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[SBS Variety] Oh! Brothers / 오!브라더스

Guest fanda4000

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Guest -Xtine-

yeah what happened to this show? I found the first episode pretty fun and the ratings were good. How come I cant seem to find the second episode anywhere. Does anyone know if its even out or something cuz I cant find the raw episodes either

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Guest Deus5000

chrissatinee - As far as i'm aware, there is no second episode. Theres not been any news whatsoever. The kind soul who subbed the first episode will no doubt sub the second if Minho remains part of the cast (which he should, as far as i'm aware, hes not a regular on any other variety show).

sweetiexpizelzzz and -Xtine- - As i've mentioned on a previous occasion, there has been no news as to whether SBS have actually picked up this show and put it into production. Whilst the good ratings put it in a good position to be picked up, some of the segments IMHO still needed fine tuning, so for all we know it may have gone back to the drawing board, and may debut later this year.

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Guest gogogloria

how the ratings did for the pilots did SBS announce any good news for this???

From what I know of, the initial ratings were good. Around 9.6% ?

And we don't know if this will be continued. I still think there's things to be tweaked but the show could definitely be interesting. :)

AH i miss the old xman though ):

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