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Lee Pil Mo 이필모 - Current Variety Show: Taste of Love on TV Chosun

Guest Yin_Ying

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Guest Yin_Ying

Next Project : I Believe in Love (KBS 2011-01-01)

Credit to : drama beans

* Name: 이필모 / Lee Pil Mo

* Profession: Actor

* Birthdate: 1976-Jun-26

* Height: 183cm

* Weight: 76kg

* Talent agency: triPRO

TV Shows

* The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (MBC, 2010)

* The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House (KBS2, 2009)

* You Are My Destiny (KBS1, 2008)

* Golden Era of Daughter in Law (KBS1, 2007)

* Here Comes Ajumma (KBS2, 2006)

* As the River Flows (KBS2, 2006)


* Dance With The Wind (2004)

* Arirang (2002)

* Shiri (1999)


* 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Daily Drama Excellence Award - Actor (You Are My Destiny)

* 2007 KBS Acting Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Golden Era of Daughter in Law)


* Education: Seoul University of Arts and Theatre

For additional he got best couple along with Yoo Sun on Son of Sol Pharmacy drama...

Really love it...

To be honest I can't find any news of him...

I don't know why...


So everyone here who knows about him can post it in here...


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Finally, the best "unfamous" actor in the business has his own thread. ;) I've seen this guy in everything that he has been in and he has been consistantly outstanding in each new role. :huh: Comedy, drama, singing, acting...he's got it all.. I will tune in to any show that features the amazing Lee Pil Mo. He's the best... :D

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Guest Yin_Ying


Welcome to his thread...

I hope u can often visit and posting something about him...

It seems that I cannot search something about him alot...

Well, I have try with Chinese website, and it has a lot...

Besides I can't understand Korean so it's no use to search with it...

And I found something that he had been a musical drama with Ye Sung Super Junior...


I don't know why he isn't famous...

And I feel a little dissapointed with it...

I think his acting is pretty good especially in Son of Sol Pharmacy...

He can portarayed the role with perfectly...

But I think he keep his position now a days...

I will keep searching news and his project...

Cia yo...


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Guest Mariposa28


ohh only one page for Lee Pil Mo, :o:o

loved him in The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House, soo cute and funny, hehe

here sharing some pics, google search mostly, lol




cr on pic

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Guest Yin_Ying

Lee PIl Mo now starring at MBC Drama...

# Title: 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 / Ajikdo Gyeolhonhago Shipeun Yeoja

# Also known as: The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry / City Lovers

# Genre: Romance

# Episodes: TBA

# Broadcast network: MBC

# Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-20 to TBA

# Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


The lives of three women who are closing one chapter of their life and entering the next.


# Park Jin Hee as Lee Shin Young

# Uhm Ji Won as Jung Da Jung

# Wang Bit Na as Kim Boo Ki

# Kim Bum as Ha Min Jae

# Choi Chul Ho as Na Ban Suk

# Lee Pil Mo as Yoon Sang Woo

# Park Ji Young as Choi Sang Mi

# Kim Yong Hee as Ha Myung Suk

# Ahn Hye Kyung as Hye Jin

# Jun Se Hong (전세홍)

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Guest Yin_Ying

1/7/10 – Park Jin Hee, Uhm Ji Won, Wang Bit Na, Kim Bum, Lee Bil Mo, and Choi Chul Ho (박진희, 엄지원, 왕빛나, 김범, 이필모, 최철호) will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Women Who Still Want to Get Married (아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자)" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 1/20, following the final episode of "Hero".

This drama portrays the love stories of three women in their mid thirties. The PD is Kim Min Shik (김민식) whose latest drama was “Queen of Wives”. The script writer is Kim Yin Young (김인영) who wrote for “Mary and Daegu’s Offense and Defense (메리대구 공방전)”.

Park Jin Hee plays the role Lee Shin Young (이신영) who is a tough and energetic reporter but has always felt confused while dealing with her lovers. Uhm Ji Won plays the role Jung Da Jung (정다정) who is beautiful, intelligent, and works as a real-time translator, but various stories about her being drunk have been spread around. Wang Bit Na plays the role Kim Boo Gi (김부기) who is a famous consultant for restaurants pertaining to well-beings and parties plannings.

Lee Bil Mo plays the role Yoon Sang Woo (윤상우) who is an airplane co-pilot. Sang Woo and Shin Young were lovers. Then they meet again and go through confusing love relationships one more time.

Kim Bum plays the role Ha Min Jae (하민재) who is a student of a famous university majoring in Business Administration and is talented in composing music. Min Jae bumps into Shin Young at campus. Choi Chul Ho plays the role Na Ban Suk (나반석) working in a hospital. Although he is romantic and pure, he is terrible at dating women.


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Guest Yin_Ying

I understand that he started out as a Musical Actor before venturing onto the small screen (if memory serves me well) . . let me see if I can try to get some Korean links for reference . .


2008 Musical Article

So he start his carreer as a musical actor??

That's why he have so many drama musical project...

Thx for the photo...

He looks young...


