergency Couple. As the actor who played Kook Cheon-soo, what has been the most memorable scene in the drama?

A. I am always thankful to my fans for loving my character. However, I do not care about my popularity, since popularity is easy to change at any time. Instead, I reflect on my performance in order to check whether I was totally immersed in performing my role. It is hard to pick the most memorable scene since all have been so meaningful to me. However if I were to pick one, I would say the scenes with Oh Jin-hee, the heroine in the drama, have been the most memorable for me because many viewers love them. Kook’s considerate attitude such as taking off his coat to prevent her from getting wet in the rain was a memorable scene and it shows Doctor Kook’s affection toward her.

Q. Your work, Emergency Couple has received favorable responses from audiences. What has this work meant to you?

A. Even though shooting the drama Emergency Couple has at times been a tough job, it has been meaningful in the sense that all the actors and staff overcame difficulties together. Also, I will always remember my character Kook Cheon-soo because of his fascinating personality.

Q. Are there any interesting stories behind the scenes?

A. On the last day of shooting for the drama, I had to perform the scene where Doctor Kook drank alcohol thinking about Oh Jin-hee. I was actually completely drunk when I was in the scene and I totally passed out as soon as I finished the shooting.

Filmography as a Hanyangian

Q. Why did you decide to transfer to Hanyang University (HYU) in your thirties?

A. Before enrolling at HYU, I had already begun studying at Seoul Institute of the Arts in my twenties. I had been acting in plays since my twenties, so I had always been eager to be involved in campus life as a normal university student. That is why I decided to transfer to the Department of Theater and Cinema at HYU from Seoul Institute of the Arts in 2010.

Q. What was the best part of your university life as a Hanyangian?

A. I think it was very valuable for me to learn the basics of acting all over again as though I was a freshman. I think it is important for actors to be reminded about the basics of acting, in order to win battles of endurance with one’s self. Also, spending valuable time on campus helped me build up my acting career. One regret I have was that I did not have much time to interact with other Hanyangian actors or actresses. Due to our busy schedules in the acting industry, we didn’t have a lot of time where we could bond and talk over drinks as other Hanyangians do.

Q. Do you have any last words for fellow Hanyangians?

A. It is important to give serious consideration to what you want to do. For a long time, I was an actor without a spotlight and finally managed to make my debut when I was 32 years old. In order to fulfill one’s dreams, it is important to stay on track no matter what happens.

<저작권자 © 한양저널 무단전재 및 재배포금지>
By Hong Ji-wan의 다른기사 보기

Source: http://www.hanyangian.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=412

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Guest FruClaire

Thank you @straylamb for all the articles on Lee Pil Mo xD 

He is a great actor, and his candid acting in Emergency couple makes DrGook my favorite character of the drama :)) 

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