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It's great to see that Pil Mo has another assignment soon to commence. :) The synopsis generously provided by our host, Yin_Yang also adds to my interest as his character will have had a past with the also talented Park Jin Hee's character which helps as both are so good :D and Kim Bum won't have to carry the load all by himself. I like Kim Bum and have no real complaints about any of his previous work, but he's sort of a work in progress with a pretty face and Lee Pil Mo is a seasoned professional who I know can deliver the goods. ;). Bummie appears to be a star on the rise, but anyone appearing in Boys Over Flowers was clearly carried by the infinitely talented and unstoppable Goo Hye Sun. ;):D:P He will get plenty of help from both Miss Park and Mr. Lee in this one...

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Guest Yin_Ying


Title: Ajikdo Gyeolhonhago Shipeun Yeoja / The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry / Women Who Still Want To Get Married /City Lovers

Genre: Romance

Episodes: TBA

Director: Kim Min Sik , Go Dong Sun

Screenwriter: Kim In Young

Broadcast network: MBC ,Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-20

This is the sequel of The Woman Who Wants to Marry (aired at MBC ,2004) and female version of The Man Who Can’t Get Married which aired on KBS2.


The lives of three women who are closing one chapter of their life and entering the next.

Cast Character


Lee Sinyoung (34 years old, Park Jinhee)

Why does life only give me hard homework? Even now at my age I just lose my way and get lost. Whatever just hand me my eyecream.

Reporter of UBN broadcasting company. Faithful and sincere type. The first-round possible lay-off person in company. Even if she is not married she is still positive and bright.

She almost could have married with a man whom she met again during interview, whom she actually met 10 years ago during her university life. But her love failed again because of her chance of training at Washington. After she came back from Washington 2 years passed, and she got his marriage news. After several heartbreaking failures, she decided to devote herself to work only. But a stroke made all her plan mess-up. Her mouth got twisted and her heart was once again torn off. She had feelings for the doctor whom she met when she was getting treated, but sadly a misinterpretation happened when she got a chocolate from him. Therefore her love ended tragically like that..

While she was despairing about her own life, the man appeared. Every part of him looked nice. Romance which it would be my first, Love which it would be my last. However, he is 10 years younger than me. Should I go or stop… Oh this hard road of love….


Jung Dajung (34 years old, Um Jiwon)

I am perfect. I will find a nice man who matches well with me. No compromising with me!

Simultaneous translator. An intelligent and a beautiful woman who seek noble grace. In other people’s eyes, she has everything.. Brand-name goods are suitable for her. She is overconscious how other people appreciate her. She is a little hot-tempered and cannot hide her emotion. She doesn’t have many experience about making love. So, she is not familiar with reading what male think and feel. She is naïve, but materialistic, that is, she likes handsome and wealthy men. She realized her dream from the hard situation and she think she deserve to meet high level man.

She hope to meet reliable man, then, attend couple party as well as wheel baby carriage together with husband. So, she set up a plan to marry within a year. To do that, she wait a nice single man who has tall height, high salary, attractive manner and no experience of love with other girl. She took shot on TV, CF to make herself known well, but she gets cheated.

Finally, she succeeded to marry with a oriental doctor who looks perfect. But, life is not easy. Extraordinary problem what she never anticipate crashes into her marriage.


Kim Buki (34 years old, Wang Bitna)

My specialty is fishing men, then, set them free when I get bored. The world is wide and there are a lot of male. I am a precious woman.

Famous restaurant consultant. She consulted everything for restaurant (Menu, interior, table setting, service educating) as well as party planning. She has instinct for new trend. She believes in her own refined taste. She has a talent to win at adventure game. Cool and straight-forward character. She manages her life positively, warm to her friends.

She found interests in life after her divorce. She learns martial arts from her master. But, she keeps her marshal art skill in secret, except emergency situations

After she bought land with her saving, she left for Swiss to learn hotel management. 5 years later, after she came back to Korea the land price went high. She became a famous consultant who can make restaurants successful if it is once related with her.

Happy and exciting life except her friend, Sinyoung and Dajung who are involved with difficult love. But one day, she finds one baby lied in front of her house front door.


Na Bansuk (34 years old, Choi Chulho)

I am trying to find real love of my life. But why do all girls only look at my salary. Every girl are divided into two types. One is materialistic type, the other is not pretty type.

Straight and standard clean male. Handsome oriental doctor at the most famous hospital. First class bridegroom with a handsome face, good body, good school career, capability in many things. But, he is not familiar with love making because of his purity. After he got separated with her girlfriend who did not like his medical service to poor places, he did not have a single chance to make real love. He thinks if the spirit can be shared with him, age or even divorce career doesn’t matter.

Good doctor who has a pride to help other people. He spent hard days for a while because of Sinyoung who was introduced to him as a girl friend and didn’t call him. After that happening, he proposed to one pretty simultaneous interpreter, but he becomes embarrassed when he heard that she is a friend of Sinyoung.

He meets his divorcing crisis when he thinks it is time to accomplish his dream about marriage.


Yoon Sangwoo (34 year old, Lee Pilmo)

How could I love a married lady who was 8 years older than me. Maybe I was punished. I just can’t stop this feeling.

Second pilot of an aircraft. Former boyfriend of Lee Sinyoung whom he almost succeeded to marry. Man who is suitable with uniform. Man who is selected as most attractive man in company.

He meet Sinyoung again 10 years after he had met her first time at university. He fell in love again and thought this is some kind of invisible tie. But, he gets hurt again when Sinyoung left him for company training. So, he treated Sinyoung cruelly. He send invitation letter of marriage even his marriage was broken out.. He purposely send invitation to let her know his cracked marriage. He waited for her response.

While he searched for his new house to live, he met a pretty lady who want divorce. Also she is 10 years older than him. His mind is disturbed. He did not understand himself. His purpose was recovering Sinyoung’s mind, But, why is he disturbed by another lady.

How this kind of lady, who has same emotion, taste, understand each other well, came to world before me and spend time with another person. Really, I want to share her difficulty with me.


Ha Minjae (24 years old, Kim Bum)

Close your youth with me. I will love you until death.

First class university student majoring business. Talented musician. An attractive bad boy. A well-known music composer in an university society.

After he met Bansuk as a private tutor, Both built friendship in spite of their age gap. He coaches Bansuk’s love affair at this time.

He grew in family where his parent’s relationship is not so familiar. So, he is a little premature and cynical to love. Also he is not brave to reveal his feeling.

Sometimes considerate, sometimes blunt, unpredictable.

He does not trust love, he likes to play with a mind of girl. Sometimes he hurts a girl, but doesn’t feel sorry. None of those are my business, it is your problem that you love me. He says that but is lonely inside. Maybe he can be burst out if there are any chance.

He met Sinyoung again, who cut his guitar string saying that it interrupts her interview. Both hated each other and growled at each other whenever they met. But later he starts to think Sinyoung is cute. And he also feels jealous about Bansuk when Bansuk hurt by Sinyoung’s unconsciousness of contact. But he disregard those jealousy and suggest Bansuk to play betting about “Seduce Sinyoung” But, during working on Sinyoung, he start to love her really and at last he confesses his love.

Hope oppa give us a best project and waiting for his good performance...



Credit to : All Drama

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Guest spicycurry

According to a translation of his Nate profile, his hobbies include horseback riding, jet-skiing, and swimming (maybe we'll see it on a drama someday). After My Too Perfect Sons, he acted in a historical musical called Namhansanseong. The year before that he was in one called Really Really Like Musicals [in the music video he has colored helmet hair like a Ken doll, like his Lotteria CF]. I sat through Dance With the Wind but never noticed him. This year he was in that Lady Daddy film with Kim Jiseok and Lee Nayoung, as someone's husband.

Does anyone know where I can watch him sing on the film, Arirang? I missed it when it was in theatres.

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Guest spicycurry

I didn't recognize him the first time I saw this preview for a January 2006 episode of MBC Best Theatre, The Taste of Others. He was also on KBS Drama City: Go Go Wedding Night (November 2005) and Shocking Wedding (February 2006). I'm not sure if KBS America still sells hard-subbed episodes of this though. Cute girl just posted a link to a streaming video of Everybody Cha Cha Cha, where he plays a doctor. In half of his dramas (not those mentioned above) he plays a "noona/ajumma killer" and sings in most of them too.

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Guest adellaidde

hai, Yin Ying..... (ketemu lagi di forum berbeda)

if i read correctly, LPM is theater & musical actor..... so he is not really famous in TV but in musical stage he is really famous

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Guest spicycurry

"우리 형제들이 '모(模)'자 돌림인데, 할아버지께서 낮술을 드시고 제 이름을 신고하러 가셨다가 생각나는 글자가 '필(必)' (웃음) 예전에는 이름의 뜻이 이상해 불만이 많았어요. '반드시 모방하다'가 뭡니까. 그런데 배우가 되고서 보니 운명이었던 것 같아요. 예술, 창조는 모방에서 시작하잖아요. 또 연기라는 게 누군가의 인생을 모방하는 것이기도 하고요."

Part of his name, 模 =mo comes from his brother or mother [maternal uncle?]. I don't really understand the sentence about his grandfather eating or reporting his name. In the interview he admits that his name ("must be imitating") is weird and that he had many complaints but he thinks he was destined for creative arts, which began in imitation.

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Guest adellaidde

Hi..... do you already see KIM SOO RO??

he plays as antagonist character.... can't wait to see him


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Lee Pil Mo's next Weekend Drama Project


KBS' I Believe in Love




Source : DramaBeans

Excerpt . . .

Lee plays a graduate of the Berklee College of Music who grew up in a rich family — his father is a broadcast writer and his mother a famous actress — but lacked for love. Currently, he operates his own agency and falls in love with Hwang Woo-seul-hye’s character after meeting her for the first time in ten years.



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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Pil Mo 이필모 - Current Variety Show: Taste of Love on TV Chosun

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